One They Fear (Skyrim Animation)

A short film based on the game Skyrim by Bethesda which has been a side project of mine for well over 2 years now. I want to thank everyone who helped me out on it:

Production Design:
Ruby Xia

Katelyn Pellow

Pre-production help:
Connor Glachan
James Clark
Maude Ashby

Steven O'Brien

Feedback and critique:
Maury Whyte
Jason Groh
Jason Teeuwissen
Chris Marleau
Frederic Djoenaedi

After Effects

All 3D work on film done by Vladimir Mokhov

Sound effects used from
(and foley recordings)

Credits song by Kevin Macleod
  • SolarFlare

    Okay. The ragdoll got me harder than it should have.

  • Hells Breach

    take the lock picks you idiot, and those potions you'll never use but you still keep 235 of them.

  • nightsong81

    Dovahwimp, Dovahwimp, grabbin' gold like a pimp,Runs away, quite a lot, 'cause he leveled up speech.Left the Greybeards' quest out, never learned how to shout.Dovahwimp, for your safety we pray...

  • Pravoslavnyy Kommunist

    intelligence: 1Luck: 10

  • TecnoNecto

    How dare you not grab those lock picks!

  • TrollForce

    What kind of sick bastard leaves the lockpicks?!

  • Torque von Thorne

    Fool! The deathlord was keeping the good loot in his pocket!

  • Wet Watermelon

    I love how the animators were able to capture the essence and aesthetics of Skyrim as well as being cartoonish and fun. Great work!

  • Paul Snelling

    1:00: Guessing He Doesn't Like Using Scrolls?(Does He Know The Sale Price For Scrolls Is Usually High)

  • TheNN

    Should've had the Beacon of Meridia in the big chest.

  • HMK3

    the stair fall was soo ingame

  • Xrenyn the MusicMage

    No wonder the player is so bad if he doesn't even pick up the lockpicks

  • Nyla Ponto

    Idk why but I just said "awww" at the gold(1) added part

  • Septic Markiplite

    This kid is every Skyrim player at one point.

  • Galaxy

    This Chest Is Locked And Requires A Key To Open.

  • Sir Caco

    *Ignores lockpicks*TRIGGERED

  • Ian James

    How to Train Your Dovah

  • Mary Bun

    2:55 Skyrim physics in a nutshell

  • Shadow Hunter

    Gotta enjoy the little things... the one piece of gold

  • Michael Jordan

    Kill Alduin, Kill Miraak, Kill Harkon, Listener of the dark brotherhood, guild master of the thieves guild, arch mage of the college. "I've never even heard of the outsider" - Vilkas

  • Gaius Marius

    The graphics are better than Skyrim itself lol

  • Elena Sallee


  • NoReply

    should have taken the axe from the draug after

  • Disturbance! At The Dancing place

    Let me guess... somebody stole you sweet role...

  • Salty Sandwich


  • eh

    the ragdoll part brought a tear to my eye. thank you

  • Stukafish Gaming

    Ik it's just an animation but the skull was very easy for him to pick up,a skull is actually more heavier than that, the skull when it hits the draugr overlord made the skull sound like plastic and if a draugr overlord was hit by a log trap in-game it wouldn't die or get thrown into a wall but that's just Skyrim physics and who leaves lockpicks??? I play Skyrim and I don't leave lockpicks in the chest I unlock and, when the dragpnborn kid falls down the stairs, it looks like Skyrim physics and the camera angle is the exact same as the one in the game

  • Cegopi

    The animation is good, but the dragonborn is not a wimpy kid like this.I mean the dragonborn is like the main character of one of these 90's action TV series like Walker: Texas Ranger, Hercules the legendary journeys or Xena the warrior princess (if you choose female dragonborn). Like, he's so much of a strong character he falls into a trap and then gets flooded with enemies and still kicks everyone's ass with ease. If you shoot him an arrow to the knee it will DEFLECT right into your eye, that is if he was going easy on you because he could send you flying off with a shout, he kills dragons as a hobby.Also, get saved by luck and then keep 1 gold and not the poison&potions 200 coins each? From all the infinite Dovahkiins in the multiverse this scores as the weakest, noobest of all.

