Batman Arkham Knight - Ending, Joker's Fear, Batman Unmasked, Scarecrow Defeated

Joker's biggest fear, Batman's identity exposed in front of Gotham, and more for a very explosive ending to the Arkham Series.

  • Bruce Snow

    The voice acting, the writing, the epicness of this entire scene is immeasurable - truly one of the best moments in any Batman medium.

  • Pilot 11A

    Is it Ironic how Scarecrow is the final boss in Arkham Knight and Scarecrow's afraid of bats?

  • Waylon Jones

    The soundtrack here is amazing

  • Iceman5533

    Scarecrow: Without fear, life is meaningless Batman: without life, fear is meaninglessScarecrow: I need to go home and rethink my life

  • Tododesdemienfoque


  • LucifersAngel666100

    "Batman..."" me take...this mask off." "But they'll know who you are!""Nothing...can change that now. Let me look on you with my OWN eyes.""But your eyes aren't co-""I can't turn detective mode off. Seriously it's been on the whole time. Please help."

  • innerFire

    For those who don't understand : He injected Batman with fear toxin and unlocked the Joker, so the Joker prevailed finally. Then Crane saw that Batman isn't afraid of what is going to happen to him, to Gotham or to the people he loves, because the Joker side was there and injected him a second time, which means he injected the Joker. So the Joker's one true fear was unlocked which gave room to the Batman side to return and confront him, because the Joker isn't afraid only of being forgotten - he is afraid that he will be left out without Batman. So Batman returned and confronted the Joker side to purify him from his fears and insanity.

  • Nightcrawler56

    Bruce Wayne's fear - Becoming the joker (Who symbolizes killing people) Bruce is afraid of killing people.Joker's fear - Being forgotten and living without Batman Batmans fear - Batman has no fear... That's why scarecrow toxin doesn't work on Bruce the second time.

  • McCae Anderson

    Hearing joker say "I need you " made me really sad for some reason... while he kills innocents and is quite the villain. You can't help but get all sappy because of how strong Batman and the Jokers connection is.

  • jordan w

    I always laugh when joker says "oohoo! CRISPY!"

  • VLGaming // VLDRAGON

    Is it just me or do I feel bad for joker

  • Memphis Saoud

    16:25 when your mom gets the belt

  • Joseph Zammito

    I came here after watching the ending to the newest Spider-Man game and wow. Both games are milestones in graphics and storytelling.

  • Grandimations

    18:08Superman: hOw Do YoU kNoW tHaT nAmE?ThAt WaS mY mOtHeR's NaMe...

  • Pa!n737

    Amazing game with amazing ending but there are some things that hold it back from outdoing Arkham city for me-too much batmobile-Arkham knight boss fight was underwhelming -deathstroke boss fight was a TANK fight... it’s deathstroke!!!-riddler trophies were 90% just find them and pick them up-side missions were pretty forgettable and repetitive, like firefly was just a car chase 3 times in a row

  • Daddy George

    "Without Fear, life is meaningless." Truly, food for thought.

  • Ian Cuspinera

    This game was a masterpiece. The soundtrack, the story, the voice cast, the mechanics, everything is beautiful.

  • Marcus W. Bryant

    the ending was great..when Batman lock up Joker...Batman's eyes were glowing green just like Joker's until the green eyes fade away...its saying like "Joker's gone for good"

  • Kurby Popopo

    Batman's greatest fear is becoming the Joker.And Joker's greatest fear is being alone and without Batman.And the Scarecrow's greatest fear... are bats.

  • Marcus W. Bryant

    I like the way how Batman said to Scarecrow that he's not afraid

  • The Anti Cancer

    Anyone else notice at 13:29 when the cell opened, words above batman said: "welcome to hell"

  • Jason Vorhees

    Gordon removes batman maskGordon : wait.. What? Another mask?remove it againGordon : you gotta be fckin kidding me... How many mask on your face?

  • XMAN

    this game kind of scares the shit out of me

  • roiking2740

    bruce wayne is batman? next thing you are going to tell me is that clark kent is superman.

  • Joel

    How can people say Spider-Man PS4 is better then this whole trilogy of games... cmon man, these all in there own respective way are master pieces ( some better then others ) there is a whole fully developed batman story better then most movies and with amazing gameplay and voice acting, Spider-Man PS4 is amazing but has far to go if it wants to be on a par with the Arkham series.

  • John Smithee

    15:48 - A taste of your own medicine doctor

  • Reaper The Rapper

    16:22Scarecrow's reaction to the PC Port of Arkham Knight

  • RN J

    SC shoots RobinJim, completley monotone: robin!

