Skyrim Dawnguard - walkthrough part 1 HD gameplay dlc add on FULL vampire lord & Dawnguard paths

Skyrim Dawnguard walkthrough part 1 HD gameplay dlc add on expansion vampire lord and dawnguard paths skyrim dawnguard The Elder Scrolls V FULL playlist here
  • Jakub Engelhart

    Me to myself: Such a nice video, no misleading, no stupid commentary. This probably came out in like 2012.Me checking the year: Perfect

  • xXTacocubesXx

    I'm going to find another walkthrough. Sorry, but can't stand the 3rd person view.

  • Naufal Fajri

    I have the DLC, but everytime I went to the cave in the beginning, dayspring cave the game went glitch and all I see is shadow blank screen. Any sugestion ?

  • the great prolapse lord

    i killed a house of vigilants whoops do i get bonus points for killing the good guys on accedent

  • Wes Ray

    If they dont say it the first time keep talking to them or go to another guard

  • Allen Payad

    i need to talk to a riften guard to start the quest

  • Allen Payad

    need to be atleast 10 level or level 10 above


    I can't fine my cross hair for the bow. Is there any way to return it.

  • Mr. Skullrider56

    Should I get the dawn guard dlc? I want it, but I'm a wear wolf, so...

  • Bioshock970

    Daedric armor is the most badass armor ever!!

  • R. C.

    The guards will randomly bring it up as you walk near them. If you get to level 9 or 10 Durak will come to you and ask if you want to join. You can also head to the fort without any of the above occurring.

  • Aesir Beer

    This nice thanks for diong this..

  • Petcombine Petrus

    Why is that, when I do the same thing, it doesn't happen that the guards are talking about the dawnguards? Anybody help?

  • Alexei Doncov

    hahaha that guys name is durak

  • IMiraak I

    Just like the old times when werewolves fight the vampires

  • V. ogibakmks

    o importante e vc esprementar as duas kkk e se for vampiro como eu virar vampiro de verdade nao um edward da vida kkk mas eu faço sempre os dois lados.

  • Red Apex

    He cheated but I'm not mad I did the same thing

  • Chef Boyardee

    get it the dlc is called dawnguard not dawnvampire

  • Chef Boyardee

    if some one here has dawnguard you should be with dawnguard not the vampire suckers

  • Helen Cunningham

    on the main menu it says downloadable content i press tht yh and it comes up with dawnguard but how do i acually get onto tht do i need the internet to be on

  • luis marquez

    hey my cousin did a complicated cheat on skyrim and now he is level 210

  • Dylan Hall

    Funny how he has epic armor and weapons yet has no horse.

  • eleni kopoa

    What DLC's do you have HassanAlHajry?????

  • eleni kopoa

    im lvl 39 and have better things than you xO :P i prob dont but who cares :'D

  • eleni kopoa

    Do YOU know how to spell YOU? i guess not ... i bet your some 10 year old thinking its okay to write "U" when your correcting some one.... xP <--- its a face don't be a bitch P.S Elite your still right xO

  • GodisWunderbar

    He's using the restoration spell, which heals you. But he got the perk in the restoration skill tree that lets him regain stamina.

  • christian hatch

    like if u got dawnguard

  • Althalos

    What race is HHgaming in Skyrim?

  • vgcombt0

    no you have to be at Level 10 or higher in order for it to work to be at level 81 for it to work would just be stupid

  • Lilard Bonaparte

    That armor is sick where/how did you get it?

  • Local MusicPromo

    that's because it IS elder scroll this is just an add-on!

  • ralph

    Ohhh damnnn i want this game i need it!!! Btw nice video

  • Roomet A. Saar

    The pronunciation does.

  • muhammed miraç çelik

    susunlan ya türkçe konuşun yada konuşmayın

  • eleni kopoa

    do you have to be lvl 81 for it to work?

  • Narit Kim

    It looks the same thing as the elder scroll

  • Elite601st

    Have u installed the DLC ???

  • Elite601st

    Its A Xbox Does XBOX start with a Vowel?? U learn this in like grade 2

  • Unlithe

    so you just talk to a guard at night? none of them say anything about the dawnguard for me.

  • Gandarf The Borker

    what I will do when I get this on my b-day is save then do the vampire quest then when im done reload and do the dawnguard quest side.

  • rey joseph ablao

    help! when everytime i go to the leader it attacks me do i need to be vampire?

  • Jerome Lehane

    wow are you serious you dont know how to make daedra armour?

  • Budliky CZ

    can i play both line quest without loading it or i have to finnish quest for dawnguard and then load (lost my progress from dawnguard and start as a vampire lord quest line)? Or is it possible to make them both after i finnish one of them? :-) Please respond thank you so much ;)

  • TheS4ltedPe4nut

    hey everyone i am getting an elgato soon and i will be doing a skyrim dawnguard walkthrough can u pm me and say if you would prefere it with or without commentery

  • sam herrien

    Dawnguard is now on psn ( ps3)

  • Louis Fulford

    You don't need to be level 80

  • Cher1coke

    For some reason I cant find the entrance, I downloaded the DLC on my online account then put it on my flashdrive and tried to play it on my other 360 on the same online account (Only it was offline cause I dont have live on the 360). I really dont know what to do.

  • Ross Mitchell

    What really sucks is that on Xbox it costs 1600 when I went out and bought 1200

  • kooldragon3

    Last he fast traveled right outside to the stables..

  • bigT tmoney

    wait you don't have to be on dawnguard side to get the arrows you can just make them

  • blood74282

    how did u get to level 81 that fast and u do any tips to get to that level?

  • Lark Lamas

    not really what about the atari and all those first consoles they made computer game happen

  • toxicbirds

    Some one with this dlc add me on xbox gt is btk xsaint

  • BerryBluMoon

    you don't appear in front of the castle you are told by an orc where to go I met him in riften try and go there

  • dcrazyx59

    Can somebody help me!!! When I got this dlc I started a new game so I didnt appear in front of the castle, I tried continuing the story anD reinstalling the dlc but I am still not appearing in front of yhe castle. Can somebody tell me the location or a tip or two? Thanks for your attention

  • Unlimitedpower

    so you have to be lvl 10 to start it?

  • Unlimitedpower

    your save will stay the same

  • Rekon4085

    I play console and agree completely with you!

  • TacticalMelonFarmer

    game is good to play yes

  • Matt768

    So i need dawnguard to make arrows right. I did buy the other dlcs but then i went to thailand for 2 months so havnt played skyrim for a while. I have both consoles and a pc so i'll buy it for ps3 wen its out next week in psn. I dont have anything against xbox i just dont want to give microsoft my money theyv'e had enough of my money.

  • eugene vandenburg

    What kind of bow & arrow set is that?

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