Skyrim: The Best Archer Assassin Class Build

The Most Overpowered Bow Archer / Assassin Build in Skyrim.
Read the description for further Tutorials on how to get what you need.

Build Feature Spotlight:

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Weapon / Armor Locations

- Where to get full glass armor:

- Zephyr Bow Location:

Enchantment: Fortify Archery:


- Fortify Alteration potion:

- Fortify Alchemy Enchantment:

- Fortify Smithing Potion: Blisterwort, Glowing Mushroom, Sabre Cat Tooth, Spriggan Sap

Shout / Leveling Guides

- Fastest 1-100 Guides (To get Skills up for this build):

- Slow Time shout word walls can be found, Locations: Hag's End, Korvanjund, and Labyrinthian.

Note: This build is aimed at having the best late game character. You will need to work hard to achieve that, it will not be handed to you on a plate. EG. You will need to go trough a majorety of the game to get all 3 Slow Time Shouts (even though you can get two and still be as effective).


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    Wow guys... 2,000,000 Views. Thank you so much! Considering Skyrim first came out in 2011 and this video came out 2014 (2 years later). Even now over 5 years on from Skyrim's release the game is still thriving. I have been making weekly videos on Skyrim every Tuesday for over 3 years now and I still have over 100 planned videos to make...That says allot about how great this game is, but I don't think you needed me to tell you that!

  • Koxden

    Looks like Celebrimbor chose a new host body

  • James O Reilly

    Instead of fear on the bow I think u should put paralyse, so when slow time runs out they won't run away but instead will be frozen on the floor where u can just kill them

  • Ðrip

    I don't mind the ads.I don't mind the buffer.But when the ads bufferI suffer

  • John Battye

    Nah, the fuss on this build is needless.What you do is:Max sneak.Max archery.Max one handed.And max illusion.Screw that talos bs.

  • Omer Droub

    i call this build ZA WARUDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mat Loyal

    The build is nice but the background story is just dumb

  • JGame87

    If Arrow and flash hade a baby, It would have this skill. lol

  • Douglas Edwards

    I'm going to do this, but with a bound bow instead since it naturally has the fast draw speed and high base damage :D Arcane archer, here I come!

  • Jay He

    I followed this build only to discover the slow time shout not longer works like it does in the video. Now the shout slows you also .


    That sabre cat at the end lol

  • John Salty

    well 40 seconds into video, already hate it, LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE

  • chris dominic

    For role play I named mine Celebrimbor who is an elf and the slow time shout is wraith world from shadows of mordor.

  • subject sigma

    "You're a true Nord" He says while playing as an Orc.

  • CNinja202

    Has the slow time shout been nerfed? When I use i pull the bow back so slowly.

  • Erik H

    Definitely playing SE with a build similar to this, never really focused much on archery or stealth way back in the ps3 Skyrim days. This sounds like an absolute blast.

  • Berg

    I NEED HELP!when I use the slow time shout my bow also become slow so I cant even shoot?! is this a bug?!

  • Tyler Maxwell

    talos amulet. go to solitude for 1st time. the guy getting executed has one wait for him to die and search the body or head


    You should make more skyrim builds😺😺😺

  • Alex Kirov

    Can someone please answer me: I went with this build, but it seems that the shout slows me too and i cant shoot as much arrows as in the video. It seems that I am also slowed and my ability to kill lots of enemies in the 1min is not the same as in the video. I got all the archery perks.... did they patch this or something? Dont get me wrong, its very helpful but not as much as the slow time showen here where he seems to draw arrows one after another like that.

  • Asphalt z

    So boring to play like that slow notion u dont even get get to enjoy the game

  • Daniel Power

    is it just me or does the slow time shout affect me aswell so I fire slower

  • Luis J

    Seeing this again right before Skyrim Remastered comes out..Nice.

  • Fırıldak Fako

    I'm looking that video for get class build then I took an arrow on my knee

  • EB PsYcHo

    hey ESO, it seems the slow time shout got nerfed in skyrim special edition with the 1.2 patch. yesterday before the patch (im on xbox one thats why i got it later) everything worked fine. now my character is as slow as the enemys when using any weapon. i dont have mods btw

  • FatalAlcatraz

    How/why does Alteration increase the duration of the slow time shout??

  • Leloya Acker Law

    0:11 They took an arrow to the knee...

  • The introvert

    I use this build but I changed a thing or two

  • Noah

    At higher levels could you use heavy armor bc the perk that makes heavy armor weigh nothing and the sneak perk that makes u move silently all the time

  • ㅤ ㅤ

    What I dont understand is how you manage to draw the bow so fast while under the effects of the slow time shout.

  • Forrest Gump

    The Quicksilver build. Love it. Kill entire rooms before the enemies even have the time to react.

