Skyrim Mod: Artifacts of Boethiah

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Artifacts of Boethiah

Nir Shor's fanstastic Musical Lore mod -
CC BY 3.0 -

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  • Art-FFD

    That dance at the end was the most horrifing so far.

  • Rakashin7

    It's not named "Immersive Artifact Quest"?No endorsement for you.

  • House Dagoth

    Bad memories of trying to figure out how to get Eltonbrand in Morrowind. Damn you Bethesda!

  • Kriizelia

    That dagger looks like my mom's kitchen knife, no kidding

  • Migel the sloth

    Guys have you seen the sumerset isle mod that came out of nowhere on the nexus? You HAVE to feature it!

  • Brodual

    It's taking unusually long to process to 1080p60, but it should be done soon! :)

  • Oliver Dekens-True

    The Goldbrand/Eltonbrand is a reference to the easter egg weapon in Morrowind of the same name about one of the developers favourite NBA players called Elton Brand. The sword Goldbrand could be turned to the Eltonbrand if the player started the quest Shashev's Key (reference to the NBA player's coach Krzyzewski which is pronounced similarly) and had exactly 11171 septims (a reference to the developer's date of birth).

  • Morogoth

    Please review "Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim" and "Summerset Isles".

  • Big Deano Plays

    Just so folks know, the goldbrand and eltonbrand meshes from this mod were also added to Legacy if the Dragonborn, with blessings from frankfamily of course ;) Great spotlight guys as always!

  • Adam Wiley

    but eltonbrand was an easter egg

  • It Must Be RoofCake

    I would love to see an Umbra quest/weapon mod.Clavicus is my favourite daedric prince.

  • }**{ \_[•-•]_/

    In Morrowind the only way to get Eltonbrand is by doing a bunch of complicated thing, one of witch is having only 11000 gold in your inventory and in this mod Eltonbrand is worth 11000 gold witch I think is well done on the mod's creators part

  • Inquisitor Shadowlord

    The mod is now call Artifacts The Ten Blood Tournament

  • Dreadboat

    do some steam workshop mods PLEASE

  • Adebayo Akinfenwa

    Do he new summerset isles mod

  • Ramsey Bolton

    +Brodual U should review RGX the redguard expension exotic DLC Mod for skyrim!!!

  • Necasary Coot

    redo legacy of the dragonborn it just finish updating

  • Josh Funnell

    What is that intro music called? I still haven't found it after months of searching

  • YuriMasterRace

    "Lore-friendly Immersive Daedric quest of immersion"On a serious note, these items looks detailed as hell

  • Wolfie McFox

    this NEEDS to be ported to XBone

  • Justin Tamblyn

    You sir, do a fantastic job

  • Exe Aybar

    Great! This mod makes me want to reinstall Skyrim :D

  • Dharmesh Mistry

    Wait so goldbrand ALREADY has that amazing blade effect?

  • Leto85

    Nice addon for the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod.

  • Demon Rap Artist

    These mod quests are amazing!

  • KingBoi_OSW

    Immersive quest 2: electric boogaloo

  • Der Kaiser

    If he would make THIS for the other deadra that i'd be amazing

  • Anancy-9

    important question, did this add eltonbrand?

  • Anderson scott

    Lore, Yeah... Honestly I only know the races lore.

  • Evan W

    Can you do some player homes like a tree house or something

  • MonsterGames063

    Wow i'm really early! Now i'm just waiting for the "First" comments.

  • Evyatar Arbell

    can you please do more replacer mods?

  • Limitless Beast

    199,999 views I am the 200,00th DOPE!

  • Zoolander -

    Big fan of your work!I agree with one of the commenters below, if it works for you, could you feature the new DLC-sized mod in Summerset Isles?Thanks! Keep up the excellent work!

  • Pikalika

    My god that shield looks sick! Great mod review

  • CaronDriel

    Artifacts that actually look and FEEL like artifacts? That's new for Skyrim. Good.

  • Levi Elsbury

    Please tell me what visual mods you are using now :)

  • CyberNinjaZero

    I completely missed this upload

  • Elizabeth Langston

    Why is this not on Xbox 😭

  • Howls with Wolves

    Hey Brodual,thank you for all the great mod reviews!!In my opinion you do it the best way, kind of like objectively, which is a nice touch ;) ;)Great Job!!!I got a request:Could you do a mod comparison of"Better Vampires" vs. "Vampiric Thirst" ?That would be cool!!!Have fun and keep gaming :)P.S. ........... AND / OR a top ten Vampire (maybe Werewolf) mod video would be great too ;)

  • Flipendo

    Will you cover Ordinator?

  • Tyler McIntosh

    You should do a modded play through.

  • Carlos Ceballos

    Aguante The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited

  • beastMode Naz

    I installed the mod and got the quest, however the first location won’t show up for me

  • Caa129

    Damn this mod looks awesome. The fire shield blocking is suuuuper awesome :D

  • StrawberryJuice Knight

    Would you consider working on a spotlight for Summerset Isle?

  • Finn Driessen

    I thought hungers where from the Shivering Isles?

  • Billy Casssdy

    the book wasn't even there!

  • RuSosan

    Great mod no doubt, but I don't fancy being a Daedra's puppet.Don't much fancy the idea that these "gift"-weapons and armors might one day betray their user either.

  • fat Man

    Brodual I know it takes a while to make these videos but you have to do videos on the following three mods that all came out recentlyOrdinator - awesome perk overhaul without the skyproc patchers that cause so many problems Summerset Isles - a dlc sized expansion mod that takes place in the mysterious Altmer homelandRedguard expansion - this mod takes place on an exotic island with various quests and guilds

  • Hunter Lucas

    ha! im surprised that the video had 40 veiws in the first three min of upload... then again... this is a skyrim channle and a damn good one!

  • noobsmustdie453

    This mod looks really awesome! New quest mods are always welcome- I'm running out of vanilla content.

  • AggroRono

    What mod was used to make that awesome dragon? 1:38

  • Theo Hockey

    Hows the voice acting in the quest mod?

  • The Nuker

    Technically the Eltonbrand isn't lore friendly, given it's a reference to a basketball player that whatshisname likes, the CEO of bethesda I think, at least the squeaky voiced dude who's always at conventions.

  • KhasAdun

    Every time I see something like this I SOOO regret not playing Morrowing. I'm still waiting for Skywind...

  • Afazha H.

    Just what is the mod with the snowy trees?

  • Ynus Brke

    what name is your tree mod?

  • Bennett

    I hope this comes to consoles

  • Master Chief

    Goldbrand is actually available in vanilla game too

  • do you see me? well, you can't cuz i can't see you

    I ship Molag Bal and Boethiah lol.

  • Cole Jenkins

    Looks very high quality. Has pretty much everything I would look for in a mod

  • JokzLegend

    Lyrisius' daggers = Assassinsblade from Dishonored? Anyone?

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