Skyrim Pure Warrior Build Walkthrough SURVIVAL MODE, NO MAGIC Part 5: The Wild Road to Whiterun

Here's how to create a Skyrim pure 2H warrior build from scratch on Legendary Difficulty with Survival Mode activated. Special rules of engagement: No magic spells allowed and we can only eat what we can kill. Insane challenge run!

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  • phreek213

    Slack, as a longtime viewer, I must say I miss your rendition of “Man of constant sorrow” when mining...

  • ahmet

    I keep imagining this 7+ foot orc with a massive steel warhammer in hand constantly being like “OMG what if a rat comes at me here”

  • Sunshine

    Hardest working SOB on the platform, cranking these episodes out like he’s on bath salts

  • Jonas Haahr Hillgaard

    try a pure assasin run where you can only loot items from people you assasinated

  • MaskedFigure

    18:11 I'll be honest, Slack. Taking out time to try and ride a butterfly probably wasn't the best use of your hunger points. Totally worth it though! Lul

  • Krešimir Cindrić

    I'm sorry Slack, I thought you were butterflyshit crazy...

  • Oscar J. Soto

    I am sorry for doubting your butterfly riding skills

  • wademanguy

    Lol, "have u heard?! There's a serial chicken killer on the loose!". Great stuff Slack, Thumbs UP! :)

  • Tudor Alexandru

    If there is one thing i love seeing after a long day of stressing out on college is an upload from you, thank you man, much appreciated

  • LoLrand0mness

    >survival mode: fast travel is disabled.smiley: who needs fast travel, if you can ride a butterfly?

  • Nostra Fn Damus

    Well, it's a Bethesda game. I'd be more surprised if you couldn't ride the butterfly tbh

  • ur niece obese

    Can you do the vegan run?

  • Orlando Fonseca

    next challenge, vegan archer

  • dELTA13579111315

    I tried that with the butterflies in my backyard. They must be really wimpy cause none of them could carry me

  • Solaner

    You dunked that crab so hard he buried himself

  • George C

    Just finished watching your whole thief walkthrough, now onto this one, that butterfly stunt just earned you a new subscriber.

  • bring da ruckus

    Hey slackattack, would u consider yourself having more knowlegde in Skyrim than ESO or therealnate?

  • Sesroh On

    I never thought you could get more entertaining to watch...until I watched you stalk chickens, saying there’s a “hit” going down. Colonel Sanders would be proud.

  • Leftysfive93

    Two bad you can't eat wolves.

  • Julie K

    who the heck knew that there are so freakin many iron ore veins around whiterun xD loved the stealth mode on the chickens man. pray to Malacath for some good hunts during your playthrough! :D

  • Christopher Collins

    Inspired by today’s explanation on power potions, a not-at-all well fleshed out walkthrough idea: The Druggie 1. Survival Mode2. Must seek out power potion ingredients at least daily (possibly more) and take the potions on a regular schedule, whether you want to or not. Power potions must be a mix of good and bad effects and a supply kept on your person at all times. 3. Get strung out by not sleeping for days on end. 4. Transient: must sleep on bedrolls in camps. Can only store items in barrels which could disappear stuff, so if you’re not on top of it, your stuff could get “stolen”. 5. Must visit a tavern in every town and spend 10% of on-hand gold on beer. Throw the bottles away. 6. You’re a thief, but a bad one, cause of the “tremors”: no perk points in that tree. 7. No magic or shouts, with maybe some exceptions. 8. IDK which weapon you can use. A dagger?I wish I knew more about Skyrim to further this idea, and I have no clear goal for how it ends. Unfortunately just a rough sketch. Cheers!

  • Jesse Brettell

    SLACK!I know this is a little late but i am rewatching the videos and following along. You mentioned with the Skyrim Unoffical patch mod, that some of the barrels and items would be listed as stolen. Also, i noticed that if you make venison stew, and some other foods, that they dont work to restore hunger.I had to uninstal the patch/mod to be able to benefit from the hunger points. As always, thank you for these walkthroughs, they are honestly worth joining the patron club.

  • thevenin26

    I bow before the master of Skyrim.

  • Señor Truthador

    Why don't you eat some fishyou can kill them so they are not against the rules

  • Andrew

    Finally a new upload! I think I have an addiction.

  • Liquidated

    If you say you can ride a butterfly, who am I to doubt you?

