Skyrim: 5 More Interesting Liars You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is packed with over a thousand characters for the player meet. Most of the folks inhabiting the world offered by The Elder Scrolls 5 are fairly straight forward, however a number of Skyrim’s most intriguing individuals are harboring some pretty big secrets. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more interesting liars you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Wecoc1

    I'm pretty sure Nazeem doesn't go THAT much to the Cloud District either...

  • Definitely Not John Cena

    6:33 I like how he immediately goes "never should've come here", oooh Skyrim

  • MTG Player

    The biggest liars are the bandits that yell "I yield"

  • Definitely Not John Cena

    an obligatory "#1 liar - Todd" joke

  • FusRoDah Daily

    Top 10 questions science can't answer: Is M'aiq the Liar really a liar?


    The nfl was the biggest liar. After all the hype about performing sweet victory at the Superbowl

  • Mr. Lord Cat

    How dare you M'aiq is the only interesting liar!

  • Benboy955

    Next video: skyrim is a THICC game

  • An Insane Moose

    you forgot the most interesting liar, the dragonborn. he/she lies all the time. for example, when he/she sneaks into the thalmor embassy.

  • Rachel Jennetti

    Whatever texture you have on your map makes it look amazing

  • StarlightFromAbyss

    Orc's logic: Too weak\cowardly to fight giants => Send DB to slay them instead => Attempt to murder the guy that killed aforementioned giants. LOGIC.


    Watching Nate after a Tough day ... Totally worth it

  • Our lord and saviour Waluigi

    Hey Nate, Skyrim here and tremendous is a guys game!

  • Corn Holio

    Hern and Hert aren’t liars. They’re blatantly vampires and never claim to be otherwise. They live in the HALF MOON mill. They’re 100% vampires and they’re 100% open about it. XD

  • Zach _aka_Spartacus

    Ok, question, what mods do you use? I love the look your game has.

  • _

    How on earth could arvel be a liar that any Skyrim player missed

  • Lupine Soldier

    top 10 most frequently asked questions about the Elder Scrolls 6:Will there be a character named Nate who says murdered to death?Will there be a character who says murdered to death?Will there be a new shout or power called murdered to death/murder to death?Will there be a random encounter where someone says murdered to death?

  • Diana Bergonzi

    Arvel is my favourite, especially when he becomes "The dead".

  • Sky And Audrey

    Wee woo oyfum.... Wrong channel... Anyways great video!!

  • Fluffy sheep Animations

    M'aik: M'aik has heard that it is dangerous to be your friend!Me: (Pulls knife) yup...

  • Alpha Deathclaw

    Murdered to DEATH!!! Just can't help myself!

  • CRYOKnox

    Maiiq told me he saw you in boston looking for your son.

  • Waffle Bot

    What mod adds the mask on the Orcish Helmet in the thumbnail?

  • lonely pancake

    Mercer Frey, the argonian in solitude in cahoots with the blood horkers, the imperial (or stormcloak ) captain impersonator at the nord ruins near riften, the bandits dressed as imperial soldiers random encounter, the vampire in morthal, saadia (or the alikirs ), that one argonian with the redguard woman camping outside a nord ruin, solitude court mage vampire, vermina (when she says erandur will turn on you) during the nightcaller temple daedric quest, the hidden cannibals in markarth (along with the guard at the gate who says that it's the safest place in the reach prior to the beginning of forsworn conspiracy ), ancono(collage of winterhold)...I can't name any more right now... :/

  • Aify

    One odd thingThe old alchemy lady at Solitude always follow me around when i explore her house as if she's hiding something... can someone explain this to me coz i feel like she's the only one keeping an eye when someone is at their home

  • Adam Matthews

    (Hits you with dagger) “Hey! :(“

  • HowdeeTMM

    M'aiq never lies, he is a god. BOW DOWN TO THE GIVER OF LIFE AND KEEPER OF NIRN!

  • A Tree

    ‘The trees dont speak’ but you can still make a video about them

  • Edmund Ray Valentine

    I actually trusted that first bandit . F***er backstabbed me

  • Kostas Z

    Please make a video about Thieves Guild facts!!!

  • Xathal

    patiently waits for murdered to death

  • PGE The Elder Scrolls Türkiye

    The most honest character in tes universe : ma'iq

  • Furbloke

    What happened to the graphics/textures after 1/3rd the way through?

