SKYRIM BATTLE #2 - 1000 Imperial VS. 1000 Stormcloak

SKYRIM BATTLE #2 - 1000 Imperial VS. 1000 Stormcloak

A HUGE open field battle outside whiterun between 1000 imperials and 1000 stormcloaks, Ulfric Stormcloak and General Tullius lead each army, who will win?

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  • Cosmic Contrarian

    This was the most upvoted suggestion from the previous video, awesome because it was going to be battle #2 anyway. I'm glad it was the most upvoted though because it shows that I'm in touch with what you guys want to see in battles, super important!Often when I'm watching battles I get more ideas, so if you guys have any battle suggestions post them, especially if you get them watching this video, that's where I get my best ideas!THANK YOU for all the birthday messages on the last video and THANK YOU for all of the suggestions!If you've not seen the previous battle, here it is -, comment and subscribe my friends. As always, thanks for watching!EDIT - YOUTUBE STILL PROCESSING TO 4K, FUUUUCKKKEDIT 2 - 4k AVAILABLE NOW, YAY!!! :D

  • DAV

    This is how the civil war should have actually looked like

  • Krimson Kyago

    So THIS is what sovngarde is like

  • Israel Bolet

    Basically Vikings vs Light-armored Romans

  • Derpy Para

    Let me guesss... you joined the stormcloaks

  • Johnny Wraith13

    When the battle is so intense you start to levitate.

  • Νικος Καλαμακης

    I know its really late, but here's my idea:1000 ImperialsVS1000 StormcloaksVS1000 Alik'r warriorsVS1000 Thalmor soldiersVS1000 ForswornBATTLE OF THE 5 ARMIES OF SKYRIM

  • ZHC

    9:27 "must've scared him off."Ok did ulfric really just throw the general off the tower and then do a one liner

  • G-hawn

    The moment they started to move, my inner voice said "you never should have come here"

  • Yeet On the haters

    A true king wouldn't use the power of the voice to murder the high king and usurp his throne, you started this war, and plunged skyrim into chaos, and now the Empire is going to put you down!

  • sam collop

    2:14 imperial space program

  • Blue Wolf

    I honeslty felt bad for every Stormcloak that I killed or just simply died for their cause. All they wanted was freedom to worship who they desired to ya know In my opinion the Dragonborn should have created his own faction and instead of having the brothers and sisterd of Skyrim slaighter eachother they could fight evil.

  • Haven Falls [Setar]

    What is better? To be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?

  • Magic Dragon

    Look at all those chickens

  • Johnathan Hook

    Most people don’t realize this, but the Stormcloaks won because of two-handed weapons, witch have a way higher damage output than one-handed/shield combo and magic. The Imperials had better armor, weapons, and bows, but none of them had two-handed weapons.

  • adamas nedaris

    everything was ok . until imperials started to fly

  • kenSMS 1209

    Which sides did you guys choose?A: imperials B: stormcloacks Comment and tell us why.

  • Alpha pack

    I sided with imperials cause they ain't racist

  • Geralt Of Rivia

    music likekaer morhen vs skelliga

  • NJA2k8

    You'll find me in the back looting all the corpses for the arrows and gold

  • Ghost of sparta

    This is how the battle for white run should have went

  • Ariel Malone


  • Logan Van Gorder

    These imperials broke the law of gravity

  • Hellisan12

    Request: Take the same exact battle (any battle) and keep the camera on the last man standing for the entire time. I'd love to know how many he killed, how he survived, etc. Maybe somebody else killed three times as many people and died halfway through the fight?

  • Piggmanmaxx

    Come on Imperials get your game up you can’t let the storm cloaks win like that!!!

  • Jaxon Is Thicc

    Um false, M'aiq could kill them all with a single swipe, he told me himself.

  • Jup

    1:33 THE IMPERIAL SOLDIER HAS TAKEN FLIGHTAlso XD it's funny how people just randomly float

  • Gen.Smoke

    2k dislikes İmperial bastards

  • The High Pineapple

    Greybeards : "So, did they agree to meet here for mediation?" Dragonborn : ", yeah, about that....... "

  • Erik Red

    Oh my god imperials can fly

  • The Nogitsune'

    It's funny how most plays don't care about the war xD they pick stormcloak cuz of the name and they pick imperial cuz of the armor lol

  • Grigoriy Dubrov

    I was always for Stormcloacks... because I liked General Tulius armor and this was the only way to wear it))

  • CidGuerreiro1234

    Did you run this on a nuclear power plant to avoid FPS drops?

  • NoFranko

    go cast your fancy magic someplace else

  • Neiroe

    Death to the stormcloak rebellion.

  • Agnes Rodrigues

    The imperials are without shields against two handed weapons, and where are The heavy armored imperials? This is stormcloak propaganda

  • Sananda Yeshua

    This was disproportionate, the imperial ones are without their shields...

  • Your wors nightmare

    Its a birdNo its a planeOh wait... its an imperial soldier

  • Nox In a Box

    6:25 Erm. Wrong game music.

  • benyamin simkhis

    theres a witcher 3 music

  • The R3aper

    9:56 some whiterun guard body’s where laying there

  • Majorkillshot

    All hail the imperial legion

  • Will Kershisnik

    Tullius: Give up Ulfric I have the high ground!Ulfric: You underestimate my power!

  • Ganime

    archer in the front? are you serious?

  • Brakedown! Breakdown!

    5:19Stormcloak Soldier: "Omae wa mou shindeiru."Imperial : "NANI???"

  • federico filipiak

    This whit enhanced blood mod will be awesome


    9:07 wow, that was dramatic

  • Virplexer

    War, War never changes.

  • Agent Ham

    9:11 He needs some milk!

  • Sim, sou eu

    Long Live the Empire !!!!!!

  • SR Matheu

    "Long Live to Empire!" Im Imperial!

  • Veles

    У Перчиков изначально преимущ-во было в виде магов

  • Alec Bertrand

    that akward moment when you're in a battle and your mates start flying to heaven

  • Art_North

    this is the best battle thank you I longed for such a battle

  • Snailly

    Witcher 3 ost makes this battle become more epic

  • joosep paarnamets

    Reallly witchers soundtrack lol

  • Kyle B

    who else laughed at the flying soldiers

  • radioactive murder

    You vs no nut November

  • infamous 90

    Floating imperials be like

  • Owen Durst

    this is how the skyrim war SHOULD have happened

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