The Complete Assassin's Creed Timeline - Odyssey to Syndicate | The Leaderboard

Assassins Creed's storyline spans various centuries, key historical moments, locations, and it all can get a little confusing.  So Join The Leaderboard as we unpack the official timeline of the series from Assassins Creed Odyssey to Syndicate.

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Credits for This Episode
Researched by: Kaylee Kuah
Written by: Kaylee Kuah
Hosted by: Sydney
Edited by: Kyle Beauregard

Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy Rosen
Producers: Adrian Apolonio, Jesse Gouldsbury
Project Manager: Jessica Ferrer
Head Writer: Casey Gonzalez
Graphics and Thumbnail by: Alexandria Batchelor
Programming Manager: Darrian P. Mack

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  • mariokarter13

    You forgot the part where the series just keeps going despite the main plot ending in 2012.

  • Ameer.T .A

    Next AC game will probably be playing as Adam and Eve... just a Prediction

  • Commander Xananymous

    Those who played assasin creed...learned more history than in class..

  • Gamer Guitarist

    The series keeps going backwards and backwards until it...10 years later... Assassins Creed: The Land Before Time

  • Charlie Cinema

    Ive played all the Assassins Creed games and Im still so confused haha

  • CorupptedKev

    Imagine if 2000 Years from now someone finds this video without any context

  • Kellen Fedigan

    Ezio is not a descendant of Altaïr. Ezio is related to Desmond on his father's side and Altaïr is related to Desmond on his mom's side or vice versa

  • 6Sevenlivesand counting

    Hah,I've used assassins creed in my history class and always got an A

  • Edwin Santiago

    Really want a Assassins Creed take place in like in early Japan, cmon ninjas and samurai fighting over one of these relics would be epic!

  • This Isn't Even My Final Form

    20 years later:Assassin's Creed WWIII

  • Jack Sorell

    This is a weird version of the Bible

  • 10,000 subscribers no videos?

    Wish Desmond was still alive, and ac had multiple games in 1 storyline

  • Chris C

    Ezio is not in the same bloodline as Altair, as they say in the video. The first connection in their family trees is Desmond.

  • Mersauff

    8:05 1400s isn't the 14th century sweetie

  • ClownWhosFeelnDown

    The problem with the AC series is that Ubisoft just doesn't want to advance the plot. Yeah, running around as your ancestors in the animus is fun, but most people- Ubisoft included- seem to forget that the series is set during _modern times_. The actual story line is modern assassins(?) going into the animus to find pieces of eden to defeat Abstergo, a.k.a. the _modern Templars_. Having an AC game set in present times would both advance the plot(or what's left of it) and make for a more interesting spin on the series, similar to Black Flag, unlike all the recent games, where the protagonist(?) might as well be taking a nap for all the impact it seems to have. But Ubisoft refuses to because "There are just too many mechanics we would have to develop". A.k.a 'it's to much work.'

  • windycitycrew21

    These games made me pass world history

  • Christopher Sabessar

    This game got way to convoluted. After AC3 everything went down hill.

  • Insane Ian

    This is hardly complete, as it's missing Assassin's Creed: Bloodline, Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles, Assassin's Creed: Lineage, Assassin's Creed: Embers, Assassin's Creed II: Discovery, Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry, the Assassin's Creed theatrical movie, and the three Assassin's Creed: Chronicles games; China, India, and Russia.

  • Sarah lee

    Ezio is still the best assassin in the assassin creed game's no comes to him he had the best game's a d story

  • Miami Brando

    Am I the only one who thinks Edward Kenway resembles Heath Ledger?

  • Drecksack Blase

    There was a time when they removed the crossbow in AC1 because of maintaining the historical acuracy and now?We fight freaking Miniaturs and Medusa

  • Asteroid Arts

    I’d love an AC game set during the ISU First Civilisation era (the ones who came before).

  • kobieta

    Holy crap, i had no idea the plot was so intense! I had no interest in learning asassins creed history, but this is so well presented and entertainig that i stayed for the whole video. Amazing job explaining everything nicely and understandably

  • SupaFlySi

    "Ezio, in an extremely baller move," 😂

  • The Darknes s

    For all those who want all Ac games in chronological order:Ac OdesseyAc Origins Ac (1) Ac BloodlinesAc 2Ac BrotherhoodAc RevelationsAc 4 BlackflagAc Freedom cryAc Rogue ( Assassin Part)Ac 3 (Haytham Part)Ac Rogue (Templar Part)Ac 3(Young Conor Part)Ac3&Liberation Ac Rogue elimination of Victor Dorian/Same part in Ac UnityAc Unity Ac Unity Dead Kings DLCAc SyndicateAc Syndicate Jack the Ripper DLCAc Syndicate WWl DLC

  • NightcoreSniiki

    What kind of monster leaves Aveline out of this

  • Sudarshan Tripathi

    Who miss Assassin's creed liberation ?

