Skyrim: 5 More Strange Lesser-Known Bosses and Villains You May Have Missed

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game with a rich number of evil doers and bad guys to go up against the Dragonborn. However, amidst all of Skyrim's primary villains, a few good secondary antagonists are ignored by most. So today, we pay homage to some of Skyrim's most interesting, yet overshadowed antagonists as we take a look at five strange lesser-known villains you may have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • J Fz

    i find hard to believe that someone can take lydia hostage, but dark brotherhood took dovahkin while sleeping, so well, all can happen i guess

  • Azizguy101

    Plot twist: nate makes deals with hermaeus mora, daedric prince of knowledge, so he can get all these details.

  • Vorname Eckstein

    Rochelle the Red: "Hey you know that extremly powerful dragenborn who killed Alduin and eats giants for breakfast?" Bandit: "Yeah..."Rochelle: "Let's kidnap his wife!"Bandit: ".....Brilliant."

  • Serpent XI

    "What should we do today boss?""Hmm, I don't know. Why don't we kidnap the Dragonborn's wife and blackmail them.""Can we do that plan, but to literally any other person in the whole world boss?""Don't talk back."

  • ✓ueet✓

    2025: Top 5 Unique Cows in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  • Andrew Knoll

    Most of the antagonists to dark brotherhood are good people. The dark brotherhood are far from being the good guys. Honestly i felt bad for Mero, the main antagonists of the dark brotherhood quest line. He was just doing his job and protecting the emperor who was also not a bad guy. The dark brother destroyed both of their lives literally and figuratively. I perfer the morgan tong atleast they follow laws and don't seem like they are pure evil. That is not saying i didn't enjoy every dark brotherhood quest line. They just seem to over the top evil. There is no grey what so ever. Even the antagonists of the dark brotherhood in oblivion Mathew Bellmont is complete loon and he was just trying to avenge his mother. Sithis isn't actually that evil. Techically he is responsible for unintentionally creating all life indirectly. The night mother on the other hand is one sadistic bitch.

  • Nostradamus141899

    Nate, how much time do you spend in finding and exploring Skyrim? And for the rest of you guys, what race do you choose and why?

  • PaWeloWi GAMING

    Ward spells protect from spider and chaurus spits

  • DrWhisky teh trooper

    Do you get to the Nate district very often? Of course you do. What am I saying?Love the video :D

  • Goku Africa

    1000+ hours in skyrim and still didn't know my spouse could get kidnapped!!!

  • SneakyWarrior 82

    The final boss of Skyrim should’ve been a giant chicken that breathes fire.

  • Valen Warden

    When Elisif asks you to take her husband's war horn to a shrine of Talos it's the one you talk about in this video, right? "Elisif's Tribute"

  • LifelessTooth

    That Thalmor agent is related to a quest that only becomes available if you're reputable enough to gain Jarl Elisif's trust in Solitude. She'll ask you to make an offering to the shrine for her late husband, King Torygg.

  • Pa1eDrake

    “You’ll have to help Nazeem defeat the man.”Ah, I knew nazeem was a member of the dark brotherhood!

  • Kevin Crose

    So you're telling me Aela can't handle a couple bandits?

  • Adam Gray

    "... murdered to death." never gets old when TheEpicNate315 says it.

  • TheLetterFox

    "Dorian, one of the crew members, is...a little bit different." The man's got some lip gloss, mascara, and rouge game for sure.

  • Angel Ufo

    I think Dorian is a joke about Dorian Gray (from Oscar Wilde's book). Dorian in the book is a hedonist who ONLY wants wine, parties, money, and women (and men) and doesn't want to think or read, while this Dorian is the exact opposite

  • Olgierd Boratyński

    Why is Arcturus a bad guy? And if he's a bad guy, then are we the bad guy if we destroy the Brotherhood?

  • The Crusading Slav

    Strange fact : Penitus Oculatus in Latin is Internet Eyewitness

  • StraightUpIrish

    I wasn't notified of this video :'( Good thing I came to check so I could get these juicy facts also that is SO CONVENIENT, I literally just found Rochelle like 2 days ago. Dirty bandits got nothing on my monk khajiit.

  • Kolten Graves

    I love these videos. Learn alot sometimes.

  • FakePale

    Dammit Nate, stop uploading videos. I should be studying

  • Candle Candle

    Has Nate ever mentioned Rorlund of Solitude? The priest of the 8 divines who talks about how Sanguine would be pleased during the Festival of the Burning of the Kings? That strike anyone as odd?

