Skyrim Dawnguard (Vampire) FULL Walkthrough No Commentary Gameplay Part 1 Longplay (PC) [1080p60fps]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Dawnguard (Vampire) FULL Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 Longplay No Commentary/Without Commentary 1080p 60fps Ultra Settings PC. Includes all Cutscenes, Gameplay, Boss Fights, Ending.

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  • Chaosmadman

    and I thought my 4 year old cousin was the worst Skyrim player I've ever saw

  • Tom Brown

    like just watching the game not hearing people over it thanks :)

  • gooberlious

    everytime he uses the absorb life spell on the undead i cringeso much cringe.

  • Bada Bing

    I'll admit I'm a noob in a sense to Skyrim.. played awhile but nowhere near know everything.. it was so aggravating watching the many, many simple mistakes and the why the hell he do that moments. I still watched and enjoyed it but my God man I couldn't figure out if you were very young or very old lol

  • Lauren Pierce

    wow you are not like me who's spent hundreds of hours on the game and knows every single thing there is to know about skyrim, also you do not play it the exact same way that I play it so obviously you are a noobThanks for uploading this, I wanted to see how the vampire side goes without committing. Nice to know it ends pretty much exactly the same.

  • Drew Biggah

    Man the people in the comments u would swear they never made a mistake ever in life especially in a video game 😂🤣😂.... U know ur life's pretty sad when u watch someones youtube walkthrough of THEIR character and try telling them to use THEIR character a different way... Also all u "expert" skyrim players i bet 90% of u used guides to become "good" at skyrim... U were all most likely once garbage at the game and probably still garbage at games now.. But I guess u guys r happy ur "good" at a single player rpg game ctfu... Smh dude play how ever u wanna play fuck these dick heads in the comments.


    Couldn't you just edit the meaningless parts out?

  • Jess

    "search the road leading SOUTH" travels north to search roadpls i just want to watch a long video without commentary and this is just so frustrating, we need more videos like this but with someone who can actually play the game

  • Omar Aashour

    You are one of the worst skyrim players I've seen. You don't know how to favorite weapons and spells, can't use the gps and instead you have to look at the map constantly.

  • TC Meric TENSI

    Why don't you use favorites? And you shake the camera too. I started to feel sick

  • veranya2074

    How the hell u finished all DB quest but still in level 12? Btw thanx for upload

  • Grey

    Love the gameplay, i think i almost died laughing when you stole the horse and the other horse was chasing you down xD.

  • Tristen Davis

    and how did you go from lvl 12 to 225 in one room?!?

  • Arthur Jones

    And that battle-axe is waaayyyyy to slow,....go with swords or better yet.....make a daedric sword.

  • Turner B

    Question, if I buy the DLC, do I need the game? I'd rather just play the DLC

  • HitmanWC

    is there an option to turn the subtitles off?

  • CsgoFeelsGoodMan

    We have the same stuff even tho I’m a couple years lateAlso I got my daedric at 71 how the hell are you 12

  • MakFilms

    Whats up bro, you subscribed to me a while ago, and something happened and you were gone XD all I came here to say is, give me another chance to entertain you ;* I just uploaded a brand new video and maybe you might givet that a shot. if not, I understand bro, just keep doing you :D

  • Wendy Sauvageau

    Could cut time Down if you took out needless running scenes

  • Arthur Jones

    Just to let you know....arrows carry no weight!

  • Ser Ser

    Why do you use only power attacks

  • Catrin Öhrn

    Man i cheat a lot but this guy is worse

  • James Daly

    Level 12 with full Daedric armor?

  • Jacob Williams

    am i the only one who saw the level 12 to level 88 jump

  • Zar'oc Thendan

    A lot of people use mods and cheats when they play skyrim on the PC I bet even someone here in the comment section uses cheats and mods. So those people have no right to complain if he cheats.

  • Tristen Davis

    when you were in that room full of undead uglys there was a word wall because you chould hear chanting

  • Baby J

    You seriously didn't edit out the scene where you were attacking the keeper and stepping to the wall every second? Wtf

  • Gabriel&Mary Smith


  • Miles Lewis

    What about the Dawngaurd weapons if you refuse the offer? As well the vampire powers if you choose to join?

  • MakFilms

    Greaty amazing video bro :D

  • OverlyCaffeinated Squirrel

    Why don't I ever open stone coffins to find sexy ass vampire chick.

  • no one

    You join the vampires but they still try to kill you that mkes no sense

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