$6 Sandwich Vs. $180 Sandwich

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  • Albdruck

    Not gonna lie, I'm judging y'all so hard for claiming the bread isn't important in a sandwich.

  • Amateur Eater - Mukbang & Travel

    You just took a bite out of what would be worth my entire month's grocery

  • CrypticAvenger 84

    I don’t understand why we torture ourselves by watching you tubers eat delicious looking sandwiches

  • Semiotichazey

    OK Worth It team, here's what you need to do: put out a book. I was just thinking how I'd love to try a lot of these restaurants when I am in the right town. There's a problem, though. Let's say I'm heading to Seattle next week and I'd love to visit one of the places you've been in Worth It. I have nothing in mind, but I'm sure you've been to Seattle at least once. But to find out, I'd have to comb through all of your episodes. If you had a book that took all the places you've been by location, throw in some writing and photos and tell us what episode it's in, I guarantee that would sell.I'll take my consulting fee in gift certificates to fine dining in NYC.

  • Kats

    Bread might not be what makes a sandwich great, but it's a night and day difference making a sandwich on $2 store-bought white bread and hand-crafted, freshly baked sourdough with cheese, herbs and spices baked into it.

  • Big Boi

    Worth it and unsolved are the only good things on buzzfeed

  • Rhiannon Harp

    The best part of this episode was the Babish crossover 😂 I didn’t expect my other favorite YouTube food guy to be here

  • Jobu_Cerrano

    Hmmmm, so basically it's fried chicken with a side of bread?

  • MrKrabsTheViolin

    For the finales they should vote on which trip was the most worth it

  • King Snipez

    “Do not rub your eyes” proceeds to rub his eyesEdit. did not know this would get 35 likes

  • lzh1703 -

    That binging with babish cameo tho

  • irdina norazmir

    thumbs up if yall dont want the season to end☹️😩

  • Steffan Panos

    They could have gone to France, Germany or several other places and ordered a sandwich where all of the ingredients are good-- the bread, meat, cheese, vegetables and sauce. This experience was really just about the meat.

  • Nacknone

    About time there was something expensive without caviar.

  • lauren montgomery

    If the bread is better than the contents then it’s probably not a good sandwich..

  • Izzy

    The finale? NOOOOOOO. Where do I get my Worth It fix now?(Time to rewatch all the episodes all over again I guess.)

  • Caleby80

    Worth it should do: Worth it Nachos. Like if you agree

  • C.I.A.

    The first lady that makes that chicken is my spirit animalAnd have you nibbas learned anything from that pizza episode? The bread/crust is the story I like your show but oof

  • Ralph Halkett

    can we please just get adam and annie their own show?

  • Shawn McVittie

    I thought the sandwich in the thumbnail was the $6 sandwich 😂👌

  • hswonderX

    13:48 "Everytime I'm like yeah it's tender no big deal and then I put it in my mouth and I'm like aghafghaf" THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID

  • Elvis Vega

    Everyone needs to praise Adam for always tagging along and committing to recording for them this was my favorite series 😭♥️💙

  • Meowc3ess

    "It's not my eyes im worried about" LOL

  • Tristan Smith


  • CrackerZack

    Halo top ads.I will say no more.

  • John Gomorra

    Hello the bread makes the sandwich. I just have a question do you guys have to pay for the food yourself or is it complimentary. Thanks for your time. P.S. I Love all your your videos :)

  • Sammy Diche

    6:49 ube only grows in the Philippines 🇵🇭 didnt knew that before..

  • Frost Nebulous

    Anyone else watching this from Bolton? (United Kingdom)

  • Jahiem Pinder

    at 9:48 thats the women from I draw you cook

  • Senpai Jecho


  • Shawn McVittie

    Is it just me or is $6 a bit too much for a sandwich 😂

  • Thomas Parker

    Bruh ngl fam this channel is waste other than these videos lmao

  • blah blah


  • Tyler Hau

    Omg I just came from binging with babish!

  • ItzJustVon

    Plz this can’t be it😩😩

  • Gourab Mazumdar

    You should try Indian food in India

  • Bethany DEAN

    II hI hoI hopI hopeI hope tI hope thI hope thiI hope thisI hope this wI hope this waI hope this wasI hope this was wI hope this was woI hope this was worI hope this was wortI hope this was worthI hope this was worth i I hope this was worth itI hope this was worth it.I hope this was worth it..I hope this was worth it...I hope this was worth it..I hope this was worth it.I hope this was worth itI hope this was worth iI hope this was worth I hope this was wortI hope this was worI hope this was woI hope this was wI hope this wasI hope this waI hope this wI hope thisI hope thiI hope thI hope tI hope I hopI hoI hIHEEEYYYYY, can u please like....please?

  • Brandon Beavis Investing

    These videos make me.... so hungry..... (and I always find myself watching these before bed)

  • krishna kumari

    Please do worth it in India 🇮🇳

  • TimmacTR

    French people be like: "Americans"

  • Very Loki

    why isn't there 13 episodes this season?? you've gone up from 9-12 episodes in seasons 1-4 but this season is only 6... was there a writers strike i didn't hear about??

  • Forgotten Memory


  • Sugar and Spice

    Okay here goes another try: please do a biryani episode!

  • wut wut

    Going to sandwich restaurant only eat the chicken dude thats only chicken

  • MCQuis

    12:37 I never expected it to be so thicc

  • The Reprehensible

    14:25 My favorite too! Favorite dessert, really. Soft and chewy biscuit that isolates the otherwise painful chill of the icecream from your teeth, making it easy to eat and giving such a pleasant texture whilst the cream melts against your tongue. The heaviness of both the cream and supple biscuit... Cheap, delicious bliss.

  • John Brent David

    Im surprise that binging with babish was there.

  • Yan Tse

    The best sandwich is a PBnJ at 3am when you're craving for food in the middle of watching a Tasty Video.

  • Chelsie Jurd!

    Who doesn’t like buzz feed video? Cause I know I sure do love buzz feed video!

  • Samia Samveer

    My Abbu (father) also live in #Athens and I miss him so much😢😢...# love you so much #Abbu...♡♡

  • Puerto Rican Cobain

    10:30 The sandwich in the thumbnail. Wagyumafia cutlet sandwich.

  • A Jay Obregon

    Worth it: Macroons, or w/e those cute cookies

  • Killerinstinct Killerinstinct

    Everytime they post, everytime they are number one trendingEdit: thanks for the likes I feel special now

  • broken fangirl 2002

    Not gonna lie you can get a good Sandwich for 2 dollars,

  • Shiba Tatsuya

    OK You know you guys that sandwich is two months of my allowance I can survive 1 dollar a day !!!!

  • shoucandy

    Is there gold, caviar and truffles

  • TacticalLlama18

    aye i live in nashville.

  • Chelsea & Franz

    LOL the editing after Steven touched his eyes was so good! Made us laugh!

  • CatNipp Waffle

    Worth It please leave BuzzFeed so we don't have to subscribe to this channel just to see your videos

  • Chi Ab Vang

    Why is this season so much shorter? Makes me so sad!

  • victoria Rain

    there are 4 types of sandwich in the world1. meaty-rama2. condimental3. veggiestical4. ThisIsMyJamwhich one are you, im all

  • Brett Bouthilette

    Where do you even get a sandwich that expensive?

  • A Jay Obregon

    Please do a dessert series.Macroons, Tarts, Moose, ect!

  • Corba Zizz

    Anyone noticed that in the pic the sandwich is the nazi symbol

  • Marion Marquez

    All the expensive foods were from Japan

  • VK Jungenberg

    You guys should just buy a house in Japan you seem to go there every week.

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