  • Gabriel Bitencourt

    The first one is not a villain! He is a hero!! He is fighting against a guild of cold blooded assasins.

  • Tarvoc

    I wouldn't exactly call the Penitus Occulatus troops who stormed the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary villains. One can easily make a case that they're heroes.

  • legogamingjojo

    The least known villain is the one who asks to be pinned

  • Josh Dracoian

    I say: Destroy the Dark Brotherhood. I really don't like that group.

  • Eternally Angelic

    If Lydia ever got captured by a rag tag group of bandits, I'd be whipping her with words all the way back home. "This is why I don't bring you on quests!"

  • Someone you Probably Don't Know

    When you marry Lydia with the hearthfire DLC- Lydia: Hears someone say fight and goes absolutely berserkAlso Lydia: Let's some filthy bandit kidnap her

  • Geno Breaker

    You're portraying the Dark Brotherhood as good guys and the Emperor's Guards as villains lol

  • UGU Zach

    It takes a special kind of idiot to try to get a ransom out of the dragonborn. Suffice to say, most who even think of opposing my character get a 6 foot long Scottish broadsword rammed through their torso.

  • Raquel Chief

    how convenient, I was just about to do nothing

  • Erol mus

    It’s not an EpicNate video without the “murder to death” quote

  • Mister Taz

    I'm always like when Rochelle kidnaps my spouse thinking to myself "She realizes she's just pissed off the at the very least regionally famous Dragonborn right? Bane of Alduin, slayer of Miraak, destroyer of the Volkiher vampire clan? Any ONE of those titles should be enough to terrify any bandit with a brain, and clearly you knew who my spouse was, and odds are they told you EXACTLY what my PC does for a living right? You know, waltzing into bandit camps and murdering everyone is a sort of hobby of my PC. Infact I've brought along my spouse several times for these raids. AND YOU THINK ITS SMART TO KIDNAP MY SPOUSE?!"

  • Love Gestapo

    "Or you could kill the bandits and take back your significant other"Wouldn't have it any other way ;)

  • Marco Vinicio Chavarria Brenes

    If they ever kidnap my Camilla, for sure the only sure answer is to murder them all to death!

  • ventriloquism toy -

    Nate, while I was in solitude I hooked up a carriage and you know how they have their dialogue, well mine was along the lines of... " ever heard of those cats? Kah-jeets I think are what they are. They've got a country full of them down south" I don't know if this is word for word since it happened so fast, but idk if its just me or did people call them provinces on YouTube and not countries? Or was this a mistake by Bethesda? Please like if you have heard this and so nate can see this!

  • Darth Bane

    I just did the Forsworn conspiracy questline in Markarth again and realized 11 named npcs were dead by the end

  • Pale Hold Guard

    Brandish (Fort Neugard but only appears if the fort is not occupied by stormcloaks or the legion)The Butcher (Cragslane Cavern)Sarthis Idren and Orini Dral (Riften warehouse)Telrav (Nilheim)Haldyn (Japhet's Folly)Minorne (Ruunvald)Naris the Wicked (Morvunskar)Taron Dreth (random encounter) etc.

  • technocat5000

    I don’t like Nazir, it sounds too much like a certain whiterun farmer that wonders about who goes to the cloud district.

  • AlphaInferno22

    A more well known villain is General Tulius, or any Imperial for that matter.

  • Christopher Baker

    He talks like the Dark Brotherhood members in Skyrim are likeable. They're all bland, and the questline isn't even deep enough to develop any relationship with these characters, they're just kind of there to fill-in space.

  • lavi

    I wonder if I'll ever stop scaring with the "HEY" at the beginning of the videos. 😕

  • Little Miss Evil

    There is another villain. Don't know if he's lesser known or not, but it is kind of sad all the same. When you take the road from Riverwood to Falkreath, at some point there will be a small bandit camp on a small hill or whatever it's called, most likely so they can rob unsuspecting travelers. However, near that tiny camp, there's a Talos shrine with a single dead Thalmor Agent and three (I think) dead Talos worshippers. When searching the dead Thalmor's body, there will be a letter/note from Elenwen. She says that despite all the investigation that has been done, there is no evidence of a Talos shrine around Lake Ilinalta and thus she rejects the Agent's request of sending some soldiers down to help destroy the Talos shrine and worshippers, telling him to go investigate himself and come back with proof or not at all. Now, I get it that the Thalmor are a bunch of pointy eared jerks and all, but it's kind of sad that he went there himself, massacred everyone there and then died himself, just because Elenwen denied his request for help. I feel bad for the worshippers too. Personally, I think the entire location and "story" is sad. :/

