$6 Sandwich Vs. $180 Sandwich

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  • Albdruck

    Not gonna lie, I'm judging y'all so hard for claiming the bread isn't important in a sandwich.

  • xd Mcmuffin

    That poor cameraman with the round glasses always seems so sad I wanna give him a hug

  • hi S

    I like the woman in the first restaurant

  • Ariana Twenty one

    The bread is actually important, if the bread is soggy the sandwich wont be good ;(

  • Matthew Penney

    I can now say I want a boneless sandwich and it makes sense.

  • Big Boi

    Worth it and unsolved are the only good things on buzzfeed

  • Silent But Dudley

    Can I get that sandwich... uhh...BONELESS

  • J. Erdmann

    “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later”

  • Laptopboyboy

    „You know the special thing about this is not really because it’s spicy“ says andrew as hes literally sweating because of the spicy chicken 4:42

  • Giannis Georgopoulos

    Tried the ingredients "love,joy,peace and happiness".Recipe did not work.Dick got stuck in the toaster.

  • Senpai Jecho


  • Trap Alexis

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  • Trim 2cool

    The first one was the best. It was very cheap, yet was an amazing full meal.

  • Yuan Uy

    Ayyyy im filipino any filipino here?

  • Baraa

    Why do they sound so much less energetic these episodes you can tell they're getting bored of it

  • lzh1703 -

    That binging with babish cameo tho

  • Shawaiz Khan

    How do u even find a 180$ sandwich?😂 imagine just walking into a store and u ask a guy if u know a place with a 180$ sandwich, like wtf?😂😂😂😂

  • Stephanie Arboleda

    the camera guy that always was at the end is soooooo cute <3

  • sei ngam

    5:20 now this is the most anticipated crossover ever

  • CDaniel Vlogs

    Is it just me?My mouth is watering!😋

  • Chelsea & Franz

    LOL the editing after Steven touched his eyes was so good! Made us laugh!

  • Not Syndrome

    Did anyone else see 13:50 and go straight to the comments?

  • Alex Alonzo

    14:14 you can tell how happy the camera man is

  • Arely Hernandez

    um ik im late but you should give the camera guy a mic

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    The best sandwich is the one your wife makes you and her. And y'all enjoy together. Because after-all sure some might taste better overall. But it's that special sprinkling of love that makes hers taste the best.

  • Brandon Beavis Investing

    These videos make me.... so hungry..... (and I always find myself watching these before bed)

  • Chrome24

    I want that last sandwich so freaking much!!!

  • MinerGT

    Who has the best sandwich? Easy, just go to subway

  • skelki Galatasaray

    When you 5 min. into netflix and chill with your bae,and he gives you that look 12:51

  • Shing Chi Liong

    It has to be thicc,it has to be thicc,Steven

  • Izzy

    The finale? NOOOOOOO. Where do I get my Worth It fix now?(Time to rewatch all the episodes all over again I guess.)

  • Samuel Hammond

    wagyu beef ice-cream sandwich lmfao

  • safa jimalle

    hey guys try to give me 50 likes no more no less try plz

  • Score Hero

    Go to Toronto and eat at katze deli

  • Amateur Eater - Mukbang & Travel

    You just took a bite out of what would be worth my entire month's grocery

  • Storm Gourani

    This makes me so hungry

  • A snek

    That's how wagyumafia works

  • Killerinstinct Killerinstinct

    Everytime they post, everytime they are number one trendingEdit: thanks for the likes I feel special now

  • Flaming Paradox

    i thought Subway was gonna be in this. Did anyone else think that?

  • ScytherRaid

    Wagyumafia?Thats how mafia works

  • andrew Desi

    Steve looks way better now that his hair is down. His face looks generally softer and I love that look for him

  • Alex Alonzo

    11:34 they know what’s up, no crust

  • Logan Playz

    The thumbnail legit looks like angel cake.

  • Dkz!

    That youtube crossover was nice !

  • Mochi Tea

    You know the price we the first place isn't bad, just people from California think everything should be expensive and ummmm no just no.

  • lordtiedye


  • Ayla S.

    That pastrami sandwich looks so dang good! Is it worrth flying over there? Lol

  • lordtiedye


  • Danielle Darwish

    are we not gonna talk about how they have hard boiled eggs at that restaurant?

  • The Prince Of Kenya


  • Yan Tse

    The best sandwich is a PBnJ at 3am when you're craving for food in the middle of watching a Tasty Video.

  • Lukasz Tomasz Tobys S7K Søndervang

    13:49: don’t tell me that I’m the only one that I’m dirty mind

  • NoOne

    Waiting for the next season!

  • Sanamana _

    tzuyu likes to chewy on breads

  • karim lavji

    A sandwich with bones is not a sandwich

  • Thomas Parker

    Bruh ngl fam this channel is waste other than these videos lmao

  • Sebastián Yanik

    Is NO ONE noticing the obvious green screen at the first location interview?

  • Bacon Army

    Binging with Babish my boi

  • The Prince Of Kenya


  • Madhvan Sharma

    what i look for in a girl 8:27

  • Brett Bouthilette

    Where do you even get a sandwich that expensive?

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