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Skyrim’s rich world is abundant in things to do, people to meet and quests to take up. However, the vast experience The Elder Scrolls 5 offers players, also has no shortage of unsolved mysteries. Even seven years later, many of Skyrim’s greatest unexplained happenings and stories remain just that, unexplained. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more unsettling mysteries you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

    A mystery that needs to be addressed is how no one has killed Nazeem before you show up in Whiterun. Like somehow people kept letting him live and I need to know why.

  • Lucien

    Ha! Didn't spook me!

  • MiNT - 742

    don't scare us like that again you ferocious monster 😂

  • Christian Räßler

    0:00 Jumpscare warning. Grab onto your seats, this‘ll spook you!

  • Bailey Blacksmith

    Tod Howard watches your videos every morning when he wakes up.

  • MLD Smithy

    Confirmed; Dwemer were Vault-Tec.

  • Jeffrey Jim

    The biggest unsettling thing about Skyrim is how big of a game it is

  • Dami Fides

    1:38 It even predate the elves that were there. As when Ysgramor arrived there, he asked the elves he had captured as slaves, what that thing was and even them did not know, they even feared it. It can be read about in Songs of the Return, Vol 7 which quote; Once, as the sun beat from its high-home, Jonder the Tiny, the one who ran ahead, came over the hill to tell what was seen. Amidst a vast plain his eyes had met a monument of a bird, whose eyes and beak were opened in flame. When his brothers and sisters crested the hill, they too saw its glory, but they were afraid for no elven settlement could be seen to the horizon. "But this is not seemly," said Kluwe, who went by Loate when hiding his face. "Is not this wide land fit for harvest? Why have not the elves, vile to their cote, seen to exploit and tame it?" They asked of their elven captives (for they had many) what they found unfit about these plains. Yet even the captives who still bore their tongues could say nothing of the valley. They looked with fear at the winged colossus, and from their babblings did the warriors of the Jorrvaskr learn that it was older than even the elves themselves. Of those who wrought it solid from its mother-stone, nothing could be said, but it was known to drive a magic almost as old as the Nirn itself, some remnant of the god's efforts to render a paradise in Mundus before the shattering of Lorkhan.

  • Lebrick Wall

    That jump scare murdered me to death

  • JokeCubed

    I like the theory about Sissel and the Shrine of Akatosh. If Paarthurnax flew to the shrine to pray to Akatosh. He most likely would have done so in the dead of night. If Sissel woke up one night and caught a glimpse of him as he flew over the town, she very well might have believed it was a dream. If you want to take the theory further, you could say that Sissel followed Paarthurnax to the shrine, and spoke to him. Or, I suppose since the dragon voice basically kills people, maybe they found a way to communicate without words, and she read him the "Kolb and the Dragon" book. I can picture Sissel at night, by the Shrine, reading a book to Paarthurnax. Maybe she's actually met him. Who knows?

  • Halvos

    Wait, Dwemer machines like the spiders are ran off soul gems... did... did they enslave the snow elves and change their souls so they could capture them easier?

  • Tommy Arselum

    For tes6, there should be a book and its the dragonborns journal from the menu, i think that would be pretty epic, also a book on the murder of nazeem.

  • Mentlegen

    Don't think you've covered this yet in 10 Tiny Details, but in the Thieves Guild questline when you hunt down Mercer Frey in Irkngthand with Brynjolf and Karliah, Brynjolf says something on the lines of "We can take the low road or the high road." This is a reference to the traditional Scottish song "The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond."

  • Subhan Arif

    Last time I was this early, Sithis was a newborn

  • La Levesque

    Who knows, maybe dragons shed scales like snakes

  • Alexys Hendrickson

    Did you know if you can get around ireleth when you first meet her and go straight to the jarl you will unlock unique dialogue

  • StewNoodle

    5 murders you may have missed, make it happen. 2019.

  • red panda

    He attac He protecBut most importantly he get his sweet roll bac

  • Rogue Gamer117

    Wow intro is too scary for me I’m clicking off.

  • mljh11

    I don't think anyone dug up Vighar. The grave just looks dug up when he escaped following the loss of the ward stone.

