Skyrim: 5 More Interesting Characters That Bethesda Removed - The Elder Scrolls 5 Secrets

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim has hundreds, perhaps thousands of colorful characters for the Dragonborn to meet. However, there was actually supposed to be many more characters in Skyrim that Bethesda removed at the last minute, many of which have quite fascinating stories. Many of these characters are apart of Skyrim's cut content, others are test NPCs, regardless, they're still all pretty intriguing nonetheless. So today, we'll be taking a look at five of these interesting removed Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim characters.
  • Matthew Chirino

    I think the greatest removed character is that Talos guy...

  • DeployableMango

    There are cliff racers within multiple clips in the video! Where’s our boy Juib when you need him??

  • jawrabbit

    they removed characters huh must have been those damn elfs

  • Bernler75

    The load dummy might also be the character showed within the loading screen. Hence the name "Load Dummy"

  • Matt Plowright

    I first read it as Lord Dummy xD

  • SoWhatUp

    been nearly 7 years, and you're still finding new things. Great job!

  • technocat5000

    I think Nate has a deal with Hermaeus Mora, how else would he know all of these facts

  • TJ True Justice

    I think it would be funny if someone made a modded character called Nate who acted crazy when encountered, claiming there were tiny details everywhere, cut characters, and hidden easter eggs. Maybe he would even try to convince the Dragonborn they were in a game and that they were controlled by some person through something called technology.

  • Fupa

    ~10 more days for E3 bethesda, on that day the fate of this channel will be decided

  • TheRedDaze

    My brother was singing Ragnar the red in the car today...

  • Alvin

    You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people what have you to say in your defense?

  • thegreatcalvinio


  • Khajiit

    Khajiit appreciate your work!

  • NeRethil Wolfsson

    sees the Load Dummy Hey that's the vampire from the loading screen =D"it may have been put in the game by Bethesda only for testing and wasn't removed"Uh yeah... that... I personally think more that it's the character spawned for the loading screen (I admit, I don't really know how it works)

  • øyvind vego

    i wish bethesda left elder scrolls 6 within skyrims files

  • Warden Cousland

    10/5 odds say that Nate is the developer behind the "Cutting Room Floor" Mod.Edit: I'm gonna be honest, didn't even watch the full video before making this comment (please dont murder me to death) then I heard him talk about the mod. FURTHER EVIDENCE

  • CaughtHerEyes

    Hey guys, welcome back to another 5...... *INHALE*........ Yet Again Even More Extra New Added Spare Additional Fresh Other Surplus......Hidden Details you may....*INHALE*...... Still Possibly Potentially Additionally Likely Presumably Likely..... missed in the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

  • Talen Hurlburt

    Do you get to the cloud district very often? Oh what am i kidding of course you don't.

  • checkmatefurries

    Someone should make a mod with all the deleted characters and quests for them

  • T Ford

    The high elf from the college should of been left, anything to strength that storyline would be a bonus especially when compared with the mages guild from oblivion, saying that the dark brotherhood and theives guild failed in comparison so maybe that was bethesda plan all along for the factions in skyrim, just trying to make the empire appear all that more impressive, the swines

  • Rue B

    2:10 I thought Faida was in a relationship with Gaius Maro? In the DB quest when you assassinate him, before he leaves Dragonsbridge the two talk and they seem pretty close.

  • Neronix17

    The E3 Demo Ork Marauders were likely just for the purpose of showing more armour sets during the demo, it'd look a bit crap if all they showed was the basic fur bandits with iron tier gear.

  • RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles

    skyrim belongs to the nordddddddds! :) #andelves! :)

  • Daken Scholz

    I can't say there's one in particular that I would've liked to have seen. I just want Skyrim to have as many people in it as possible, it's a bit... Empty in vanilla.

  • Asian With a Mask

    Love your videos, Nate. 😁😁

  • faite

    I'm pretty sure that Load Dummy is just the vampire lord that appears in the loading screen. Hence the name Load Dummy :)

  • crimson lord

    I saw the afterlife..... Your ancestors are not smiling upon you,imperials

  • yu-gi-bro 0

    i love skyrim it's so good

  • Amelia Says:

    The load dummy is the fella on the load screen. I think he’s spawned in in a cell of some sort, posing during the load screen. You know the one saying how the get perks when being the vampire lord

  • NoareNoir

    "Murdered to death"

  • MajorMoron

    Nate, you really have a few problems pronouncing the names of Skyrim NPCs...Fa-I-da, not Fadia, Uglarz, not Ulgarz... and so on

  • Ian

    I was chasing the headless horsman but then a dragon attacked ...

  • Whiterun Guard

    Nate, you have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people what say you in your defense? And I order you to pin this comment! 😂🙏please?

  • Matthew Sly

    I used to be a seeker of things people may have missed in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, like you. Then I took an arrow to the knee...

  • Chlozay Lordenie

    I've always wanted that executioners hood, reminds me of the gray fox

  • Tani

    Without my glasses on, I read Load Dummy, as Lord Dummy.

  • Egg

    There is no such thing as "early". You are only on time

  • Mark Icebane

    What if in the elder scrolls 6 there's an epic war of the gods over the dragon borns' soul?

  • Travis Tott

    Everytime I watch one of these videos I just think how much more Bethesda could add to Skyrim. Skyrim could be playable to for at least another 10 years.

