Skyrim - Top 10 Wives

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  • Compilation King

    " Sthkyrim "

  • Tyler Jaynes

    I love how you need the Amulet of Mara to attract women for marriage.You literally need the help of a god to get laid.10/10 immersion and realism

  • Arceus Lord of Creation

    You can't marry Serana, no matter how much I love her

  • Avatar Eternal

    On Aerin following Mjoll, I reached a comprise. First I killed Aerin when Mjoll wasn't looking and soul trapped him, forged a gold diamond necklace, called it Aerin's Remembrance, enchanted it with Aerin's soul and gave it to Mjoll. Everyone wins.

  • Return to Life

    I have a good laugh whenever Mjoll gets mad at the thieves guild.Honey, you're married to their leader.

  • FudgeMuppet

    Was not expecting top ten wives :P

  • Darude Sandstorm

    I can't believe I became this desperate to actually worry about marrying the right woman in skyrim because I know asking a girl out in real life is a hopeless case.

  • Racquel Baguley

    am I the only one that wants to marry vex from the theves guild

  • John Smith

    Lydia saved my life 4 times,I had to marry her.

  • KingofCasual

    Camilla is the worst wife... she cheats on you with Faendal.

  • JamesME Dalton

    If only you could marry Sapphire :/

  • Barry Tucceri

    One thing about Aela is shell call you brother on occasion.Ruins your marriage.

  • Urdnot Wrex

    ysolda is leader of the whiterun cartel

  • Brandon Wells

    Yeah Lydia died RIP :(

  • fishcious333333

    I tried to marry M'aiq, but every time he said "I Do" the priest didn't believe him and all our guests left disappointed.

  • Living Myth

    Doesn't EVERY spouse give you 100 gold per day, and a homecooked meal? You speak as if that is a unique perk of only certain choices.

  • Jishemoo Nelson

    When I was married to Mjoll, for some reason I saw Aerin out in the wilderness, where he was being attacked by a pack of ice wolves. Instead of helping him, I merely observed him being killed, and afterwards I looted his corpse

  • Adam Abdelfattah

    I married Uthgerd the Unbroken cause I had a fistfight with her.

  • Cody Buckler

    to bad you can't marry Kajiit women, they sound awesome

  • Eliazar Valentine

    can you marry a Dragon?

  • Per07

    I wanted to be PC so my character is a black lesbian woman, married to Aela. scissor me timbers!

  • Gwen

    I kinda feel like the creators meant for Lydia to be the dragon horns wife.

  • Azztronaw

    Im kinda pissed I can't marry Saadia. She's easily the hottest chick in Skyrim.

  • Nonchalant1996

    She leaves to do some "jobs" with vilkas... sure...

  • HellDoggyjr

    You forgot Jarl Barlgruuf

  • CynicalDonut

    Ones handed up to 81One handed up to 82 One handed up to 83

  • Solus Vael

    Poor Aerin....always in Mjoll's friend zone lol.

  • MrFancyLiving

    how does this guy have 1.7 million subs he sounds like he has kids in his basement

  • Beaux Rathburn

    Who else think serana is hotter as a vampire than a human?

  • Steelhead

    One of the reasons I married Ysolda: It was on Skyrim for Pimps

  • Daniel Phillips

    I married Karita from Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar :-)

  • doom6610

    pick one that gives you money

  • fenrir7282

    I can't believe I actually went back and created a whole new character so I could marry Serana because this video said I could, just to find out the hard way that I can't after all. What a waste of my damn time!!!

  • Original Juice

    maybe it'll work better for me in Skyrim than it did in real life

  • momomum

    I feel like Lord Farquaad looking at the magic mirror for wives watching this

  • Luke McEwan

    You can't marry seran


    WRONG, to marry aela you have to complete all of the companions quests.

