Skyrim: 5 More Criminally Underrated Mods for The Elder Scrolls 5 (Skyrim SE PC/Xbox One mods)

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game that's known for it's strong modding community, as modders create anything from DLC-sized expansions to major graphical overhauls and mods that keep Skyrim going. Six years later, that still hasn't changed, but with dozens of new mods being uploaded every single day, there's bound to be a few brilliant ones that don't get the attention they deserve. So today, we take a look at 5 more criminally underrated mods for The Elder Scrolls 5.

Wild World (Skyrim Special Edition PC / Legendary Edition):

Afterlives for NPCs (Skyrim Special Edition PC/ legendary Edition ):

The Tools of Kagrenac (Skyrim Special Edition PC, Xbox One/ Legendary Edition):

Shadow Merchant (Skyrim Special Edition PC/ Legendary Edition):

Mead Keg BackPack (Skyrim Special Edition PC, Xbox One/ Legendary Edition):

Artifacts - Tournament of the Ten Bloods (Skyrim Special Edition PC, Xbox One/Legendary Edition):
  • Olivia Beakman

    I don't think I'll ever get over that giant chicken ending.

  • Ger Vang

    Man I want to banish Nazeem into the Soul Cairn just so I can say, "Where's your cloud district now?".

  • Kostas Tsakiridis

    At 7:50, Goldbrand was actually first introduced in Morrowind, not Oblivion

  • Ryan Kunst

    Ah yes, the soul Karen.

  • Liam Kelly

    Ps4 just gonna cry in the corner.DON'T LOOK AT ME, I'M HIDEOUS!

  • TheAsianPersuasion

    Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more underrated than this channel...

  • Alexander Chippel

    I soul trapped the Ebony Warrior to rob him of his afterlife.

  • Solar _

    I’m getting the after life mod and enchanting a Daedric Sword and Bow with soul trap, those will be the only weapons I use >:)

  • Alimo Eskimo

    I just want my capes not to be stuck to my legs and flow behind me like batman.

  • Skeletris

    Not lore friendly? Yea i hate that! is a grey orc sitting on a chocobo weilding sulfuras companied by sylvanas windrunner on my way to battling ornstein

  • TheEpicNate315

    Video still processing, should be done soonish!

  • David Stinnett

    “Undead....never flee from combat” Does this effect how dawnbreaker works?

  • Zachary Fluke

    Where can I find this “Soul Karen”?????

  • Voxdalian

    The mod about people going to Sovngarde is not lore-friendly, because only very exceptional people may enter the Hall of Valor, I doubt there's any person in Skyrim during the game who'd fit that bill, maybe Miraak, but he belongs to Herma Mora.Btw, Nate, stop cheating. I noticed that 100 million gold there ... It's too close to a round number to be legit.

  • ThatOneGuy

    Strangulation and waterwalking are both technically already in game, there are potions of waterwalking, and azhidals boots, and strangulation is a vampire lord ability

  • Phoebe

    In my opinion the mod called “hip bags” is better than the mead keg backpack mod because it gives more variety, and also adds a couple backpacks with a cute little mead kegs as well :)

  • TurtleBro

    Keening is already in vanilla

  • Patryk Rogala

    Boethiah, Nate. Not Bohethiah.

  • He who crucifies the haters

    Winter of Skyrim, most underappriciated imo

  • Fit4EPICness

    Like if you have more than 100 mods..

  • Jesse Bowman oblivion, hunger were found in the shivering isles, as servents of sheogorath, not bohethia.

  • Prince Sheogorath

    6:06 What do you do? Fetch the mead?

  • Ginger Kubicz

    That first one sounded cool with the animals.

  • Noveni Othran

    Those walking corpses called Hungers are making me orgasm.

  • Helljump's Video Hole

    The soul Karen...huh...

  • Alexander T.

    I guess I'm one of THOSE people~0:30 - Wild World2:05 - Afterlives for NPCs3:19 - The Tools of Kagrenac4:17 - Shadow MerchantEXTRA 6:06 - Mead Keg BackPack6:29 - Artifacts - Tournament of the Ten Bloods

  • AL Films

    I used to be on ps4 but I switched over to pc, best decision I ever made

  • Serpent XI

    Uh, oh, you had to go through a cave to reach the shrine in Artifacts? Oops, I definitely didn't know that and just scaled the mountain instead...

  • Vito Kovacevic

    The hype train for beyond skyrim: morrowind is alive yea?

  • Kaiser Tyranny

    Goldbrand and Hungers were introduced in Morrowind, not Oblivion.

  • Anni S

    Thx babe. Just what I needed.

  • CliffDeWiz

    You need to do one of these videos every month dude, I love these mods.

  • Zeref

    Love your content Nate. Keep working hard!

  • Brett Boyd

    I think the maids 2 quest mod is underrated it’s literally one of the biggest quest mods for skyrim and I can see why some may not like it but that mod had a lot blood sweat and tears put into it and should be talked about more.

