Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough - Part 14, Lost To The Ages (1/4) - Arkngthamz

Here's a REAL walkthrough of the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC by an experienced player. Played on Legendary difficulty with an Illusion Assassin build. This video covers part one of the quest, Lost To The Ages where we get the first Aetherium shard at Arkngthamz...

Shadow Warrior 2 Walkthrough on MajorSlackVideos

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  • MajorSlackAttack

    Special schedule this week! Daily Skyrim Dawnguard DLC videos straight through to next Sunday!

  • wademanguy

    Slack, you gotta stop playing missed-a-spot with yourself, lol, it'll make you go! hehe. Thumbs UP! :)

  • KnEpH131

    That fus ro dah was CLASSIC! Major Props to Major Slack!

  • Robert Prather

    I'm so behind watching vids due to work, but glad to see you back at it, Slack!

  • Willzy Macaroni

    Whoa i'm early! Been missing this series!

  • Kelly Diez

    love your vids oh and third

  • MrSanta78

    Welcome back, Slack-Born, Master of Taxes :)

  • Vinicius Ataide

    is this thefalmer helmet that you can glitch for dual alchemy gear?

  • J.E. Rose

    Slack, I've instructed the Dragon of Tax to stop attacking you in Winterhold. Attacks will of course resume as new taxes are incurred. Booyah

  • Niko V

    lack you didnt get the gold on that guy

  • Abe Ridha

    love the videos as always major slack sir... quick question though dont you have 2 of those shards or am i thinking of the lux iron breast series?

  • Jose Gomez

    big fan of you videos. yoh should do a new skyrim walkthrough .

  • Travis Jones

    You can also get a copy of the book in fort dawnguard. On the left side in the back on a bookshelf.

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