Skyrim - Top 5 Husbands

Well, look what the horker dragged in.. Here, I list my Top 5 Husbands in Skyrim. This one is without husband mods, and is a response to my Top 5 Wives. Some of these are also female followers, and have their own female mods or armor. I've also done other Skyrim secrets, much like secret enemies and secret locations, as well as Skyrim theories.

Since I'm on PC, I love the Skyrim new mods. There are quest mods and follower mods that are outstanding. They definitely make looking for secret quests, or coming up with your own fan theory, or discovering sad deaths a lot more fun.

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  • Arin Santry

    "if these ruins frighten you, take comfort in the idea that I am here"i love marcurio so much

  • Ryan Watt

    when I married Vilkas I was horrified to see he became.... NICE.... He even smiled at me! It was HORRIFYING.... 😲😨😰😱😵

  • HotaruRed

    Farkas is my favorite though. Farkas might not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he is a cinnamon roll.

  • Michigan: :Garnet

    Girls cant always wait for their knight in shining armor, sometimes that idiot is stuck up in a tree...or stuck in Darkwater Pass.

  • Atsuo Hyuga

    " ... and also a few dudes " That's awesome. You go dude much respect.

  • Mary Sanders

    TBH I probably would've married Onmund, but then I became the Arch-Mage of the College and it felt weird to marry one of my students....

  • Lion

    0:22 "Let's get into him."You sly dog (;

  • Elain Palinski

    Top 5 Husbands:1. Graenolf2. Graenolf3. Graenolf4. Graenolf5. Graenolf~

  • Marc

    I think it's really dope that a male YouTuber is doing a Top Five Husbands video for Skyrim, thanks man!

  • MelonMuzikNOM

    My friend and I became sisters-in-law through Skyrim. I married Farkas and she married Vilkas

  • PeanutButterZombie00

    The worst part about Marcurio is that he loses all his sass once his balls are in his lady's coin purse. I really wish Skyrim companions had been more like Fallout 4 companions. I mean, there's always Serana, but after a while, all that complaining about the weather makes you start thinking about holy water and sharp stakes.

  • Lady Marmalade

    I really like this list. A lot of people who make these lists about Skyrim spouses tend to focus on stuff like houses and stats, but you focused on the characters, which is what I do in my game. I marry someone I actually like.

  • Magical Jellyfish

    I almost spit out my coffee a few times while watching this. Tbh Graenolf, you should have put yourself on the list, your voice leaves everyone with weak knees ;)

  • mimikki12

    "Maybe one day he'll let you play with his staff.." I WAS DRINKING AND THIS JUST MADE ME SPAT WATER EVERYWHERE THANKS

  • Kay •

    Onmund was my first husband because I found it great that he was appalled by nearly everything.

  • KingDoopliss20

    good list, but farkas is better than vilkas. farkas is a big old teddy bear.

  • draconity

    Tbh, my favorite is modded Brynjolf. Why they didn't make him a marry option I will never know.

  • Madeleine PH

    Onmund is all fun and games till you take off that hood. That hair should be illegal.

  • Rowan Darnell

    i was expecting this to be more about which ones were hottest but this was like... genuinely nice? 10/10 good husband review

  • Justice Coulam

    I actually married Onmund a long time ago, and then I watched this video and was like "#1! HELL YEAH, THAT'S MY HUSBAND"

  • Panda Lovett

    Marcurio is my favourite vanilla follower but I hardcore regret marrying him because his awesome dialogue gets replaced with boring wife dialogue

  • Sarek KandaRikuLover

    I'm grateful that you gave a shout-out to us females in your audience. Great video by the way!

  • Zellyxo

    "lets get into him" i laughed so hard oml

  • Iskandar Awang

    im the "few dudes" that he mentioned...;0

  • Anna Thingboe

    I think Derkeethus will always be one of my favorite characters in the game, because he seriously sounds so sassy and sarcastic a lot of the time and I love it. He almost sounds annoyed as well and it's hilarious. Has no one noticed that? Plus he can't die, which is always nice.

  • Lulu Osborn

    Lizard husband is definitely #1. Unmodded, he's a bit glitchy but he's also immortal and the only vanilla follower who can (almost) properly dual-wield, so that's helpful. Argonian males also definitely have some of the best voice acting in the game, which is a big plus.When it comes to Vilkas vs Farkas, I think I'm on Team Farkas. Again though, I think it comes down to better voice acting for me.

  • Jayden B

    "Like for sex!" that was great!

  • Possum Noodle Soup

    ", Like for SEX!". Cicero finds this amusing!

  • tommytittle1992

    woohoo mercurio is on the list. ive played skyrim 3 times and each time I chose him. I remember my mum watching me marry him, I was a male khajit and hes a male mums face was something else 😂😂

  • Lonesome Dove

    #1 made me laugh " he might even know some tricks that other Nords don't, for sex."

  • faiaflrt

    Balimund. He's an older guy, but he's already taken one orphan under his wing, so you know he'll be good to your kids. There's also a mod called Friendly Brynjolf, that lets you marry Bryn and enlist him as a follower after the main thieves guild quest. Combine this with Males of Skyrim, and he's the best "vanilla" husband in the game. I took him with me to Elsewyr via the Moonpaths for our honeymoon, after which he stayed in Honeyside and looked after the guild and the girls.

  • Jonathan Hughes

    Argis. The Bulwark. Like, for realz.

  • BulletTooth504

    Most people who have a brother will say something along the lines of brains not being their strong suits.

