THE BEST MODS OF ALL TIME - Skyrim Mods Remastered - #1

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Enhanced Night Skyrim by CptJoker
Enhanced Blood Textures by dDefinder
Crimson Tide - Blood by Magus

KenMOD - Time on loading screen by Kenney
KenMOD - Skip Bethesda intro by Kenney
KenMOD - Lockpick Pro - Cheat by Kenney
KenMOD - Loading Game by Kenney
Realistic Ragdolls and Force by dDefinder
The Art of Magicka by Zonzai and Kalell and UKC
Swearing Mudcrabs by Andokool12
Posh Mudcrabs by Maniczombie
  • Casualgames23

    I spent just as many hours modding Skyrim as I have playing it. Every time I added a mod another mod came out that made the game even better. Eventually I couldn't even play Skyrim without mods.

  • IronSheep

    Man that intro was horrible... I love it!

  • YingzZ

    Am i the only one who never played with a female character ?

  • Spooky Rabbit

    I'm surprised he didn't feature a replacement of skyrim's soundtrack by oblivion's

  • Spring Fuse

    Skyrim remastered almost looks as good as vanilla Skyrim with any ENB.

  • The Red Eyed Gamer Nation

    Just finished the video and, I'd like my cookie now. I've waited far too long for it.

  • Dániel Gönczi

    Can anyone tell me what body/face/hair mods is he using for his character?

  • evaderik Mammon

    Dragon Age comes into Skyrim! Vivat!

  • mike s

    Why does he sound like pewdiepie

  • Izzy

    Well MxR, I don't know about you, but I like to look at at the night sky and just wonder about the immersiveness of the universe and whether I am immersive enough to BE in this universe. It's quite therapeutic.

  • Damian Kilsby

    8:30 Bleach OST!! It's 'La Distancia Para Un Duelo' from the Hueco Mundo Arc :D

  • AcidHeathen

    So... MxR where are those cookies? :v

  • OverEnglishMan

    Always wondered. 2 questions1: is Skyrim Remastered coming to PC too?2: Are the mods we have for "normal" Skyrim all going to work with the remaster or is there going to be some awkwardness where some work and some don't? I mean is there even a point to Skyrim Remastered for PC since the tools are there to do exactly with Bethesda have done anyway

  • Keaton

    Well I guess Fallout 4 mods weekly has gone now xD

  • Proxaniss

    4:13 actually MxR, We would be able to see the Milkyway if the weren't as much light pollution as there is. We can't see the faint light of our entire galaxy because of the lights of cities and other sources. The light of cities have a greater relative brightness magnitude (I hope that is the correct expression for it) than the light of our galaxy, resulting in us not being able to see it. There has even been a quite hilarious case in a californian city (but maybe it was a city in a different state... can't remember). When the power shut down for ... reasons (probalby an outage) citizens started calling the police because a "mysterious" Space-cloud appeared out of "nowhere". It was in fact the milkyway that became visible due to the light polution disappearing momentarely. The more you know.

  • Pixels Blocks and TNT

    I think I just had an orgasm from the intro. Lemme just... Catch my breath.

  • unsweetened cheerios

    I want the sweating mudcrabs one except with people hahaha

  • TheMemeFactory

    no Thomas the tank engine dragons, or macho dragons

  • MrCombatgiraffe

    i decided to mod to make my game more immersive but those swearing mudcrabs, so funny.

  • DeinFan ist hier

    i have watched you since day one

  • Quinn Marine


  • leoric21

    do the console players who use mods get achievements? because if PC players don't but console players do we might have a problem!just saying

  • Popular Cookies

    Anyone else catch the windows bloop noise at 8:21 ??

  • AlexTRONIC

    that console joke got me.

  • Callum Bullock-Hill

    Where's CBBE, fuccboi?

  • Ace Edits

    What are the skin/body mods here????

  • P. Pedersen

    my god MxR 2668 hours, your crazy, i'll stay with my 416 hours thank you very much :-P

  • Milky Way Emme

    Holy crap right when the video started I thought he was pewdiepie!XD

  • mike xza

    lol your intro to the bigininings of youtuber nice =D

  • Suave Man

    Just found this channel. Not I'm going back to watch all of the old videos.

  • Juve Boy

    Wish they remastered Oblivion instead.

  • Zagii Rose

    is there any way to do these kinds of mods without nexus?? and without doing something terribly complicated????? I only got this game for pc so i could mod it, but nexus is set on destroying my life. some links are inactive and if not, the site just tells me nonstop that i have to log in!!! im logged in dammit!! :(( someone help???? I just wanna have a good looking female character!!!!!!

