Skyrim - DAWNGUARD Walkthrough - Part 1 (Special Edition DLC)

Skyrim - DAWNGUARD Walkthrough (Part 1)
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    START 7:55Tune in tomorrow for Part 2!

  • Ethan

    lol like if you still play skyrim on 360 in 2017Edit: Thanks for 200 likes

  • MCPunk55

    Harkon: "My wife stole that which I valued most".Hold Guard: "Let me guess. Someone stole your sweet roll".

  • Km Ca

    This dlc is still a better love story then twilight

  • Cristian Faison

    Am I the only one that wanted to have little vampire children with Serana??

  • Omar Zahid

    Dawnguard - the only faction that doesn't treat us like a weakling in the start

  • Foster Films

    you should do hearthfire so we can see you buy all the house plots and do missions to upgrade your house and adopt kids and get a wife

  • ShiftlessSoul

    Get headshot through the neck-ESO 2017

  • Starkiller

    Do you know what you should do??? You should start your own Oblivion Gameplay Series... I'd love to see you play Oblivion.

  • Michael Vazquez

    who else was bothered that he didn't take the crossbow from the orc at the front of the fort

  • o.p.t3

    Dang. I missed it cause of school

  • ???

    Vampires are way better than dawnguard

  • Roger Eisnaugle

    I tried playing as a vampire once. They are about the weakest creatures at low levels, and everyone hates you and wants you dead. I had to reload the game to before I became a vamp, because I was trapped in a cave, and the locals wouldn't let me out. That was enough to convince me that that wasn't the life for me. Silverhands are pretty rough on werewolves too, and they travel in packs.

  • Kate Dragon

    SKYRIM FOR THE KHAJITS!!!!!!!! be sure of that!

  • JS Gaming

    You could probably use the telekinesis spell to get them potions on the other side of the iron fence

  • Spirit Angel

    In a Nutshell:If u a Warrior type swords, bows etc.keep the "Werewolf power" (My chose)&If u are Mage or someone who uses a lot more magic than weapons etc."Choose to be Vampire Lord"

  • Skullster

    i love your skyrim vids :D

  • cinnamon Scarf

    Essential for elder scrolls 6: give followers horses/allow your follower to ride on your horse with you

  • Valkynaz The Immortal

    ESO you've contracted Sanguinis Vampiris XD

  • this is my dumpsite

    What mods are you using? And are they on console as well?

  • Anonymous

    The nightingale armour is my favourite armour

  • zombot31

    28:34"Get headshot, right through the neck!"Wut

  • DarkendBlack BloodSmythe

    You should do a Necromancer build for the Vampires!

  • Sean Odonoghue

    I made a mistake and became a vampire I haven't done any of the quests and am wondering is there any way to now join the dawngaurd I can still enter the fort and they don't attack me and I am a werewolf now but there is no quest for the dawngaurd. I'm wondering is it already too late or is there a way to turn this situation around as I said I haven't done any of the quests but I did continue on with other quests so loading a save file isn't an option. A answer would be appreciated even if it's not what I want to here

  • Oscar Kolbu

    Gunmar is in solstheim

  • Anakin Shark Suerink


  • T Cates

    I literally was starting the first mission for the vampire lord guy and walk into a town n get attacked 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Krazy Bananas

    I went to sleep right before the stream started ugh

  • Cephalon Samodeus

    42:44 Oh my gosh, ESO IS OBI WAN KENOBI!

  • TheNoScopes

    Keep up the good work can't wait for dragon born dlc I raged like 50 times when miraak tales the dragon souls from u it's so annoying so I was happy to kill him

  • joaovitor•

    Someone know what mod he uses for this hairs?

  • Darth Smoot

    I would side with vampires just to have Serana as a companion.

  • whiterunguard 467349

    Dawnguard for sure because harkon sucks👌👈

  • Crescent Wolf

    ^ This is why you don't fast travel in Skyrim X2...(No, really, I fast traveled to one of the major cities once, and 5 Trolls and 2 Dragons spawned on top of me. Enemy chase mechanic combined with fast travel will only lead to even more trouble. Lost a really good blacksmith because of fast travel.)

  • Identity Unknown

    I know I may be late(Very), but there is dawnguard armour dotted around the castle.

  • Dat Dam Cat

    gunmar is glitched for me. he asks me to help him kill the bear and then just stands there. i can't continue the dlc please help anybody i've tried everything.

  • HipsTer_Miraak 63

    you know eso, you're a cool guy and all, but i really dont like how you change serana's hair, like wtf serana's hair is the most iconic thing about serana, and you're gonna change her into a Jap character?!

  • Riley Cureton

    Then do the companions questline

  • Valupack Gaming

    Did you ever consider that Ulfric is a brainwashed puppet of the Thalmor and this whole "Rebellion" was an attempt to destabilize the Empire so that in it's weakened state the damned elves could take over? After all it they did just let him go. After being imprisoned and "tortured" they literally just let him go. And then off he goes and murders the High King. Perhaps Ulfric isn't quite the "white knight" some think him to be.

  • Cathy Eaker

    You have ESO edition stamina DAMNIT

  • Donovan Anglin

    Alright, I have elder scrolls online: tamriel unlimited. I want to know if this is what that is because I didn't play much since the beginning seemed dull

  • Michael Mudie

    ESO if your going to bring the dogs with you then you might want to get the invincible dogs mod so you don't get all the dawnguard​ dogs killed like I did on my first play through.

  • Cris Paul

    Wait what’s better Dawnguard or Vampire

  • Jeff Campbell

    i know this is a lil late, but do the dawnguard.. then back up afterwards & go vampire

  • Platinum Theater

    You could probably get them with telekinesis, I will try with my battle mage on the pots in 34:47

  • Jessi Walsh


  • 0.01germs edits

    How do I get in castle volkihar with Serena... Is there anything I need to do because the guard just sais "youre not welcome here" everytime I try to walk close to the entrance. And every tutorial is just glitches. PLEASE HELP!

  • Devon Hess

    how can you take such beautiful screenshots but then the game isn't as beautiful

  • Kills slayer Skule

    It’s weird.. there’s 2 gunmar one at Helgen at the dragon attack and the other at dawn guard can anyone explain?

  • Aela Kawaiii

    Please do a vampire "series" walk through!!!!

  • NightFuryAmdrag

    Skyrim horses are actually mountain goats

  • Ronnie Varela

    ESO if you haven't done a video on ysgramor's shield do one please

  • Newark

    Mind adding MOD DLCs? so you can upload more walkthrough.

  • Sauce kami

    dude i swear you make this game look so fun and im a big fan of skyrim playing it as im watching this lol

  • spartan 4670

    what do I do if I approach the castle and nothing happens, Serena won't talk to me and I can't continue the quest line, please help

  • Vizzy Jay

    Thats why i like fallout 4 so much they made every follower so unique and they almost always speak their mind during dialouge which is more realistic than just a follower just sittibg therr

  • Bill Joe

    lol why have I never seen a sanguine dragon before

  • shinon Hunter

    sweet okay I'll be there eso

  • T Cates

    For some reason that happened to me where guards attacked me for no reason 😂

  • Benito

    I knew this would happen one day, I knew...

  • juan Rivera

    what time are you live streaming tomorrow

  • dalek caan

    Werewolves are the best vampire hunters


    I profer the vampire road get more stuff and become a vampire Lord.

  • Pug Power69

    I wonder if u can kill Serana and take her elder scroll🤔

  • Unique Revv

    34:50 couldnt u fus ro dah it out?

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