  • phantom hawk

    Ps4 sony is just a joke

  • \Xx_DatMLGMemeBoi_xX /

    Plz mention the blackreach railroad mod because I find it cool

  • Mongis Lort

    Dynamic Immersive Seriously Dark Dungeons - Eternal Darkness Redone by jbvertexxSilly name for a mod but it's seriously one of the most underrated mods on the nexus. It's designed to work with ELFX to create one of the most atmospheric dungeon experiences you can have.

  • The Bright Eclipse

    Nothing for PS4, again. Thanks Sony for ruining people's lives.

  • Eternalhuntress

    Liked the video before I finished watching because pretty much all of Nate’s content is awesome.

  • Arbiter

    I'm triggered by the way you pronounced Boethiah. It's not "Bo-he-thiah"

  • Eddie Lee

    Wild world sounds awesome!

  • S T Ξ Λ L T H

    Afterlife for Npcs is a good idea, but the mod is horrible. It causes a lot of bugs

  • Zach Clawges

    What mod do you use for your compass and quest marker? I love the gold

  • BelligerentBaphomet

    Wait a second, the “keening” dagger is already a weapon in Skyrim. It wasn’t introduced in a mod

  • pathogenofdecay

    Has anyone tried the mod that makes Serana feel a little more like...Serana: ...not what you're thinking......a badass? It's called Queen of the Damned, and it makes Serana almost feel like she could compete with Miraak or someone... x'P It may not be entirely lore-friendly or balanced, but it can be pretty fun and silly... especially if you don't mind a little harmless lore breaking with some CHIM (lore's way of explaining console commands and possibly mods) and if you like... or love Serana like me. :3

  • Tydus Tarien

    Cheats+Modding=Infinite replay

  • Nathlaaar

    Great video! Im definitely going to download these. Real Bows is another criminally underrated mod.

  • E G

    Why does he sound like one of the SuperCarlinBros

  • guns

    Strangulation looks just like the Vampiric Grip, Vampire Lord ability.

  • Tydus Tarien

    Subbed... great videos, great content, thanks! <3

  • Ryan Flanagan

    Whats the outro song?!?!?!?!

  • Alexander Rüffer

    4 minutes late for the first comment

  • Ms Sports

    I originally bought Skyrim for my ps4 but am most likely going to get them again to get mods

  • Paige C

    This just makes me feel sad that I can't put mods on my Xbox 360

  • Keiron Harvey

    Ahzidal's boots allow water walking. Even over lava (unless that's a glitch)

  • Shawn Marino

    2:00 That cabin is south of Winterhold.

  • Justin Williams

    You said gold brand was first introduced in oblivion but it was actually in morrowind as well, same with the hunger

  • Flynn J

    What's the outro music?

  • Danil Ponomarev

    Are this mods available on the PS 4 version?

  • Marius1 DK

    Hey Nate What armor retex mod are you useing

  • Welshy

    i never really play games with mods, but i guess it can be pretty interesting sometimes

  • Mete Tural

    No I'm definitely sure Goldbrand was in Morrowind.Also in that mod there is a secret weapon called Eltonbrand what was a joke by a developer in morrowind.

  • Brandon von Gedda

    Rocket reminds me of the Scrolls of Icarian Flight from Morrowind. Is there a way to duplicate that effect? Maybe have you encounter a Dragon while leaping over the map, that would be cool.

  • Delta Sniper

    What mod is it that changes the guard armour used in the vid and is the mod on xbox?

  • Possumlove

    My two favorite mods are Bob's Armory and Yet Another Guard Armor. Bob's Armory is THE source for Viking/Norse swords, axes, spears, and bows. There are about 10 versions of REALISTIC Norse swords including a very nice early era +Ulfberht+. Four or five Norse spear types (used like a axe unless you have a spear animation mod). Two handed Dane and bearded axes as well as their single hand belt carried counterparts. There are also "shield" versions of the Dane axe so it LOOKS like your carrying a sword and axe but the axe is strictly a shield (that's what I use). The bows are just straight up early longbows each just stained different (black to light Yew). The pack also has some armor as well as weapons and gear from other cultures. European, African, Arabian, Japanese, maybe some Maori. I mean hell it even has some face veils for female North African/Arabic type characters. It's a pretty expansive pack. If you appreciate some realistic stuff this is definitely your mod. It has some fantasy items too like both Conan swords, Twinkle and Icingdeath, and a few others.Yet Another Guard Armor is pretty self explanatory. They are all fairly realistic looking maille with under tunics and light leather coverlet (or light scale). The leather usually has the holds emblem tooled into it. Solitude is the only exception as their guard just use a plain maille hauberk with no coverlet. The helmets are just a touch to shiny but they are modeled nice. There are two types, a plain nasal spangenhelm with a cloth arming cap and a aventailed spangenhelm. These armors and helmets are lootable, although I believe the Whiterun armor is the only one that is totally complete in first person view, the others just render a pair of floating forearms and weapons. They may have fixed that since it's been a LONG time since I have put any on. I use the Norse Armor II mod and just grab the aventailed spangenhelm off a dead guard out of this one.

  • Martin Requiem

    That first mod, well yeah that is because the number one mod for that is SKYTEST realistic animal behavior mod, most endorsed most downloaded, but also you need patches for that to be compatible with other mods, but i might look at this animal behavior mod maybe in another play through and see how that works compared to Skytest.

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