Skyrim Dawnguard - walkthrough part 1 HD gameplay dlc add on FULL vampire lord & Dawnguard paths

Skyrim Dawnguard walkthrough part 1 HD gameplay dlc add on expansion vampire lord and dawnguard paths skyrim dawnguard The Elder Scrolls V FULL playlist here
  • Raymond Alcantara

    I'm going to find another walkthrough. Sorry, but can't stand the 3rd person view.

  • Gomace, The Dirt 5 Rengar

    What's your stats? (Perks, health, magicka etc.)

  • Dragonworks

    Good video. No fancy stuff, just what you'd expect from the title.

  • RoeRoe

    because its fun. its just its slow

  • Jaakko

    yeah it came out 11.11.11 so it has been out for almost 8 months, thats 2/3 year. are you saying that they had the game ready in july 2011 but released it in 11.11.11 just because its a special date -.-

  • AJan

    I AGREE why WOULD SOMEONE RETARDED even start a discussion like this when EVERYONE KNOWS PS3 IS BETTER

  • MegaGazp

    hi when is this out for the ps3 and how much is it?

  • XxDelenaForeverxX

    I don't think it is coming out.

  • we all

    why isnt this out for ps3 now wtf


    I can't fine my cross hair for the bow. Is there any way to return it.

  • workdaypegasus

    level 81 and u still havent found all places and done all caves and things? lawl, i did that when i was level 20-30

  • Alan Brody

    Yeah, lissen to me just wait a week or two when it goes down to 10 buks

  • Sarah Perez

    where is this add on for ps3?

  • Krastava Zaba

    It's a bound bow, you can buy it when you get 50 conjuration.

  • Chef Boyardee

    get it the dlc is called dawnguard not dawnvampire

  • Chef Boyardee

    if some one here has dawnguard you should be with dawnguard not the vampire suckers

  • SwiftFishy

    @Tjalfedog first off if i could say it to /heir face i would and how am i racist to a ps3? i had a ps2 and a ps and a psp but xbox is he way to go.... u pay for good connection and more games. ps3 u overpay for the worst connection, delayed game dlc. also xbox has games that are xbox exclusive! ur poin is invalid

  • RapidFyrez

    not for about 30 days which is the same for the pc its how it works

  • Helen Cunningham

    on the main menu it says downloadable content i press tht yh and it comes up with dawnguard but how do i acually get onto tht do i need the internet to be on

  • mrcrowley951

    ps3 is cheap chinese 360 is plain steel,my friend

  • TheCr1tic1

    True but dont worry about it by the way hes spelling hes probably nine

  • Swidhelm

    And my PC can do far more than that Xbox.

  • Swidhelm

    But that PC can do a lot more than just play games.

  • Not Mad

    do they have this game for ps3??

  • Vozhd

    I think its update,and if you bought game legal you should be able to get it for free,but not sure :/

  • Unlimitedpower

    your save will stay the same

  • Unlimitedpower

    is this coming to ps3 or not?

  • Unlimitedpower

    so you have to be lvl 10 to start it?

  • IRuTReX

    hassan could u tell what is your race ??

  • mrcrowley951

    #1) ps3 breaks like it's made of glass......suck it up,asswhipe

  • 落ち込んでHayden

    Ps3 is for fuckheads. Does not deserve such a good DLC like this xbox rules!!!

  • tfw no Bing account

    @smith4367 It turns you into a werewolf. Join the companions if you wanna be a werewolf

  • Zach B

    Thanks for not puting in commentary I'm so sick of people rambling and talking the whole time while I just want to see the gameplay.

  • tal brochy

    how do you get this expansion o-o?

  • Radiant Films

    3:40 when he gets to the place

  • James S.

    Does it matter if you are a werewolf/vampire before you start the DLC?

  • Gene Geners

    Smithing skill to 90 for it. Its way better then Dragon

  • Gene Geners

    Hey I did that glitch and after 10mins I was like this is gay so I went back to my real save lol

  • Barry Chuckle

    how do you know?, and will it be on console or just pc?

  • Framo51

    Hey what is that bow you have??

  • Potatoman

    4:55 with that face they probably paid the vampires to kill them

  • Bob Nut

    I'm at Fort Dawnguard and everyone is turning hostile towards me

  • MiXeY

    Will it come out for ps3 in 4 asks also?

  • TyrannyforSupper

    well its not on PC yet. This is not fully exclusive. And there is no trade shows them the money the get DLC exclusivity

  • Vance Valintine

    Sneak lvl "Fuck you"....seems fair right? XD

  • Poofy Bunny

    Can anyone tell me if this requires connectivity to play it? (after purchase and download) like in Oblivion where all the DLC had to be played online? Just asking because I recently lost internet and have scarce source and im hardly ever online anymore.

  • the great prolapse lord

    i killed a house of vigilants whoops do i get bonus points for killing the good guys on accedent

  • Landophant

    what armor is he using? it doesnt look like ebony mail

  • Vincent Kimera

    would you still be able to join if you are a vampire?

  • TheCami564

    No dawnguard on ps3 :(

  • austin williams

    I just want dlc ...that's all.... That's all I want right now from Bethesda.

  • Luke AC

    Wtf this No speaking Sorry but dislike

  • Christian

    lol sorry man... i just noticed... i never got this game before and i quit oblivion 10 minutes through.. but im thinking about getting it...

  • Christian

    What awesome armour is that?

  • Zaya

    @Khaozify alright ill look at one of ur vids nd then more then ill subscribe

  • Amac1825

    The i have way to much time type

  • Shannon Wolf

    I started to watch, but then stopped because I wanted it to be a surprise ;). I have the PS3 and they aren't going to submit the Dawnguard for awhile because Xbox is paying the company NOT to give it to PS3 so people will go out and buy an Xbox :((( SO UNFAIR!!!

  • Trevanion

    Xbox Is made by Microsoft. The Guys who Basicly make Everything Computerwise. Sony Make TV's. My Bet is Microsoft.

  • TheSupplement King

    Get a damn horse brah!

  • Savi Xenohunter

    Time to be Van Helsing.

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