  • Graydon Star

    another one is how do Falmer hit you with long distance arrow shots when their completely blind???

  • magicrainbow aids

    Sissel is really a dragonborne.

  • Chris Kamen

    Has anybody tried soul trapping the snow elf that you kill at the end of dawngaurd?

  • Michael Magnone

    One time after I completed the dark brother hood questline a city guard came up to me and said "psst I know who you are hail sithis"

  • dasalphabrot 1337

    Please make a Video about the History of the Dwemer´s (Sorry for my bad English... im German^^)

  • Cory Dorton

    It is possible that the dragon shrine and the little girl or connect it it's possible that 1 day she found the shrine and left her book as an offering and just went there to pray and its parthons Develop some kind of mental link with the girl maybe he felt sorry for and Was communicating with her I mean we know hes not evil and he does have some thympathy for living beings it is possible that he was lonely himself maybe he found a kindred spirit he could communicate with maybe he just felt he knew it was like to be alone in the world and no one was there to help you or talk to you

  • Zunny Kaos

    11:32 There is a waystone used by an orc vampire called Malkus in Forebears' Holdout. In the "Prophet" quest (Dawnguard DLC) he uses it to trap the moth priest in a barrier. Maybe that's where the Falkreath "wardstone" ended up.

  • Ger Vang

    Actually the uesp wiki says that the magic of the wardstone had gotten so weak that it couldn't hold Vhigar anymore.

  • The Universe Arch

    AH!Dammit, Nate! It's not Halloween anymore >:(

  • Grady Battista

    Maybe the blinding fungus was fed to the snow elves as a kind of blindfold so that they can't betray the dwemer by feeding information to anyone outside the place because they don't know where or how to get in or out.

  • JuanMK - variedad

    Love ya videos of Skyrim mate

  • Patrick Price

    If you defeat Durnehviir in the Soul Cairn before killing your first dragon outside Whiterun, he makes mention of you being dovah. They recognize their own. Perhaps Sissel, too, is dragonborn and "the good dragon" notices.

  • Galyan De'Serault

    If the Skyforge is related to Auriel, then it could also be considered the Sun Forge, since Auriel and Akatosh are related to the sun. Giving it a relation to the Lunar Forge

  • Lost Khajiit

    Pin me like you Murder to Death your French girls Nate.

  • John Carter

    what happens if you transform into a werewolf inside harkon castle ?

  • Commander Xananymous

    Today I ask my daughter where is the newspaper and then she says newspaper are for old school folks and we use internet online to read newspaper nowadays so she lend me her iPad to read a newspaper..damn that fly,today he will face my daughter hard iPad

  • Connor Bowersox

    So, were the snow elves just called snow elves, or were they actually called falmer, like the bosmer, altmer, and dunmer?

  • earl smith

    to the vampire on, I have a theory, so in a nearby ruin is a vampire, in the vanilla game before dawnguard came out he was labeled as Volkihar vampire so maybe he released his fellow vampire the ruin is close to falkreath

  • Jax Kitten

    this has probably been said already, but Morrowind lets you know what happened to the dwarves. There's one dwarf left, suffering from the corpus disease. Kagrenac, an inventor or smith of the dwarves, used the weapons Sunder and Keening on Lorkhan's heart. this removed almost every dwarf from all of Tamriel or Nirn. the real question is where they went.

  • Jimmy Hall

    Bethesda. Before the peasants come to burn ya down for fallout 76.. put out TES 6

  • Batman

    The statues are the weeping angels from doctor who

  • Dippy Fresh

    Maybe the Falmer are more like animals now then men

  • RooplesPooples

    I think with the final one there is a possibility that Harkon did it, considering that dlc is canon as if you started the game with it, just because it’s DLC doesnt stop it from being canon in the lore so there is a possibility. It’s like saying Miraak never existed because you didn’t download the Dragonborn DLC.

