Skyrim: Yet Another 10 Tiny Details That You May Still Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 28)

Skyrim is a massive game, loaded with hundreds of Easter Eggs, secrets and tiny details many of us player may have missed. However, even six years after The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim’s initial release, many are still unknown to much of the community. So today, we’ll be taking a look at yet another ten tiny details you may still have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5:
  • Frenzied Ferret

    It is the year 2180. Nate has just uploaded Ten Tiny Details number 1000. He has finally completely lain Skyrims secrets bare. He instantly dies, mission done, all organs failing spontaneously.

  • VictoriumStudios 77

    A missed opertunity in Skyrim is not being able to Join the Silverhand after learning Farkus is a Werewolf

  • Katrina Caliente

    Just when I thought it would be over you find something else. Next episode: "the sound of your shout changes depending on your race"

  • VictoriumStudios 77

    Never Ending Series on Youtube...1. Top 10 Details you may have missed in Skyrim2. 101 facts 3. AngryJoe Show

  • Jesse H.

    HEY Nate. Pronunciation guy here.Just wanted to say I'm damn proud of you for saying "suffice it to say" instead of the increasingly common and WRONG "suffice to say."And you thought YOUR details were tiny XP


    I want to write something funny to get top comment, but I can't think of anything funny.

  • Zachary Fluke


  • Nurbo566

    general tullius: Hadvar! What happened at Helgen?Hadvar: I've never experienced anything so scary in my life..general tullius: what? The dragon?Hadvar: no this was before the dragon.general tullius: what, what happened before the dragon attack?Hadvar: there was a male nord prisoner.... He wasn't on the list. So I asked him his name.general tullius: what, was he one of those daedra or something?Hadvar: he just stood there, silent, And he was changing races and colors right before my eyes!general tullius: Huh? What are you talking about?Hadvar: Im never working executions ever again...

  • Aidan Juarez

    1,2,3,4 I’ve never got a heart before

  • Desperado Davee

    When you should ever run out of details.... Just go on with 10 Tiny Details in Oblivion ^^

  • Huskee

    The reach: existsForsworn: it's free real estate

  • TheSarcasmSquid

    Hey Nate, did you know that you can sit on Karstaag's throne after killing him, which gives you a unique sitting animation?


    Nate- murder you to deathGrenolf-oyfumEso-get rekt

  • XxxSector ZeroxxX

    I closed Pronhub for thiscan I get a like, dad?

  • Matthew Sly

    I feel like we're running out of tiny details. The next video will probably include "look how this rock is a slightly different shade from every other rock in the game"

  • MajorMoron

    It´s kinda depressing, if you think about it: a greybeard can make the whole mountain shake with a mere whisper, but you, the dragonborn, the strongest voice user this on Nirn, can just fling around a few people by shouting at the top of your lungs... Shouts are severly underpowered in Skyrim! #makethethuumgreatagain

  • YangarooGaming/ Nerdiebates

    Elder Scrolls 6 releases on the same day as "More tiny details you might not have noticed in the Elder Scrolls 5 part 637"

  • Gamer Golden Gecko

    Am I the only one anxiously waiting for the 20384746473974728 tiny details you missed in TES VI?

  • Ericbaum

    Actually you can use just about any spell to trigger traps/runes. Same goes with Arrows.

  • Spoonk

    I’m kind of early (not really),so here’s something I found.If you’re on the main screen, and you use a teleportation command (i.e “coc Riverwood”) you will be able to teleport, and you will be wearing the same armor and weapons as the Dragonborn in the trailer!Additionally, if you travel to Helgen, you will find Hadvar and Ralof fighting! Helgen is also not destroyed, though all houses cannot be entered, except for one, titled “Helgen Homestead” , and inside is just a floating bench and bed.I found this very interesting, and I don’t think many people know this.

  • Jose Aragon

    That wolf at 5:57 lol.

  • Jenna SKYRIM

    I always love to play skyrim and sometimes I try to build a background to the character and stress out about it and go back and restart all the time to make a new one😂

  • KillerGymSox

    All of these people competing for top comment. I avoid being a spectacle so people don't know I have a small pee pee.

  • Swangin_Hams Z

    I still play Skyrim and wow so much thinz I haven’t noticed and I’m a veteran in Skyrim v

  • burger lord

    legend says nate will still find tiny details in Skyrim after his death

  • burger lord

    after half a decade people are still maurdering each other to death in skyrim

  • • MuffSnuffler44 •

    I heard that if you murder the comments to death, there's a chance you can get pinned by Nate

  • Johnny Walker

    To hell traps dont do damage i was playing as an immortal immune to all attacks was killed by log ram in nord ruin

  • Klye Dragonborn

    I've got an Idea for you Mr.TheEpicNate315, Oblivion: 10 Tiny Details That You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 4?

  • Kaylee Downey

    "it's a good thing they don't talk as loud as I do"😂😂😂

  • AciD

    If you keep making video like this, I'm going to start to think I only did half of the game.

  • Emily Vergin

    280 tiny details so far, not including any honorable mentions...woah.

  • Nyan Cat

    S K Y R I M I S A B I G G A M E.

  • MoaisNotmyname

    It's always such a pleasure to see a new video from you Nate!

