The Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody - FULL SERIES

It's about time I did this I guess :) so here it is. Every Senile Scribbles: Skyrim Parody episode welded together into one long string of laughter and badassery! Enjoy! (For Easter Egg locations please see individual episode descriptions:

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  • seanzoz

    For all you binge watchers out there, I finally made it easy for you. As for the Fallout 4 parody, I should have part 4 out in a week or so :). Enjoy.

  • ronaldojam

    This is fake! This isn't skyrim! We all know that loading screens are way longer than this.

  • son of mars

    "sorry i couldnt get your exact measurements from the friend zone"

  • anna lizzy

    Bethesda copied your video and made it to a game

  • Electric Cr0w

    This literally was my entire experience with Skyrim... Bravo

  • depressed as F U C C

    Did anyone notice the middle finger on the dark brotherhood door?

  • SB João Victor

    The gay marriage one had me pause the video and laugh for 3 full minutes.

  • Glaze Universa Gladis

    Dwarven ruins are the weirdest places. You have theese death traps that are just everywhere. How the hell did theese people live?

  • darthpupper22

    I watch this every three months or so and it makes me want to play skyrim. So I download it and binge play it for four days straight and get to level 30 then I stop and delete it only to do again in three more months. I'm downloading it rn and I've just got 114 minutes till I can go crazy again

  • Chris French

    3.3k nazeems and thalmor downvoted this

  • Lauren Lindberg

    “You look like the lead skater in alduuin on ice”

  • james poole

    How can 41 minutes feel like 10 ?

  • warwick knight

    Merchants in skyrim are basically gamestop. Buy a game for $60, return it the next day for $30....

  • warwick knight

    It is a world....with magic like fire storm and crap. Your Fus Ro Da can make flipping dragons stop in their tracks and your meaning to tell me you cant knock down a door? Buuullll

  • Mitchell Emrich

    I'm high asf because Canada legalized weed yesterday and this is making me giggle my ass off. Thank you so much for this piece of comedic gold.

  • Toilet rolls

    This series made me buy skyrim

  • WolfydaWolf129

    i like the Dragonborn's voice in this

  • Martynas Urbakonis

    I remember how hyped I was when I learned there was a shout with which you could ride dragons and this video totally shows how much it actually sucks.

  • Kxilxy


  • Zack White

    the part where he grabs all the food, takes the candle by accident and then goes to put it have no idea how many times i have done that...the feels i just died because i also fus'ro'dah that shit when i get frustrated x'D

  • Alex Fonte

    Moaning sword never fails

  • Stephen Webb

    "What your mama never leveled your speech craft or something?" Classic

  • Crash's Underwear

    Stormcloak Dude: "I mean, who would want to live in a miserable marriage?"Empire Dude: "Exactly."I feel like I'm the only one who gets what was being implied there.

  • Aoife Hosey

    The contract payments... i felt that

  • Ben Starkey

    I’ve rewatched this so many times and it’s still so good

  • iunnor

    “Sorry I couldn’t get your exact measurements from the friend zone” 😂😂

  • Blizzic

    "It's just a bad neighborhood""No it isn't."

  • Griffin Geb

    Wow duude. This is epic. I loved this its funny and cool at the same time.

  • RandomGamingChannel

    Full dragonplate armor"I though travelers are supposed to look tough"

  • Pistrie

    Honestly that ending is still the ending i wanted. I mean, what's gonna stop you? The jarls? Their puny army isnt a match for a couple of dragons and a demi-god.

  • Gongasoso

    7:42 Combination is on the palm of the claw because it's not supposed to be a secret, it's just supposed to make sure the being that opens the door is conscious. It's supposed to confine the Draugr, not the player.

  • Black Ice

    When the nirn root said murder time.....I lost it 😝

  • Miguel Santo

    Why the crap have i just found this now?!?! This is freaking awesome!!!!

  • therealvegeta

    this is masterpiece, half way though i had to open up my old Skyrim save and started playing while i was watching. keep up the amazing work!!!

  • Max Pinion

    Who else noticed the middle finger on the Dark Brotherhood door?

  • James FitzGerald

    Well to say the empire wanted racial equality isn't exactly correct. Seeing as they were basically controlled by the Thalmor and they were elven that thought themselves superior to any of the of the other races.

  • HellSpoon

    I want the rainbow glow enchantment.

  • Shaun David

    No arrow to the knee joke?

  • Freakazoid 27

    I don't give dudes rides soooo

  • Sir Logan The Grey

    If no one get the gamer joke he is saying gay mer

  • Steve

    its because of this series that every time I see the Lover Stone I remember "don't try to hump it"

  • That Random Trash Demon That Killed Vol'jin. HA!

    I just got the hammer/gamer joke, with the kid who was having trouble in school xD (about 14:30)Hammer.... elves are called "mer." Ham + Mer = pig elf. Gamer... oh god. Gay-mer...

  • Camp Blood Gaming network

    Im surprised no made a mod yet of the imperial and the nord trying to get random people to join their army.

  • zad

    To This day I still have not finished the main campaign.

  • mojo rising

    I refuse to ever get over your parodies. They have this comedy and it's delivery is fantastic. The talent of all of your animations and art are something to be proud about.

  • Vicious Region

    Seanzoz i see new comments being hearted by you now gimmie a heart

  • Mr.Music Ninja

    This VIDEO is the BEST one I have EVER SEEN. BEST.SERIES.EVER. :)

  • Tra ins

    Don’t worry. We’ve all tried to kill the children...You are completely normal.

  • Bullet_DuDe

    I hope you get an easteregg in the next Bethesta game <3

  • Void

    I'm a idiot I looked for a talking crimson nirnroot for soo long

  • Captain Rex

    The recruiting soldiers always make me laugh

  • Travis Evans

    yall got me on the first joke

  • Alexis Newton

    Damn right you should feel awful for killing Paarthurnax! TwT

  • crisp succ

    this alone is better than the entire game of skyrim

  • Snarky Mark

    Shows Stone of Berenziah, caption: "f*$k these things." Lol.

  • Hwelse

    I would pay good money to have a rainbow Daedric outfit and a moaning/barking sword.

  • Reallogex

    This actually motivated me to buy Skyrim

  • ConvexSpys 8335

    I can’t stop watching this it’s so good I hope you make one of Elder scrolls 6 when it comes out. Also can you make one of GTA 4 or 5 I feel like it would be good.

  • Krissy Khionix Sastore Tomoe

    I have the Crimson Nirnroot's "Murder Time" as my ringtone and it cracks me up every time my phone rings

  • Kim Hedgårds

    Ok, this is the fourth or fifth time I am watching this exact video :P I love it!

  • Blake Wilson

    i swear there's more character development in this than most movies

  • Matt Cyr

    I love the guy teaching the dragonborn alchemy lol

  • Ashire MGTOW

    The group of guards arguing with the dragonborn is my favorite scenes lol

  • Aren Sereathy

    You dare insult my stalhrim?IT MEANS ICE IN ICELANDIC.

  • Bluesimine

    Breathes fire"Whoa whoa man, take it easy!"Breathes again"Actually I take that back, it's freezing out here"That always made me laugh for some reason

  • Connor Mcdonald

    Jzargo is blind but he can read?

  • King Redemption

    You actually bullied Miraak

  • Caden Grossman

    Wish he made more of these

  • BladeCammando

    DUDE. OMFG this video is PURE gold i love this so much ..... i was laughing so fucking hard. thank you thank you thank you for this!

  • Aiden Phoenix YT

    I’m quite surprised there is no reference to “skimpy armor mods”

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