  • Garpogods

    Just saying this: Hated working with Maven Black Briar. Hated her being Jarl of Riften in the Empire ending of the civil war. Wish there was some way you could have exposed her and cleaned up the streets from thievery in the same vein as killing the dark brotherhood before joining

  • Young Ace

    Favorite Bethesda news youtuber

  • Lord Arkay

    Pin me to death please

  • Finn McShark

    On number 4, though the Thalmor Soldiers aren't tied to any specific quest, if you happen to take the quest by Elisif the Fair to deliver Torygg's war horn at a shrine of Talos there is a slight chance that the timing of the elves' patrol overlaps that of the quest and you can encounter them whilst delivering the horn. I don't know if that was deliberately done by Bethesda given that I've played through Skyrim like 10 times and have only encountered them once, but it's pretty interesting nonetheless.

  • Sunset Rider

    LYDIA: “I knew you’d come for me!”That line needs to be in a... different type of mod.

  • Sukhoi

    Lorackalin. Lorcalin. Twitches violently

  • kylie caperton

    When I found the thalmor at the shrine I thought it was a mod because every time I bring torygs horn there he never spawned.

  • Will! The Old Khajiit

    Ah yeees Rochelle the Red. She kidnapped this one's Ysolda from Lake View Manor! She was not smart though. She and her 6 bandit friends stood in the open in front of embershard mine! Khajiit loosed 7 arrows from the shadows and 7 lay dead. Don't mess with our Ysolda!!

  • DeadlySoapbox

    do you make a point to mispronounce something in every video?

  • Lvl58DeathKnight

    Rochelle: "we're going to kidnap the Dragonborn's wife and ransom her"henchman: blood drains from face "um good plan and all but could we maybe do it to someone else? perhaps someone who hasn't killed Alduin and an ancient vampire lord? someone who wont come and butcher us as revenge?"Rochelle: "Shut up and do as I say"fast forward to the Dragonborn cutting a swath thru the bandits hideout, heads being severed left and righthenchman: "I told you so...."

  • Welshy

    I’m totally on a Skyrim video binge 😂

  • 6 Month body change 95

    Not really a boss or a villain because he threatened to chop someone’s fingers off

  • Still waiting for 10th Crusade

    Agent locarin was suppose to be enemy of the quest from elisif she ask you to put her husband horn on that shrine

  • Cosmic cowboy

    Rochelle the red after playing more hours than I can bring myself to acknowledge in the land of Skyrim that's one I have never seen AWESOME thank you great video

  • Kaleb Pratt

    I noticed at 1:23 you called Nazir Nazeem. I would appreciate it if you never made that mistake again.

  • General Penultimo

    Didnt knew the last one since i always had the housecarl from the hold i was building a home stay in my house because they where pretty useless otherwise... Definately going to try this out tho so thanks for the info ✌

  • Robyn Wilson

    Another quality skyrim vvideo

  • Kimberly Elliott

    You have the best voice.

  • Poizen Ivey

    The bandits kidnapped my orc husband, who is a war veteran... I’m sorry, but he is always wearing armor, how he got kidnapped is beyond me.

  • Aaron Russell

    I love the fact that the farther you get in the game the dumber the bandits and the other riff raff get because nobody in their right mind would mess with the Dragonborn who ends up killing alduin, becomes the leader of every guild in Skyrim, wins the civil war for the stormcloaks or the imperials, becomes thane of every hold, racks up a body count so large that it would make the most cold hearted killer think twice before trying to kill someone even remotely related to the Dragonborn, and the fact the Dragonborn is most likely equipped with maxed out enchanted daedric weapons and armor

  • Alexander Nance

    Wonder how long it’ll be until someone asks for a pin

  • Red

    Nate, your voice is amazing for commentating.

  • _Vinternatt _

    I had a Companions quest in wich I had to "intimidate" a dude in one of these ships in the Solitude docks. The problem is everytime I went inside the ship, day or night, everyone in the ship just Said: You're not supposed to be in here. I'd say the stupid programers should be in the list, but they're not that secret as villains. Everyone knows their trickeries...

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