  • Ross Fortin

    This is amazing! I like playing the stealth archer style in Skyrim so I will be definitely trying this build!

  • Hadwee the gr8

    Help me....Lvl 15 Ebony bow (39 damage)Thieves guild amour140 Magika 190 Health130 StaminaIs this any good for my lvl I'm new to Skyrim 😊I got a few Daedra hearts but can't get into the College of Winderhold to summon a daedric, will this interfere with my lvl?

  • TheDarkCrafter

    I used to be a Stealth archer....Until i shot myself in the knee

  • Andrew Bowers

    At the beginning of the game, go with Ralof, kill the imperials, then QUICKLY grab the key and a dagger from the imperial captain. Then, once Ralof is waiting for you to open the door. Then crouch down and keep stabbing him until your sneak skill is at like a billion. You can then level up a lot. Also, your one-handed skill will increase, but more slowly. This is always the best way to do a sneaky assassin person.

  • Heitor Martins

    Will it serve if im using the ancient shrowded armor from the dark brotherood?

  • Crab Jockey

    This is such a cool build that uses interesting parts of the game to your advantage rather than just doing something ultra tedious to create something that one shots everything.

  • SamBarham

    Nord? Why not Wood Elf? Don't they start with the highest archery?

  • Daksh Gandhi

    You should do an "Ultimate Skyrim Build" which involves every skill tree in one epic build

  • WolfdoesPlaylists

    true skyrim is the best

  • marcus holtzheimer

    Why not slow it down even more with the aim slomo perc

  • BrandonHeat92

    What's are the Best clothes for an Archer, dagger build ? (NO ARMOR) I don't care about enchantments unless the enchanted clothes are recommended. I just want the challenge and to look good. Suggestions ?

  • lkjyuiop

    I just play how ever I don't put much effort in to it but this game is fun when you smoke weed

  • Faith Buckner

    Ur videos help me a lot and there where some things that i thoght where mods but there not so im happy

  • Shadow People

    Tbh for my sneaky assassin archer in beginning i used. Ancient dark brotherhood armor then when i got deathbrand armor i use that because some situations u cant be full sneak so i need some defense

  • Madara Uchiha

    you aAre an Orc URSELF WTH !!!!

  • pagelbagel 72

    when I use the Shout I can only get around 2 maybe three shots off because my bow draws so slow but yours is fast what's with that and I'm using the Zephyr

  • The Shadow Gaming

    Ur missing the ebony chainmail...

  • Dustin Hargy

    If you want to wear Heavy armor then grab the steed stone I noticed that there wasn't a mention of a stone to run with the build so while light armor is easier to sneak in normally you don't really need to worry about it if you have 50% noise reduc from sneak tree with the steed stone. I also generally put fortify archery and sneak on my gear you can get upwards of 200% sneak with a ring and necklace on. I can generally one shot everything in stealth mode the revered dragons are a bit harder requiring 3-6 shots if I can get all crits I can generally get 2 shots. I used to use chaos dmg on the bow however the proc affect is not great when you stick a 2nd enchantment on I found that instead running fire dmg and Absorb health works really well. Since the fire has a dot and the absorb health acts as a permanent free poison on your bow. This is on legendary difficulty as well. Instead of running a shield or slow time if you have 100 sneak and over 200% bonus sneak you can run 2 daggers with fire dmg and absorb health as well. In the unlikely event that enemies get close enough while you are sneaking you can quickly switch to daggers and kill them. I have found that if you pick a good location you can kill everything in sight without having to use daggers.

  • Leto85

    Fortify Alteration potions... that I haven't thought of that myself, it's so obvious to use them.Great tip.

  • Dr. Professor Grea

    So any light armor will do? Because I love my dragon armor.

  • Thallanar Rabidtooth

    Reason why I dislike the slow time shout: I kill all enemies in like 2 seconds, then have to wait a minute for it to wear off... Really unneccessarrry.

  • Julius Rosengren Sørensen

    Guys the daedric arrow is NOT the Best its damage is 24 but dragonbone arrow is 25

  • Byron DuBose

    Is this method broke because It takes forever to shoot because of the shout

  • THall65

    Is this build still viable in the special edition

  • Denzil Crocker

    Idk what I should use because I want to be a Mage but I want to be an archer and I know u can conjure a bow but I don't know if it's that good

  • Jack

    With this build would it be better to be a vampire lord or vampire

  • Aggie Moo

    Does this class work on Xbox 360 without Skyrim remastered? Plz reply fast

  • The Knight's Channel

    u should do I better back story for the builds

  • freddy medina

    how can i see your actual skill tree?

  • Clxut for

    Must I choose imperial or storm cloaks

  • MonsterTeegs

    Daggers > bows imo.Having to get close is 90% of the fun of a stealth character.

  • Yalkın ÇIRAK

    Thank you for the build. I am using it.

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