  • Meme Papa

    I have a theory since the headsmen were nord they were probably stormcloaks, so I’m thinking instead of killing the leaders of the imperials in the last quest of the civil war questline, you could make them surrender then execute them later

  • Patryk Rogala

    Maybe any of you can help me, I have this memory of Nate showcasing a bandit mod for Skyrim, which added various factions, like bandits who would strip bones off of dead dragons and wear them, but I can't find a mod like that anywhere, nor can I find that in any of Nate's videos. Anybody could help me out here?

  • Erenar Stiria

    Until the end of times, I bet Nate's still gonna make a video about skyrim stuffs.

  • אבהו דלשר

    What's your mod list? Those swords look dope

  • Troper H'ghar

    If the imperial officers were spawned in the game would they wear the imperial officer helmet cause those things are way to rare

  • TheFreak

    I love your videos keep up the good work :D

  • Void123

    FEEDBACK: "murdered to death" isn't funny anymore. Thank you.

  • Septic Markiplite

    OMG IM THE FIRST ONE HERE!!! HI Nate! Love your videos dude, I never knew there was so much I had missed in Skyrim! Please tell me if you see this comment, please! <3 :)

  • Riod0ro

    Hey Nate, would u like to hear an maybe interesting suggestion? How about an ..Top 5 memes?´´

  • Click Bait

    It’s not illegal if you don’t get caught.

  • chad ballentine

    As far as the Nordic executioner after you take over the Imperial City occupied with the Nords that's when he would have came in effect you would have took the place of the Imperials executioner

  • ShawnDon

    Sounds like he's in rhe bathroom with that echo lol

  • Bretton Watts

    Lol it said uglarz no ulgarz

  • Tacomaholic

    6:11 Load Dummy sure took a long time to die to death.

  • Ayo_ Ocho

    You can find marauders corpse in the nightmare quest in dawnstar

  • Large Moose

    I saw the cliff racers and had an a Vietnam flashback. They should stay dead to mod them back into existence will invoke the wrath of Juib

  • Cody Martin

    Tassius' removal seems strange, mainly because there are a myriad of NPCs who really don't have much of a story and are still in the game, but he got cut. With his womanizing ways and leading certain people, there's many ways his story could have gone. I'm thinking Marauder was an unfinished idea. Somebody was like, "Orc only bandits, dressed in orc attire, called Marauders." Someone else responded, "Why? What's the backstory?" and then it got cut because there was no specific reason for it. Merle's removal was probably because his involvement was nil in the story, so instead of having a useless meat shield, they simply deleted him.

  • HidesHisFace

    As for Marauders - there are some bandit groups that are Orcs only in Skyrim already - though other than that, they don't seem to differ from regular bandits. Perhaps bandits and marauders got merged into one at some point in development.Ultimately - if Oblivion is to be any indicator, chances are that Marauders were supposed to be pretty much the same thing as in previous game - a bandit faction with heavy armour and that is about it.This was probably just a scrapped idea, as bandits in Skyrim tend to wear a mix of armours - mostly low level light armours, with occasional heavy. I'm not honestly surprised, because bandits in glass and marauders in daedric became sort of a meme after Oblivion hit the scene - and not in a positive sense. One of many examples of immersion-breaking and lore-unfriendly things in Oblivion.

  • Mr. Pacman

    Finally an orc which is smart enough to wear orcish armor.

  • Tom and jerry

    The bandit muroders should be in the muroder organization

  • Koyahspan Demopan

    there is actually another character you can spawn in through the console, This one is called simply, 2B, she's a nord female spawned entirely in Iron armour, and when killed, she has ALOT of potions, like, im talking atleast 1 of every potion in the game, and she has full iron weapons too, but most of her inventory is potions.

  • Xaveston

    In the CK the Marauders are literally called E3DemoTowerBanditMissile so I say the plan was just to have them appear for the demo. Love seeing this as usual, allows me to add the cut NPCS from the CK back into the game, sure they will do nothing but still fun to imagine them back haha. (Of course Cutting Room Floor also adds some like you mentioned, but oh well, I did on my mod too.) Couldn't actually find the Headsman one but they are probably under a different name to what I am searching for.

  • Steven Hill

    All this cut content is pissing me off now Bethesda/Zenimax! Skyrim could've been so rich and deep man! It's still awesome though.

  • Mohenjo Daro

    Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch

  • Arthur C

    Dude, what is that gorgeous sword you're wielding? I need it.

  • kosaba11

    I feel like the Load Dummy is what we see when we get the Vampire Lord loading screen, which would explain why it's still in the game's code, and why it just stands idle, because it's not supposed to really do anything. Hell, it even assumes the same pose when you killed it. And for the Marauders, I feel like they just evolved overtime into the Bandit Marauder.

  • Paul Joshua

    I think the load dummies are what they use for the loading screens. There's one for every race and you could tell they're actual NPCs and not just static objects because they are affected by mods that alter NPC appearance.

  • Scoobertdrew

    It's funny but some of the cut characters and quests that were fully scripted an dialogued weren't intentionally cut. Some NPCs were just forgotten to be added and the developers never caught that mistake.

  • Maverick Crow

    what are you talking about harkon was OP when i fought him. Also i think Marauders were orcs for Malevolent orc strongholds, Bilegulch Mine, Cracked tusk keep, rift watchtower etc.

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