  • Silent Gamer

    Hi. I am from Russia and there is server for Skyrim. 1 thousand people can play together. SkyMP. There are roles, quests. You can be everyone you want

  • Ria Fire

    Notification squad HYYYYYYYYYPE

  • Juha Autio

    5 more interesting videos you still may have missed

  • Ryan McCarthy

    Did anyone lie about murdering everyone to death today?

  • albicanTurncoat fan

    "Attempting to just straight out murder you to death!" 2:22

  • Selthrim Cloud

    I just bought my Girlfriend her first game and it was Skyrim

  • Cody Buckler

    You forgot that high elf at the college of winterhold

  • Oh yeah yeah

    The biggest liars are people who make mods that change the whole story line but write lore-friendly

  • Green Arrow

    At least I can always count on Nate to tell us the truth

  • Lightning Gaming

    y’all ever just let people out of cages and then they turn around and BACKSTAB YOU grrr

  • Maiq The Liar VII

    “You’re a better fighter than me. ILL KILL YOU.”

  • jamie pittington

    I always enjoy your videos

  • _The_Guard_Rookie_666

    Am I the only one who killed the two vampire lumberjacks immediately?? Yes?? Oh..

  • CaptainSpycrab

    Does Arvel really count as something you 'may have missed'?

  • Olly the Animal Bloke

    I accidentally killed those vampire lumberjacks while I was a werewolf, but when I accidentally killed and ate there corpses I didn't know they were vampires🤷‍♂️

  • Pointless Sneezes

    My dad has hours put into this game, and got his sneak skill up to 100, and has not completed the Bleak Falls Barrow quest. He has no recollection of any of this

  • The Christopherous

    But M'aiq is a liar no? ...or is M'aiq lying about this also?

  • Zack Pedersen

    Before I watch this upload, I just wanted to say something...M'aiq better be mentioned!!Edit after viewing: Nate... I am disappointed in you...

  • Palladia

    also Dagon after doing what he said and killing the museum guy he sends 2 daedra lords at us

  • Justin Rhymer

    Love your vids Nate! Keep up the good work!! Next vid you should do most rare followers

  • Asteiiox a

    Finaly !! I've been waiting for this video today ❤

  • David Harris

    "Arvel the Dead" had me laughing too much 😂

  • Ninjaboss is bored

    Is it okay to be a Talos worshipping Imperial??

  • Chris Chitwood

    What vampire mods are you using? They look awesome!

  • Lunavarion

    Got another little detail for you. In Aftand, just before the gas-filled corridor, there's a room with vertical pistons on the left-hand side. In particular, there are a set of three vertical positions against the wall. If you time your jump on the pistons, you'll be raised to a small platform high above the floor where you'll find a chest and various loot.

  • danté

    you should totally do a series like this in the “Enderal” mod for Skyrim :D plenty of interesting stuff hidden there !

  • Moo

    Thanks for using my suggestion for Ravenscar Barrow! :)

  • Nemerly o,O

    Nate, I just did (another) run through of the Soul Cairn. You could probably do a whole episode just in that place. Beside the well known "Secret Boss", you can also find the remains of two other visitors, various unique spells books, and rare weapons (if you are high enough level). But the thing I found today, that I have not come across in the 7 or 8 years I have been playing this game: You will come across 3 Orcs standing together. They don't do much and say nothing. But - take a look at the dragon bones near their little camp for a surprise.

  • Dragonnoidv

    What would happen if Yamarz(?) Survived fighting the giants?

  • Heller Lengsfield

    M’aiq is no liar...How dare you🤬😾

  • hollyster51792

    Video suggestion: 5 Interesting Creatures? Personally I would love to know more about Spriggans, draugr, trolls and how they came to be/the lore/all the interesting details we might have missed. You catch my drift

  • Bear 20

    Okay so orc can't kill giant so he sends guy who murders the giant to death , only to challenge said guy ... what kinda logic is that ?

  • BadgeurM0B

    Arvel asked me to cut him down, so I shot him in the head, request granted :)

  • Primordial Bias

    Sees the Dragonborn slaughter a bunch of HagravensImmediately tries to rob the Dragonborn who may or may not have used a few shoutsWow, that bandit is a special kind of stupid...

  • Tiberius

    You could say that with that potion, Raerek is hiding another BIG secret.

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