  • Unparagoned Studios

    I apologize 2k hours of this game and i STILL didn't know this was possible

  • Aaron Floyd

    Here's an idea for a build.The peasant. Rules of Engagement:1: You can carry no more than 100 gold at one time. If you exceed this number drop the excess gold immediately.2: You cannot wear any armor, unless it is issued to you by the Stormcloaks or Imperials. (beginning armor does not count.)3: The only weapons you may use are a woodsman's axe or a pickaxe. You may enchant them, though.4: If you have no armor, you must wear ragged robes and footwraps. A hat and gloves are optional.5: You may improve any skills you wish.6: You may not own a personal house. Rooms in inns do not count, so if you can afford rent, you may keep renting that room.7: (for survival) Any food is available to you. Victory conditionsDefeat the main story line.

  • Ada van Quapa

    I didn't know you could ride a butterfly. I knew about the fact, that you can kill them

  • Invoi Able

    If anyone is playing along with this challenge. Hawk feathers alone have the cure disease trait upon consumption. Good thing to stock up on.

  • Stubby

    Of all the years I've played and watched skyrim I've never seen someone ride a butterfly... you have my eternal respect and gratitude... im off to go ride butterflies now

  • Technological Rocketeer

    Are you going to get the cannibalism ring so that you can feed on people that you kill (e.g. bandits) or does it not feed you in survival mode?

  • Wookie schnitzel

    "like picking up money"... Well said Slack. Anti-alchemy players baffle me

  • Steven Gates

    I have truly seen it all. To have a 300 plus Orc riding a blue butterfly. What else is there?

  • Shaun White

    Riding a butterfly, Skyrim physics win again! Awesome!!!

  • kibitokay

    got an sub with that trick, played over an thousand hrs and never seen that before .

  • Augustinas Sataitis

    Does livestock respawn?

  • The Black Swordsman

    Omg that butterfly Ride XD

  • RaymondNordahl

    Loving this! For your next rules of engagement you should consider not being allowed to put anything into a container, except for quests that require it of course :)

  • Morbidfilth

    You are a true legend Slack for riding a butterfly. Great video!

  • CacheRAM

    >saves hide helm, intends to wear it>2 entire episodes carrying it around>has not yet put it onI am only gonna cut you a little slack because you are keeping track of OVER9000 details already. Really enjoying this new walkthrough, thanks for the entertainment!

  • Thejohnny Jameson

    slack if you equip a pickaxe you can actually open a portal to minecraft.

  • D00MTR33

    Did I smash him all the way to China?Lol.

  • Joseph Bentley

    Just because you actually do something you said you were going to do doesn't mean you are not crazy! rofl

  • Troy Hunter

    Make sure you get volendrung!!

  • archabe

    never knew about the free chicken at honningbrew

  • Victor C

    Hello slack just a neighbor to the south in USA happy Thanksgiving in your country you probably have a Turkey in the oven haha ,we have to wait until nov.22 for our Thanksgiving anyways back to the skyrim video your one of my favorites when it comes to strategy type walkthroughs with excellent commentary your very informative.

  • usefulidiot227

    Any reason you don't go for salmon? There's usually a ton in the river. Does it make you too cold or is the calorie intake too low? Would seem like easy pickings...

  • Orium

    How do i get more knowlegde about lore, items, spells, enchanting etc.?

  • Blehkelekwet

    Skyrim Pure Chicken Thief Build Walkthrough.

  • OhMagnetz

    I vote that we have some Venison Stew in the Hardcore Slacker Mess Hall tonight! :D

  • DhDoneman

    Since your on PC, why not use a 90 FOV? It looks nicer and you can see much more. Not to mention Less headache inducing

  • Ross Wassenaar

    These runs are so hectic. I can't wrap my head around how much planning you must do before starting these walkthroughs.

  • Jamoan Boi

    Great video 🙌🏽🙌🏽 makes me want to do another play through

  • Eternal Susano God

    TBH I have always played Skyrim without healing spells except for a pure mage build

  • Chris Rpg

    Hey Slack, why you seem to ignore yellow butterflies? healing potions are valuable in this build, aren't them?

  • april walsh

    is survival mode a setting ?

  • Nura Rikou

    Hey slack, Would u consider playing kingdom come deliverance too? I can’t find an indepth or pro walkthrough 😅

  • Kerem

    Curious Lucan Valerius is hilarious at 3:44

  • spoonyazul

    What shouts will you be using once you unlock them?

  • Kyle Swenson

    I don’t know why he thinks playing Skyrim with no healing spells is hard I did my first two play through like that

  • Abdul Mukith

    Is rabbit haunch made with rabbit meat and salt pile? I thought the rules were meat must be cooked with veg?

  • Dillburger VG

    Slack! With your wolf killing strategy i think if you bashed then did a standard attack followed instantly by a power attack you could avoid damage altogether

  • Timothy Monnin

    Slack is the Whack-a-Crab champion!!! Right to oblivion apparently.

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