JUST LET IT HAPPEN - Skyrim Mods -Week 221

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Zerofrost Mythical Armors and Dragon by Zerofrost Satyr
Widowmaker (From Overwatch apparently) preset by Wasyash
Skyrim Underground by AncientKane
Skyrim Landscape Overhaul - Stone Walls by Xenophobe3

Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim by Enai Siaion
  • Lug a bug

    like for the virtual titties

  • Kieran Hoyle

    It seems Ahlam's (Nazeems wife) comment about Nazeen 'stuffing himself into the Jarls Backside' was closer to the truth than she may have thought O_o

  • Sam Shamoon

    This guy sounds like PewDiePie

  • Rio Irawan

    Dude ... you should upload your mods.. or better, your whole skyrim file...I mean like every 20 episodes update or 10...People would love it.. Atleast I would

  • nerdofprey

    It really put a smile on my face to see a cameo appearance by my HUGE BOOBS mod. Thanks and keep up the good work, MxR!

  • BL4Z3 64

    I only play male charecters

  • Chris Hall

    Those zombie noises from hell were the zombie sounds from either Arena or Daggerfall or both. Been too long since I've played either but great games.

  • Royal Carpet

    As always....I came for the thumbnail.

  • Quinn Gustafson

    One of the best parts of your vids is that you play LOTR shire music in the background 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Chesca Richards

    His voice makes me so happy

  • suited zombie

    "Nobody plays male characters"? I've never played a female character, nor have I felt the need or want to. I've defeated and killed Alduin, completed the main quest, and defeated the entire game playing a level 12 electric mage Argonian with no mods, playing on Skyrim Special Edition for ps4. I love my male Argonians and Kajiits, okay!?

  • WolfBound

    I thought this was Pewdiepie's alternate channel for a second

  • Channon Fenris

    I always play male characters.

  • Blake Benji

    He kind of sounds like Pewdiepie.

  • InvalidnameOmni

    I hope one day MXR reads this. I love you bro and I wish you the best of luck in the future. I have all your shirts <3

  • Spiriteus Mjir

    Widowmaker armor mod from Japanese website....Don't spread it wrong, butter stink.

  • Jacob Crown

    All these episodes, all those weeks, and you still didnt reviev rape mode

  • KingNotorious

    Those walls...those are big beautiful walls, did Thalmor pay for those walls?

  • milo fouche

    what armor is she wearing at 8:23 ?

  • Izzy

    Ahhhh the ambiguous Chinese website. The only thing in the world other than ordering food that makes me glad that I know a second language.

  • InstantShadow

    most of your vids thumbnails are clickbait and have nothing to do about the vid like femails

  • Jacob knapton

    what was the armour that u were waring but dident talk about

  • Iceberg

    To kill people! Kill the chickens! Kill them all! Be the coolest vampire in the universe!

  • Mac Bailey

    MxR, why do you use Lord of the Rings music as background music? lol

  • Kevin Feng

    What's the name of the outro music that he uses in this video?

  • Fuck This

    Yo, MxRWhat is the 3rd person camera that you use to showcase armor while walking called?

  • Magrat Knoblauch

    Chests that want to eat you?? Terry Pratchett <3

  • Carter Tuckey

    Where did Jimmy go? His name hasn't been said for episodes.

  • Yoav Zeligowski

    I wonder if there is a pacifist ending to that last mod

  • Michael Hendrix

    MXR, you are awesomeness. You, and only you, where the reason I started using mods.

  • XyerDark

    Sacrosant reminds me a lot of the abilities you can get in Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines.

  • lil bandit

    hi mxr my brother thinks you sound like pewdiepie #yeah

  • Shawn

    i want to get a large mod list one day from him just a big list of mods that he thinks would go well together

  • Firock Finion

    I recognize those zombie sounds from Return To Castle Wolfenstein.

  • Daniel Sime

    Those zombie sounds are from Daggerfall

  • CDT Gaming

    Video Review: 4/10 Needs more virtual tiddies

  • Sullivan Miller

    When you said He might as well be Santa clause, I thought you were talking about trainwiz

  • Falconx Strayk

    what is this "loot mod" ? please tell me !

  • Golden Pasta Boi

    6:21"Im*peck*able"I'm done with your channel. Goodbye

  • Su di

    Love your voice and style of your talk. Waiting for new fallout 4 mod week

  • Logan Kory

    The Lord of the Rings music👌


    Anyone else notice he skipped episode 220? Lol

  • arisatokanzato

    i want ask somethingwhat armor you use at 2:19?

  • Shifty

    So do these mods work on SE too?

  • Eugene InLaw

    CAN'T WAIT for 2B with all realistic physics to got into the game!

  • Amanda Franks

    I'm the big spoon!

  • Yorick Postema

    Where is episode 220???

  • the epic soul slayer

    I only play male charters only have 1 female character.

  • JakeNoPro

    Underground you say? FINALLY a mod that makes since for the drow race

  • the_crusader

    HA "get paid"

  • GB_Productions

    lol the lord of the rings music in the background

  • Elephant Warrior

    You need an awards show. Invite some moders, get drunk, and give out prizes.

  • Obstuction -

    hahahaha from... uh undertale lol couldn't tell if Thats sarcasm

  • BlooJay

    What is the armor mod at 8:25?

  • GDC Studios

    What episode does that armour come from!?

  • Tearoth

    What's the Vampire looking armor Alex is wearing during the Sacrosanct review?

  • Silver

    he kinda sounds like pewds

  • La Guillatine

    1:08 Riverwood getting wrecked by highly dangerous dragon while dovahkin is reviewing a stone wall texture mod.

  • Gabriel Proctor

    At 2:21 what armor is that? I missed that episode.

  • Erik Schiemann

    Alex's breats are bigger than vanilla , so her arms keep sticking into it: #immsersionboner

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