  • Igor D'umbra

    3:30 don't blink, don't ever blink,blink and you're dead

  • Ethan Lawrence

    How about this What came first the dead chicken or the dead Dragonborn

  • MarcusA Lundy

    What if the stautues in sovinguard are the previous dragonborns whatching over you as you travel through

  • Sarah Smith

    So, I have a loose theory: What if the ward stone wasn't actually stolen? But like misplaced/flung somewhere unknown when our good old werewolf friend wolfed out and murdered that little girl to death? And Vigar crawled out on his own? :0

  • Watchful Native

    It takes a black soulgem to trap a SOUL. Not "black souls"

  • Rick Ω

    The Skyforge is not an eagle, it's not a hawk, it's clearly a bird.

  • Supernova

    Maybe for the quest "dark ansestor" someone was trying to rob the grave and maybe this "ward stone" was a jewel of some sort that was worn by the vampire to keep him "dead" but the grave robber took it off him causing the vampire to awake, slaughtering the robber and somewhat destroying the body

  • Astro rogue 2

    If you be that spoopy again I will literally die

  • GradeDadUnderDad

    I like the idea of The Elder Scrolls 6 falling flat, and people just... Keep playing Skyrim.

  • dldytjq1024

    Next time for intro,Sing us a song

  • Wecoc1

    3:54 In that case maybe they are all breakable somehow, for example using a Fus Ro Dah on them or something like that. In any case they seem to be more important than it looks, they even appear on every Sovngarde concept art.

  • EPIC GAMER 666

    37 views but64 likes OK YouTube

  • bibbobella

    Maybe it wasn't weakened for say but rather..slowly pulled out? Think about it..Why would they want the snowelfs to become blind? Even if it was to avoid them becoming too strong and take that really likely? I mean they couldn't even handle the humans so a bunch of them were already dead way before this happened so were they really a treath? And what would making them blind do? They wouldn't really be very helpful blind now would they? Slaves that can't see aren't especially useful..So..what if the blidning wasn't actually the main point..but their souls were?! Maybe the fungi they ate wasn't to make them blind but was simply a side effect..maybe it made their souls know that the Dwarfs loved playing around with souls and the like..Wouldn't figuring out a way to slowly drain someones soul be pretty damn useful?! Maybe they were testing if it would replenish or maybe it was a way to simply get a lot of soul energy out of a bunch of them at the same time?! I mean they all suddenly disapeared..Even in this universe that seems to take A LOT of energy..just look at the sidequest where that one mage suddenly vanish...There was a huge energy shot and it was using one of the strongest soulgems to do it is partly the reason the dwarfs vanished.

  • Munitia Blastpaw

    "Bethesda clearly put a lot of effort into scripting these objects-"Hold on there, buckaroo. Let's get one thing straight here: Bethesda HAS never, and WILL never, put a lot of effort into scripting ANYTHING.

  • deadasfak

    Is youtube stories anything like instagram and fb stories and deletes what you uploaded in 24hours? If so, please upload them maybe in a compilation at the end of the experiment, because I don't use my phone for youtube (insert obligatory don't you guys have phones joke)

  • Cherry wolf

    with the Akatosh shrine, maybe its so old a person who got dragon scales left them there...?

  • a lesbean

    On the Falmer: Since the Dwemer might've gotten all their souls sucked out to go to their weird machine they were trying to make, isn't it possible that this event affected the Falmer too? Maybe the reason their souls are lesser or common as opposed to black souls now is because part of them got sucked out in the same event that the Dwemer lost theirs in.

  • Danforth Paleontologist

    You didn’t surprise me that much though it caught me off guard as I wasn’t really paying attention and it took me about half the video to realize the surprise at the beginning of the video so, lol.

  • outshriek

    i think the whole mystery about the souls of the falmer experiencing degradation is a little far fetched. it’s probably just something that needed to be done in the game for balancing reasons (especially since there are so many falmer that you can kill with no repercussion).

  • DarkRanger 200

    i have a theory about the dragon scale one because your the last dragonborn in skyrim right so another dragonborn could of done that maybe miraak

  • Kira Killer

    Maven black biar has performed the black sacrament to find out pick pocketed her and find a the keys in inventory take both and go to her house and head to the basement and look for the locked door that requires a key then you shall see a note read it

  • Bel el Escabel

    What of the kid is actually a dragonborn and that's why she has visions?

  • A Tree

    That intro scared me but where is top 10 skyrim trees?

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