  • Jam

    and this, my friends, is why I play as stealth.

  • SuperGoatOfJoy

    You know you are doing the correct missions when you find a draugr deathlord at level 1.

  • Hick Rarrison

    This wouldn't be on youtube if 2:47 went to a different position. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Soulfest You activated my T R A P C A R D

    The real MVP is the traps, kudos. 👍👌👏👏👏

  • Noble Frankfurt

    There's a person in Rorikstead you can get as a partner, I imagined this was them, it would explain the crumby armor, lack of shouts and disinterest in going overweight, which would explain why they didn't have a second weapon after being disarmed.

  • Ƭσαƨt

    This is way too accurate.

  • chaves que vem das quebradas do barril mágico

    O dovaquin dessa animação deveria ter vasculhado o corpo do deathlord talvez tivesse uma ebony sword kkkk eu sou muito viciado em Skyrim

  • Stefannina 26

    Why am i about to cry right now

  • XD Chan

    Im Still Playing Skyrim Until Now Its A Really Cool Game

  • Cassar

    2:55 the camera movement, oh my god this is perfect 😂😂

  • Grindhouse Thriller

    The art makes it look like something made by Supercell except this has actual effort put into it and it isn't trying to steal my money

  • M E N T A L I N S T A B I L I T Y

    Meanwhile I get in a fight with 3 dragons, a frost troll, and a giant and I'm slashing like a crazed maniac.

  • stitch pitt

    One of the best animated videos I've ever seen

  • Septic Markiplite

    Also this was a great animation! <3 ;) :)

  • Emerald Kat

    I kept screaming at him to just grab the lockpicks and go 😂

  • ŽlutýCorp

    I want to steal from the chest, but this one undead keeps kicking my ass.

  • ItalyFire 05

    Can you really carry a strongbox though?

  • TheeAdeptBranch

    If you level up you will get better stuff.

  • KiVi

    I dont know why but i found it cute.

  • A.D. DAS

    The moment, when I lost near all of my lockpicks to open master locked box containing just a ring

  • Anvil Evolution


  • No name

    There’s a very wholesome meaning behind this video, it basically shows a low level adventurer doing what we all did when we were ‘at the bottom of the food chain’ if you will. We would find chests, but they would either contain nothing but trash and sometimes something useful, but mostly trash. Which in return, brought out our greedy side, wanting more than what we got from the chest we just looted, getting angry at the chest for not giving us something valuable. All in all this video is showing a life lesson, be grateful for what you have and don’t let your greedy side take over. Strive for better, but don’t get avaricious

  • Bob Bobington

    this is why guards stopped adventuring

  • DragonKing

    The thing I love about this animation is the fact that "the one they fear" is the name of the song that Is most likely to play during a fight with a dragon. The one they fear...Is you. The dovakiin.You are their greatest foe, their boss fight.

  • DimoK

    Мораль сей басни такова - цените то, что имеете.

  • Nastik Greyndzher

    Довакин уже не тот,худой

  • Dragonborn 365

    The scroll and spider poison he got from the chest were actually pretty useful 😉🤗😀the scroll could be a fire scroll is very good and spider poison is good as well. Awesome video by the way.😉😀🤗

  • OG Casper

    i say they make a mod to make the game look like this just npcs different

  • Jonathon Clewell

    hello VMComics, i really loved your animation you really caught the viewer's eye by Skyrim's logic: Finding useless loot | Ragdolling down stairs | Even fighting op opponent | But most of all this was done by a kid [Defeating the Drauger and risking his life carring useless loot]} Groundbreaking, and the best part was this has happened to everyone at least ONCE. No wonder you have so many subs, likes, and views. (^_^)

  • zaki safi

    the new elder scroll look good can't wait to play it

  • PianoKing64

    Best I have ever seen. Ragdoll part was on point! Love this so much.

  • Franky The King

    Bellissimo e divertentissimo 😂😂👍

  • Top Notch Ragdoll Physics

  • Bry Rye

    Awe, this makes me wanna play skyrim agaib

  • Buhta Barahty

    this is the fiasco, my broth

  • Dragonborn 365

    Lockpics are even better

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