Skyrim - How to find the Nahkriin Dragon Priest Mask

This is a guide to finding the "Nahkriin" Dragon Priest Mask in the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Enjoy!
  • John Mapile

    HAHAHAHAHA i just ran to the portal i never thought he have the mask :C

  • pidgeotto 171

    God dammit i didnt relize i couldnt go back:(

  • Myles PM

    Wow i missed this one, its the last mask i needed aswell. When i i saw him next to the portal i just thought fuck that and jumped straight through.

  • Marcus Pitts

    What bothers me is the face that no one defeated and grabbed it in the first place? Why run away? There are only 8 in the game and there's one of them. But to answer every ones question, NO you can not go back. That was your one opportunity. Well on the Ps3 or Xbox 360 anyways.

  • Veskekaana

    Is it any way that i can get the mask after i have done the main storyline??

  • Sheldon Cooper

    thats a really short quest ;)

  • Captain Kuijt

    Nakhriin los lozdaar wah Morokei, membrah hi dreh ni nuft hin zaan tolsek stav. Ahrk nii los easier wah gaav Morokei, hi dreh ni lost wah dreh 6 omaar kalah.

  • Master Jake

    Well I suck... I just ran and I couldn't even defeat a death lord now 200 saves later here I am without the mask

  • Guilherme Frasson

    Which quest does this follow to go there? the main quest? Cause the quest that I am right know is to read the Elder scroll (which I think it bugged out because idk where to read it says blackreach but its fucked up, the mark is floating in a front door...) Please help :p


    Are you shitting me? I already beat this, but never got the mask...... Doomed

  • I am Edn

    I have done that mission ages ago and I dont have the mask thats the last one I need what do I do

  • Junior 21

    whats the first quest i have to do in order to get to this one

  • Z Revolution

    how do you start this quest

  • 34bluez

    Stephen, you can't go back. And Odahviing says to get to Skuldafn you need the wings of a dovah, well if you go to the Dwarven Ruin in Eastmarch high on the mountains it is right infront of Skuldafn, Skuldafn is right behind the mountain. I made it all the way up the mountain and if there were no invisible wall I could have ran down the mountain and reached Skuldafn. ODAHVIINGS LOGIC IS SCREWED!

  • Ethan McKie

    Okay, so I've already beat the main story line but I didn't about the mask so I never picked it up. is there any way for me to go back for it?

  • Waveygodp

    They should make an update to have a second chance to do so

  • RØSE

    I lost mine for some reason, i did obtain it during the main questline and i used it for a while. Then i put it in a chest in Breezehome (just like Krosis and Wooden Mask) and i lost them all, does anyone know why?

  • KyleTheCookie.

    skrubz didn't 360 noscope him at least my mask looks cool ~puts on mask with swag glasses~

  • Nive s

    "GLaDOS is waiting with cake" Lol

  • Krsitian Garcia

    wow i have every dragon mask besides this one...wonderful...

  • RoccoDelTaco

    oops had a bounty and could not pay for it bcz my ebony mail was dealing damage, its all good now

  • Darthnoobslayer

    When you go to Skuldafn for the main storyline quest, pick up the Nahkriin mask. Once you leave Skuldafn, you can't return

  • Darthnoobslayer

    When you sell stuff to the NPC, after a certain amount of time, that item is gone. If you get there before that time, then they should still have it. I think that time frame is about 2 days, not sure though

  • Darthnoobslayer

    You can't do console commands on the Xbox as far as I know

  • Darthnoobslayer

    @28Dawgs it is during the main storyline yes

  • Darthnoobslayer

    @DerpyCatfish Glad I could help, please let me know if there is anything else I can help with. Thanks for watching

  • Darthnoobslayer

    Skuldafn can only be accessed during the quest "The World-Eater's Eyrie", if you have already left, there is no way to return without using console commands. If you are on PC you should be able to spawn the mask using the code 00061CA5

  • Darthnoobslayer

    The main campaign storyline

  • Darthnoobslayer

    Pretty much unless you use the console commands to spawn it in

  • Darthnoobslayer

    Not without using a glitch/hack/exploit or the command console on PC

  • Darthnoobslayer

    @brenno1141 Nightingale gloves

  • Darthnoobslayer

    Are you asking if Nahkriin will be there after you come out of the portal if you didn't kill him?

  • Jordan Montes

    How do you get the the quest

  • TheGamebusterMarc

    I see you're wearing the Masque of Clavicus Vile. Nice one for not killing the doggie.

  • Smile2Smokie

    tb more precise: player.additem 00061ca5 1

  • PRIME Kicks

    If I defeat Alduin can I still get it?

  • King Kirby

    I defeated him without main quest like so he can see

  • pink slip mf any class

    in this I got vokuns mask

  • PillsburyDopeBoy


  • PillsburyDopeBoy

    this didn't help me at all, i need to get the mask but i have finished the quest, i need a way/HELP to get the mask afetr the quest is done! PLEASE HELP US!!!!!! (that have finished the quest but need the mask)

  • PillsburyDopeBoy


  • evTom14

    I found it accidently, wasent even gonna pick it up til I realised what it was lol

  • paperhat

    thx i beat this this quest and didnt kill nahkriin and i couldnt get back to savangarud i didnt know i had to be on the great porch to call the dragon : )

  • XecutiveKilla

    does this have to be in main storyline?

  • DTpower87

    i got all dragon mask but not this one can i get to that place without the dragon?

  • Stephen Ratcliffe

    I didn't kill him how do you go back!!!

  • Ben Peterson

    But what if you done completed that quest but don't have the mask

  • brenno gazal

    what is the name of your glove

  • Harris

    this is the last dragon questline mission

  • Matthew Tetreault

    How does one obtain the call dragon shout


    If I sold it, can I get it back??

  • Weaponservice RE

    what will happen if i didnt kill him? and i want to go back after hm can i still kill him and find him ?


    dude you need to slow this video down

  • Patrick Murphy

    I skipped him :( anyways of getting back any reply would help thanks

  • PillsburyDopeBoy

    what if you have forgot the mask can you load back get the mask, travel to the place where you put the masks, then can I travel back and it still being there? or can i find him again?

  • Colin Evans

    Is that part of the main storyline or do you have to find him?

  • josh staab

    i didnt get to see the dude get taken off the balcony because a courier came up to me and he forced me to turn around to talk to him

  • icanrapfast

    is there any other way to get to skuldafn after the main story line?

  • Janbiekens1

    how do yuo do that with xbox?

  • william darr

    how do u activate this quest????

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