  • Liraaell

    Honestly if Alduin wanted to destory the whole world, he should've just jumpscared one of the Greybeards...

  • Dovahkiin

    dont want to be rude nate, or see this as an expansion but you can trigger runes with any type of Projectiles... Just saying... nice video by the way, i enjoy this series a LOT! thanks for that!

  • ĎJ Męëńį

    Pin this comment to boost my ego and get a temporary high

  • Fudge Benefits

    I always walk up to Ulfric's throne on the table.

  • Brahmes

    At the begining of the game Ralof says he liked a girl called Vilod yet if you spawn the npc Vilod they are a male


    I like your videos because you actually sound that you like the game lately it feels like youtubers have been nitpicking this game to the bone

  • Mylene Clair Mase

    Wait, I thought greybeards will always say "dovahkiin" to you when u complete the ceremony?

  • Reptix Bra

    LoL that Wolf at 5:56 xD

  • Slurky Kirky

    I can’t believe it’s now part 28

  • Johan Larsen

    Nr. 5 also works with destruction spells, even low level ones.Thanks for another great video!

  • Jean-François Brien

    50 views.... 100 likes... what sorcery is this !!!

  • ToasTyourThroaT

    Hey Nate! A small little detail in hanningbrew meadery. Under Sabjorns (the owner of Hanningbrew) bed there is bowl with Black-Briar mead in it, his competitor! just noticed this about 20 minutes ago during the thieves guild questline.

  • Daniel Manning

    At this point, I think I missed about half the game xD

  • t1ber

    Hey I think I kinda found smth and It has to do with merchants and ores and stuff not sure but I think you can manage a bit how much ore they have by the items you sell them maybe someone can investigate that

  • Freemason


  • Savannah Ligon

    Also, how horses swim super adorably and you can watch them kick underwater

  • Huskee

    8:55 Are they smashing on the side of the road??

  • Misty M.P.


  • ChloeHolt

    Did u know after you kill victoria vici on the quest bound until death you can visit the catacombs and in an unmarked coffin you can find victoria vicis stuff and also were her headress and wedding shoes

  • Koelkastkip

    at the first few episodes i knew most of them but at this point i keep discovering new things becuase of you

  • David Harder

    I feel obligated to point out that it's not just the Magelight spell that can set off traps. Any projectile/spell seems to do the trick.

  • SamaelMindbreaker

    You can deactivate runes by casting any spell at them, it does not have to be Magelight, just cast your ol' good trusty fireball at the rune and it will do the trick.

  • Sara Tomac

    Here is a detail i just recently discovered: In Whiterun, some of the larger buildings have dragon heads carved into the roofs, but The Bannered Mare has a horse head instead of a dragon

  • ducky momo

    murdering people to's neither here nor there.👌

  • Mustafa Sheikh

    I subscribed to this channel prolly a week ago and I can’t understand why I like this channel... probably because of how many little things in Skyrim there are

  • Robin Andersson

    Well so I just watched all 27 episodes without any breaks and also yes I do mean 27 episodes cuz there's no part 5 xD

  • Andrew Christiansen

    If you get the opportunity Fus Ro Dah a perfectly set up table and just watch.

  • lia

    i feel as though my love for your channel will eventually murder me to death <3

  • Dr. Virus 129

    0:27 - When you see your ex with your crush.

  • Joe Nesvick

    Even arrows & bolts don’t seem to trigger those traps. I may light the place up for combat, but sneaking with the one ring mod is great. Light can ruin sneaking, unless it involves Falmer.

  • Yandere Sama

    MORE TINY DETAILS?!?!?!?COOL!!!!!WAIT I AM FIRT FOR ONCE!!!!😮COOLPART 29 PLZI just love these vids!!Wait Did that sound sarcastic????IT ISN'T SARCASIM OK!!!!!!Ikr we all know and love the bandits hahahahhahahhahah LolWell I know and hate the bandits unless they are not the boring and natural banditsHey Horses are supposed to climb up cliffs Well my horses are just like:"NOPE "Ikr Skyrim players don't care I run over all the furniterSomeone walks into my house without taking there shoes of and eats my foodMe:"WHAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!!!GET OUT GET OUT!!!!"I go crazy and attack the jarlNo one caresI Attack the stewardEveryone attacks meMe:"WHAT THE HECK YOU SAY NO ATTACKING THE JARL AND LET ME ATTACK HIM BUT I ATTACK THE STEWARD AND YOU ACT LIKE YOU TOLD ME NOT TO!!!!!"

  • Henry Sorensen

    This channel has got me back into playing skyrim again after a 2 year hiatus and i love it more than ever!!!

  • The Bismarck

    I got two tiny details, one is if you do the mission where you have to side with the red guard woman or the alik'r during that mission I went south to the cave you are supposed to go too, but on the road I saw two alik'r soldiers harassing a red guard woman which then I sided with the red guard woman which I was going to side with the alik'r. The next is, that during the same mission you go to the jail to free the soldier or whatever for him to talk for you to find the cave the leader is at, so I paid his bounty but I got confused how to let him out so I tried pickpocketing keys from the guards I finally figured out that u need to tell the alik'r prisoner, then he yells for him to get him out of there, well the guard said "well I can't find my key its going to take a while" and I laughed and thought how much detail they put into Skyrim.

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