  • Jace Carsonne

    12:25God damn. That music.

  • Synaption

    "What's wrong? Scared?"

  • Kacper Nowak

    3 years and I stil play this game and I'm still love with the series. One of the best games ever made. I truly want another Arkham game with more BatFamily members involved.

  • Chris Larson

    i had just gotten this game a few weeks ago and when the red hood came in and saved batman my computer froze the image so i could hear everything but i couldn't see what was happening i was so mad

  • DrLipkin

    My favorite part about the shotgun segment is that you can walk past Penguin. If you do, but then turn around, go back and shoot him, Joker cheerfully declares "Changed my mind!"

  • Noah Kreidler

    5:41 Only You! Reminds me of Farcry 5!

  • thehumanthathid

    there should have been 2 endings the batman ending and the joker ending

  • Dylan Bryant

    Fools I tell you what this was the most terrifying mission at 2 in the morning. Looking around shooting statues of batman knowing one is going to jump at me. And I swear I did it for 10 minutes the freaking music stopped... it was not a pleasant time lol

  • Am not cring So watch ur self

    And that is the story of how the batman died

  • MindedJewel

    The 1st person joker part needs to be a horror game, where batman is hunting you

  • Tonto Comanche

    Batman doesn't kill , Batmobile Kills.

  • A Sall

    Red hood shot off his left wrist band that was holding batman. Then Batman, with his own strength, broke out his right arm. MEANING THIS WHOLE TIME BATMAN COULD OF FREED HIMSELF. In the examples of: when scarecrow was wheeling him in, and when scarecrow was close to batman before he took his mask off and when he didnt have his gun out yet.

  • Dog of Wisdom

    "Batman and his arch-nemesis The Penguin" lmao.

  • SilentMornings

    Even without his mask Batman is scary as hell to Scarecrow. That's why his mind still selected Batman as his greatest fear.

  • IbTusPeter

    To be completely honest, I found myself kind of creeped out during the whole Joker first-person scenario... especially when the setting around you starts changing to the climax with the Batman statues.... I never thought a Batman game would SERIOUSLY make you shy away from the screen from the suspense...

  • Harvey Griffiths

    you know I must say... I think they peaked, the Arkham games. With joker gone, it's not going to be as enjoyable, with a new game being a possibility, and they cant bring him back without making this meaningless. after joker, whats left?

  • Fishfan 2

    He started to become Joker which was his fear but joker was immune to the gas and that countered it however which lead to a win win situation for batman and you all know jokers fear ehich caused his demise

  • KingT Da YouTuber

    16:25 me when someone reminds the teacher of the homework

  • Pablo Rodriguez

    I won't forget The Joker ever.

  • Chrinik

    Scarecrow has the greatest superpower...he can pronounce Ps and Bs and the like without lips.Holy shit, noone can do that, not even superman.

  • Rami2480

    This fully embodies the quote from the movie ‘The Dark Knight’ where Batman says “you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

  • Michael Song

    I haven't played this game, so I don't know what's going on. What happened? Did Scarecrow capture Batman or Joker? One minute, he's unmasking Batman, then all of sudden, Joker is in Batman's place. I'm confused.

  • Funny Jester

    Did he know that Redhood was going to help him like that??

  • Linnie Hardin

    Why can't batman use the killing joke

  • Timur Pirkhal

    So... Scarecrow healed Batman from Joker disease with his fear toxin? Wow! Mind! BLOWN!

  • xXFlying_CowsXx

    " Martha "HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT NAME!?Oh wait...

  • Vertutame

    The ironic part of the whole series, Joker said he needs batman and the true is batman need joker, it's true.The moment joke's gone, that's moment the series ended.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    I kinda wanted the joker to win

  • Cramy 21

    5:26 that Only you song from Farcry 5

  • KillJoy

    batman: you need to trust me jimgordon:fine but first i need to ask you somethingbatman:whatgordon:how do i take off your helmetbatman: touch it at top right side of itgordon: thanks pal

  • FinalFirebrand

    The best Batman trilogy.

  • Neo2266

    15:38that's what I gotta say about the voice acting

  • AnimeFan299110

    who else flipped for joy when Batman said "I am vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman!"

  • Xxtactical noobxX

    3.39 riddler mightve been right

  • Fishfan 2

    As they said in the trailer Legends never die only man comes to a end, hence why thr ending makes sense

  • Shoogamoogaman

    Alfred: It needs voice confirmationBatman: MarthaAlfred: WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?!!

  • TheLegend 27

    11:36 he got scared he even backed away

  • XMAN

    its okay if scarecrow kills robin because batman always gets a new one after they die just read the comics

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