  • Bat Boy

    Not even 1 minute pass and I am already lost

  • Daniel Shamu

    After brotherhood it was all downhill,

  • Reggie the bunkler

    Almualem is not a name, it’s a word. It means the mentor

  • LionofDawn

    It doesn't matter now. AC Odyssey broke the AC lore at the core. You're reliving a memory. You should not be able to make conversation choices, nor choose a gender.

  • Isaac Cousins

    Slight nitpick, but Rogue takes place during the 7 Years War, not the American Revolution.

  • Adorra

    Wtf just when the story gets interesting you stop?! Please do a video of modern era!

  • Eldar Pashazade

    Because Al-Mualim is not a name but a title, it literally means "Mentor" or "Teacher".

  • Andros

    The Story and Games of AC are so good you just can't say that one of the Arcs was the best, because they all were extremly good and worked as a piece of a big puzzle. But for me the Ezio Trilogie always hits me right in the heart with that Nostalgie, altough the Kenway Arc was really nice aswell.

  • Mario_1407

    Does it have to be 21mins?

  • Chaos Lesbian

    Altair, Ezio and Edward aren't related. But Desmond is descended from all of them

  • Quick_Reload

    What about Assassins Creed: Liberation? Or what about the Desmond Miles storyline where he sacrifices himself?

  • RayzerAze Darkrai 24/7

    OKAY! HOLD YOU'RE HORSES! There some things you haven't told us even it not important but its a little part of the timeline. 1. The time when Ezio Auditore is helping Lin? Yin? (it a chinese assassin girl in china that seek help for him and she also wears the AC sign necklace) before our beloved Ezio died. Poor Guy.. T_T 2. What about Assassin Creed Liberation where (I forgot her name XD) she connects to Connor or AC3. In some cases, they ship Connor and her. (I also ship them also) That's all I got to say but it great to explain to my friends how they connect.Still... Im still confused with Kenway family.

  • Urdadlesbian Urmomgei

    Game keeps backtracking. Up next...Primitive Caveman Assassin: 2025.

  • Blaze

    Al mualim means "The mentor" in Arabic its not a name

  • Shrapnel540

    I learned more from this synopsis than playing each actual game.

  • rick moth

    Well done, I've played them all and the timeline has always been complicated. This helps a lot.

  • swagger4647

    You wrote Peloponnesian wrong At 2:46 pause and look at the right

  • Daniel Cassanos

    Amazing video, that you!!! This really helped me understand everything in Assassin’s Creed. Although I had the rough version of this in my mind, this clears up all my confusion. 👏👏👏

  • MrFerraribilar

    I swear to god if we are not an assassin in the next game

  • Eikman Almond

    Anybody else want to see an assassins creed game set during the westward expansion

  • Rogue 4LPH4

    6:58 does she say eleventeen Brotherhood?

  • Clorox Bleach

    Nice timeline there Ubisoft. It would be SUCH SUCH A SHAME IF some SCARLET SPEEDSTER messed it up.

  • Omer Ahmed 23

    al mualim actually means the teacher or master in Arabic so it's more of a title than a name

  • Marian Sony

    Altair, best assassin of the entire franchise

  • I Flex Taped My Life Together

    Instructions unclear, Assassins Creed the movie not included

  • Hugh Janus

    odyssey doesnt feel like an ac because the mains tory has nothing to do with the isu

  • TheNoobKing 144

    If I remember it correctly the staff disappeared after Ezio got back from the vault and as he tries to take the staff, it was stuck and then disappear. Where is it now?

  • Aqib Aslam

    This is actually kind of funny seeing that the most recent installment in the series (Assasin Creed Odyssey) is technically the first game chronologically.



  • Enrique Garcia

    Stop saying it wrong! It's RATON:AH'KEH:TON. (rat-on-a-kay-ton). Just say Connor if your having pronunciation trouble. ALSO AC3 is the best.

  • Sean Gallagher


  • StimpyPvP

    They literally screwed the games after AC4

  • Haytham Kenway

    Can’t wait for AC3 remastered, people will finally see how under rated it is.

  • Rscape Ricci

    "a foggy London town" the sun was shining everywhere

  • baldy hardnut

    brotherhood was the best

  • ABitchTookMyName

    You forgot AC Liberation!

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