  • Ecvj TV

    The problem about Camilla is that Faendal and Sven will start to appear in your house and stuff -_-

  • Elijah Flick

    you can't marry Serena life is pointless

  • Jorge González-Páramo

    Married Mjoll and didn´t regret it. Great sense of humor, a beast in combat, and she´s quite good looking. I just hate having her cook at home, I think it degrades such a warrior. As of Aerin, well... I heard that he was found in a river near Windhelm with a Dwarven Arrow on his back. How bizarre!

  • T.A.P. Gaming

    LOL I killed Erin (SP?) in his house right after I completed Mjoll's quest. When I married her she was crying about someone killing him and that she would have their head LOL

  • Leto85

    So we can marry Mjol and taking her with us through the entire thieves guild quest as a follower.That sound almost like game breaking.

  • TheWestFire

    Mjoll the Lioness backstory is basically the same origins as the First Hero in the first Fable game.

  • Francis D. Rake

    After the long interactions with Serana and her entire family during Dawnguard I feel as she would be the only appropriate candidate for marriage. If the game allowed her to marry you I'd place her First on the list, no doubt.

  • SkipSt

    If only you could have a harem

  • dominic garcia

    Why does this guy sound like Prismo?

  • Jesse Sessions

    You can't marry Serena my babe without Mods man.

  • Simon O'Reilly

    aerin met with an unfortunate "accident" I was testing my newly forged dragon bone sword and I unfortunately hit him...twelve times.

  • Kaftar Gaming

    actually you can't marry Serana unless you have a mod that let's you.

  • Cloud Denying

    Ima marry freakin Alduin, yes! thank you!

  • Kronikalrag3

    Lol so yea.... my character is married to rayya the red guard ,and because of that "lovely face" she now wears permanently 1 of the 3 "execution masks",you can steal from the victims , when 1st meeting Astrid in the shack for the dark brotherhood abduction intro , the other 2 are also in her inventory just in case that one falls off ; ).

  • MidniteBlues

    Can you stealth kill that guy who follows mjoll?

  • SteelTSSteel

    I married Alea the huntress and after the marriage she left and never came back. Help!

  • Niks Landratovs

    Aela the Huntress <3

  • TypicalRomeo

    i actually love Ysolda prolly cause i love khajits and well yeah

  • PK PK

    The best wife is the one at the Temple at Markarth, the brunette girl, sexiest wife in Skyrim, and she gives you more money than any of the ones listed in the video.

  • Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster

    One wife isn't enough! Sister wives mod please

  • Jade River

    God, !! Guys dont marry comilla because most of the time , she'l just blah blah about how good it is to get the claw back -p so I'm toldWith mjoll tho When my male nord married her Aerin never came to our home like said video, he actually stayed in his own home i guess , but if he does show , take mjoll on follow and ask her to wait in another building while you do away with aerin , if he gets to annoying ;p

  • DarthTellor

    If Mjoll keeps yapping after you marry her she is definitely the most immersive wife.

  • Zemythian

    You need a mod to marry Serana. ive tried pretty much everything else.

  • Stronzo FiglioDi

    I've married Temba Wide-arm, just to do something different. Got 2 childrens and moved to Heljarchen Hall. Now i'm enjoyin my retirement drinkin beer with Oriella and watching my wife pulling that grain mill all day long, while Gregor patrols my property and Lydia takes care of her duties as steward. Not a bad situation at all, and the place in near enough to Honningbrew meadery, so i can take some good drink and go on some deerhunt with my loved Frost.

  • MarkTheAmazing

    aerin died during a vampire attack :D

  • Franco Pesce

    i tried to married whit serena but is imposible friendzoned by npc

  • Cancer Cam

    Am I the only one who wishes you could marry Sapphire of the Thieve's Guild?

  • Combat Meerkat

    have not married mjoll but will but first im setting my dragon on erin

  • Bean ஃ

    When you marry camilla some dude will ask to marry her. But she's already married to you if u marry her. Logic my dudez

  • Michelle Janzen

    Um he sounds like he actual bit off his tong and replaced it with a piece a clay..... But anyways still a good video

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