FUS RO DAH 2 Top10:

My Fus Ro Dah Top Ten :D

FUS RO DAH made by me:
  • TheDarthDesigner

    TYPO FIXED V2.0: RO DAH 2 Top10:

  • Briac DASSIER


  • Rafa傷心總是

    number 3 is my favorite XD

  • Quad X

    1:30 Bus Do'h, HAA!

  • Raiken Leo

    like if you thought this was an actual skyrim video XD

  • TheDarthDesigner

    AMAZON Prime Air (Funny Version)

  • SilverSnake

    is this the top 10 wrost ones

  • KPS05 Xbox Gaming

    The last one was haliours

  • MrGoldo

    You guys Think number 3 was funny... it was a bus that tipped over... i bet most of them got injured...

  • Adonis

    fus ro rah? 2 funny 4 me

  • Vanya Kapustin

    А где ИДИ НА ХУЙ с цыганимом?

  • Flowey

    Number 3 scared the crap out of me

  • Jake Dickens


  • Viking102938

    #1 is the PERFECT example of why nerds don't participate in 'pranks' o.o

  • iltes

    Да, с детьми в автобусе это перебор

  • roguexxrenegade

    Anyone realize that he wrote fus do rah in the video not fus ro dah

  • Affari miei

    Number 5 was one the best

  • Sonic Flash Kick

    Number 1 killed me with laughter! XD

  • Thomas Underdown

    am i the only one replaying number 1 over and over and over again?

  • Mladen Lupsa

    its FUS RO DAH not Fus do rah video is wrong

  • matteo mm

    Fus Ro Dah first experience for me is interesting... now as now, i discovered this shout because with my giant luck i founded one of the few dungeons with a damned draugh deathlord inside, regardless of your level.My poor girl is only level 10 and fight with a sword. And now as now i have a damned draugh deathlord archer. No matter what i do, that creature Fus Ro Dah my poor girl around the room and kill her with 1 arrow. I don't know how strong is a draugh deathlord, but at the moment his arrows are a instant-death for my pg. One arrow is enough to kill her. Well, at least is funny being Fus Ro Dah-ed around the room like a doll. But soon or later i have to find a way to kill him. 

  • Destro

    the 3 one is just scary

  • NicoArctic

    Dragonborn, fus to dah!!!!!!! In skyrim in dragon language dragonborn is dovakin. Great video, well done.

  • Alfiya Zhafira

    1:06 that is hilarious! hahaha, what is that guy and people doing in that video ?

  • LanDanEr Show

    00:19 Ууу здесь народ кофейку он нальет)

  • Joshua Vancleave

    #3 is the best hands down

  • John Zodiac

    Oh my god, number 3. Jesus Christ! And Fus Ro Dah was spelt wrong the entire time haha.

  • Jack Coe

    Extremely territorial penguin!

  • Garbage Truck

    1:37 I'm squealing already

  • El Majico

    That man voice looped is annoying as hell

  • Noon Movies

    did anyone notice he typed: Fus Do Rah each time

  • JawaPlays

    0:24 Fus Do Rah?!You are not (!) Homer Simpson!

  • Jack Jackharold

    Whats so funny about number3? Kids must have died on that bus, Comments got me mad.

  • Krewk

    best number 5 and number 3 :)))

  • LB AB bro

    in fact he it doesn't say fus ro dah it says MUS CO CHA

  • The Starbound Scout

    1:30 sad, but FUNNY as hell!

  • Manuel Ciancarella

    i love number 2 hahahahahahahahah fus ro....... DAHHHHHHHHHH


    hahaha the n°0 killed me

  • Christian Arana

    #3 isn't funny... LOL

  • Ilon Mask


  • SappyMe

    the last one was the funniest

  • Eduardo Mrack

    Fus Do Rah ! ????? What a shame....

  • Alejandro Montes

    fus DO RAH?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Daniel Miegge

    FUS DO RAH? And what about you just copied other videos? Dislike

  • Chris Fielding

    can't stop replaying #3!!! it looks like their stuck in the wall sideways after!!!

  • Actxon !

    Hey dude it's not Fus Do Rah it's Fus Ro Dah

  • A

    So funny!!! Expesialy number 6. Sorry for mistakes, it is beacuse I`m from Ukraine.

  • stanley jong

    My reaction when i see number 1 fus ro dah:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!HAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHSAHAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bogdan Sharapov

    Тот народд тотнародд он пи*** здесь найдёёт

  • squak

    U put correct in da title but u screwed the fus ru dah the intire video

  • Qua

    Lol I like 321 they're funny especially 3 but it's sad too

  • screeny30

    Number One is sooooo epic :D :D

  • GHOSTMONKy22 2

    number 4 made sense FUS RO DAHH

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