  • Inger Garcia, Esq.

    Two-handed can come in handy

  • Silent Song

    I married Marcurio because he was the closest guyHonestly he's pretty rad

  • MoonMoonScoot

    Aaaaayyyy thanks for acknowledging us dudes with Skyrim husbands. That said, we all know Torvar is where is at. I can join him in drink and we can and kill our livers together. Romance.

  • Psyche's Rose

    Love how you include include the personalities of each of the characters. Most of these top skyrim spouses lists I've found only give the stats, and I'm definitely more of a role-player.

  • softwords_havepower

    Tbh Brynjolf is great👌. Same with Cicero and the Thalmor Elf in Markarth. Sadly, non of them are marriable, so I settle for Farkas.

  • Shimatori Gaming

    Marcurio is best husband. He talks shit to you even after you marry him.

  • Rose Darlin'

    Marcurio's adorable - I wouldn't want any other husband in the game. I always have him by my side. The only problem is that he hardly speaks after marriage! All of his witty lines are lost, so it's best to keep him as a follower rather than a spouse.

  • Gail Olm

    Though he unfortunately can't be married, Teldryn Sero has been my companion for 26 levels (306 hours game time). He's a powerful spellsword, intelligent, thoughtful, and sassy. He's one fine looking Dunmer once the Chitin Helm is removed. He's got swords, spells and a few other tricks up his sleeve. He's full of surprises. Indeed he's worth every coin. ;)

  • marian mccrorie

    FARKAS. I always start a game intending to go a different route, perhaps Vilkas this time? But Farkas has me heart. yes I'm a girl.

  • like button

    I'm part of that few dudes aka gay

  • pumpkinwolf

    Teldryn Sero is sadly not available to marry. Perhaps if I paid him more...

  • Gina Merino

    I wish I could marry either Ulfric or Bryjolf

  • Railey Grinder

    I like the way you talk Graenolf

  • Nameless Goddess

    I love marcurio, staff has definitely been played with hehe

  • Fae Kerr

    lmao i screamed when i saw Derkeethus because he was literally the first person I ever married in Skyrim

  • Panda Lovett

    Marcurio is my favourite follower because he has so much unique and hilarious dialogue so I regretted the playthrough I married him because it replaces his dialogue with the marriage dialogue.

  • Toxic Fear

    "And to be fair to all the beautiful women on this channel"You mean, every woman besides me?

  • Ayser Xo

    Thanks for shouting out the gays

  • Yolanda Blake

    You seriously have the best voice.

  • Christine Knight

    Onmund was my husband, so seeing him as number 1 made me incredibly happy :)

  • Ezra of the Rift

    I had marcurio in riften as my husband and for some reason he attacked me along side my housecarl...

  • Wooden Guineapig

    Farkas waaay better than Vilkas

  • Devine Organ

    "Maybe he'll let you play with his staff"I mean come on, that was a low hanging branch and you know it (that's how it's done ;)

  • Chichi

    Quintus is the best of the lot. Decent guy. Faendal is also very sweet, probably the best guy in the game (loyal to the end - "What do you want me to carry?), but too bad he's not marriageable (Camilla Valerius is the love of his life and I wouldn't want to get in the middle of that anyway). Now on the other side of the spectrum, that elven asshole Ondolemar is a total prick, but the accent and snootiness can be a bit of a turn on (not marriage material though, sorry). A shame he isn't an option (and pretty much none of the Altmer men as far as I can tell) when it comes to marriage in the game, but I'm pretty sure there are quite a bit of females and some guys on here that would want to marry him.

  • Storme's Gameplay

    my fav husband is Scouts-Many-Marshes

  • Shinx07

    Gotta admit, I married the dude named Rogi Knot-Beard. Thought he was rugged and cute! It was super funny though because after we were married I went to live with him (it was super early in the game - had no house in Whiterun yet) and Rogi's home? It's the mine. I KID YOU NOT. I LIVED IN A HOLE IN THE GROUND WITH SEVERAL OTHER PEOPLE. I didn't wanna move after that, but Markarth has a special place in my heart.

  • Madison Gordon

    I wish Brynjolf would love me...

  • beep beep

    Im with Scouts many-marshes. He is the sweetest argonian ever! An I just love argonians so

  • FelineArcher3

    I was yelling for Marcurio to be one of the five, bc I absolutely love him and when he said number two is Marcurio I was screaming YES!!!

  • kousetsuhana

    Marcurio is my fave. He won me over with his lines. "I am a wizard, not a pack mule! Oh, very well, but make quick""If you ever get scared, take comfort in the knowledge I am here"He's a hoot! :)

  • Dark Pariah

    Glad to see a Nord topped the list. It's like the old saying. "Once you go Nord, you'll always be onboard."

  • ToadWasTaken

    "Like for sex"I'm bawling

  • Cookies R us

    I always marry Marcurio. So does my sibling. it's really funny because he glitches out ALL THE TIME xD

  • Akira Bazanov

    My favorite skyrim husband is Ghorbash the Iron Hand. He might not the the most handsome of all your choices.. But he is strong. And he doesn't complain about the bloody cold all the time!And if you ask him, how the childrens are doing. He tells you that the house is perfect for the childrens, cause they're gonna grow big and strong in no time.

  • UniDraGuine

    if only brynjolf was an option xD

  • Nathaniel Soss

    I've married both Marcurio and Onmund, quality choices my friend.

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