  • Mobitron

    Holy shit, every time I see one of these pop up in my feed I can only be impressed you're still doing this, still finding fresh content - even years-old fresh content. Keep up the fantastic!Edited to tell you to keep going. This is great.

  • Ryan Flint

    Swearing posh crabs ;)

  • Redd24Hundred

    After several years of being a console gamer and watching your channel i finally got skyrim on pc

  • Myshio

    the oblivion soundtrack that you played in the background gave me good feels... thank you :3

  • Joeink100

    Been here since episode 4 oh wait you all think I'm lying no one cares shit ima go loll myself because my worth as a human is tied to how long I liked something before it was cool.

  • Mr_Rand0m -

    Greatest intro ever 10/10 would cut my eyes out again lol jk

  • Krafterz

    Where's the Fallout 4 mod video?

  • Luke Pickens

    +MxR Mods i have an idea for a one time video: A collection of mods for survival mode! so players that want to try it out have a list of mods to check out and see what they would like to add

  • BeefDipMan

    why are all these links for vanilla skyrim and not syrim SE?? useless vid... mxr let me down.. put the correct links u twat disliked.

  • Oliver H

    I don't think "realistic" is the fitting word for that blood mod....

  • apachewarrior7

    Oh my gosh, you were doing good until you started being a perv again.

  • Sedhaild

    I'm ready to delete my game's files and all it's mods, and wait for the HD update that bethesda will give me for free :3

  • Infinite

    Bandit 1: look a pansy mageBandit 2: let's get her! chargesBandit 1: why did you stopBandit 2 dribbles at the sight of art of magica clear robes

  • Crowe_Reaver

    hey mxr, I have been following you for almost 4 years and I think I should at least have said those things earlier.first: Thank you, so much. second: by now I have tons of mods and even more RAM for my Computer, yet Skyrim won't work and I am actually tired of trying fix it. the Main Problem currently is that Skyrim has a reserved memory space or whatever it is called. if you have any specific instruction on how I could make Skyrim work again with or without an ENB (I currently don't have one, and I would like it to stay that Way), I would be more than geateful to you.Thank you for everything.

  • 419NigerianPrince

    I formally apologise to the PC gods for being a for being a Sony pleb. I offer 12 sweet rolls and an iron sword for your forgiveness. My 12 year old pleb mind can't afford a godly pic as I am a Sony pleb. Please forgive me.


    Ha. Over 4 years. Each one is an honor. Here's to many more, and Mods as well!

  • Will Barrie

    How did he get such good graphics, or is that the remastered version that he got to play early? please help

  • Battlefront Productions

    Love the fact that you used Oblivion's OST over this.

  • Alphanzo Arthur Oliver

    Cookie.. I want a cookie!!!!!!!!!11

  • Cassidy Gill

    I think that you should play a walkthrough on the remastered skyrim. Like a legit not shits or giggles just like a normal walkthrough bc that would be great.

  • War Clans of ROBLOX

    I got to say your probably the most enjoyable person to listen to when discussing games, you don't force your humor and most of what you say is on topic.

  • Leeroy Jenkins

    Lol been watching those vids and I missed this one and he thanks us 😁

  • Adam Park

    I never understood why guys play as girls in video games it just seems weird

  • NiZ

    Give me my cookie n my plaque

  • Alexander Rudasi

    How is CBBE not the very first mod featured in a best mods of all time list.For serious.

  • Stevepunk

    Shouldn't you start with ENB's and best body mods etc?

  • emo haralampiev

    I was wondering if there is a mod about lockpocking, but not as easy as that one, I am imagining something like you have to pay attention to the sound or to the speed of the lockpick, or of both and that way you can figure out where is it without failing, but also without being told directly where is it.

  • Game Like This

    Trophies are Deactivated. Modding is pointless

  • Chris Brown

    skyrim is far from dead. Brodul made a vid about some EPIC mods that are STILL in production like skywind, also please make more of these, your channel is honestly one of my favorites out there.

  • Yoko

    pewdiepie's brother?

  • Justin

    Are any of these mods on xbox yet?

  • BlueFire2712

    Dude ive been subed forevr!

  • MikesUltimatum

    Shouldn't be many console plebs here anyway. Sadly, their missing out on all the modding glory.

  • Zaric Zhakaron

    You should have really saved this series title for the release of the remaster.

  • Blake Bauman

    Wft stop showing those half dressed girls XD

  • xxCrimsonSpiritxx

    mudcrabs.. are you serious.... It's my fault coming here for mod reviews

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