Skyrim’s Creation Club is Back With Unicorns and A Vengeance (New Skyrim Creation Club Releases)

Skyrim’s Creation Club has received it’s third update of the year, bringing forth three new ‘creations’ available for purchase on the Skyrim Special Edition Creation Club marketplace. The Elder Scrolls 5’s Creation Club has largely garnered Bethesda much criticism, being branded as “paid mods” and seen minimal evolution, and this new wave is Bethesda’s most recent attempt at winning back hearts and minds. Whether they succeeded with this Skyrim update, if for us to decide.

    Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies, like riding in on a pretty unicorn

  • Honest M'aiq

    Why would you pay Godd Howard when you have NexusMods for free ?!

  • Sandhiren Pillay

    What's the point of making the CC companions inept at combat.

  • Undomaranel

    Why pay $5 for a unicorn when Arvak is such a good horse???

  • TheRedGriffin

    Wait...that dog was already murdered to death...Edit: I love this community. Thank you for the 📌 Nate!

  • Wacko Doodle

    Undead wolf can't attack, but to get it you need to kill two undead wolves that do attack.Makes, sense?

  • Zangoz

    So... this was the reason why SKSE needed an update? For Dibella's sake... stop it Bethesda

  • Felix Owen

    No horse armour yet, shame

  • Violet Vappy

    Are...are unicorns even lore friendly...?(Edit) Turns out they are, which is something I was unaware of.

  • Red Nefarious

    Ironic how Bethesda is the worst at modding their own game. Ghost companions and recycled material from older games and done in the least creative and shortest way they can. I'll admit the texture quality is beautiful and it certainly works with less bugs since they built the engine but not being able to name your horse? That's just lazy. There are mods that have done that already and I'm supposed to pay money for the horses of oblivion, a staff from morrowind that was already modded in and an undead hound that although looks cool was in both previous titles and could actually fight before, and is now a ghost. The sad part is this is the only option for console players since Bethesda has basically made a closed market of DLC tid-bits and while proving the console version can be modded they refuse to allow access to to real mods. My advice? put about $500 into a pc. For this price range you'll still be upstaging all next gen consoles by far, and have both a modular game and a modular machine to build on as the market grows. But even if you don't? Stick to vanilla this shit will bankrupt you over time and perpetuates bad business practices.

  • stargatedalek

    How to fix it? Remove the in-game BS and add them to the Steam and markets just like any sensible game does. No more updates ruining all of our free mods. No more content we can't use eating space on our machines, etc.

  • Spacedroner

    If you want a good doggo companion, I recommend Garm. Staff of Hasedoki comes packaged with Legacy of the Dragonborn or other mods. Aaaand there are at least 3 or 4 good unicorn mount mods. So, what was that about new ideas only in the creation club? I swear Bethesda made a statement like that once...


    Bethesda is murdering their reputation to death

  • zenon mostowiak

    What did the librarian say to the students?Read more

  • MurderousLady

    Don't forget this is the only way playstation players can have external assets.

  • glass of water

    Murdered to nateI got a heart, CHEESE FOR EVERYONE

  • Max Frank

    The Doggo cant fight for you?Well at least he prevents you from being Bonely HAHAHAHAHA-kill me

  • Jaime Moyano

    Creation club is just an insult to players, it's disgusting

  • Pinku Mawile

    I never understood why the creation club content never have decent quests.

  • Reece Bell

    so basically bethesda keep rehashing older, better things? shock

  • Kai 016

    Still waiting for PS4 to get more than 10 good mods

  • Dear Castiel

    Ok, I probably wouldn't even download one of them if they were free mods, I would look at them on Nexus, think "looks ok" and go on looking for high quality mods. Maybe the dog would get dowloaded for one short game as a necromancer, and even then I would just use it for some hours and then move on to another better follower..."Great Job" Bethesda, totally not another cash-grab...

  • Matthew Sly

    This is the 21st time..... howeverrrrrrr: PLEASE SHOW US YOUR LOAD ORDER!! Your game looks so DANG AMAZING!!!!

  • ATetrisBlock

    Surely the bone wolf should be able to fight, and die, but be resurrected say.. every night using the totem bone. Doesn't seem that complicated. Also not a fan of "the letter/quest will be added to your character when you load the game". So, what.. being nearly being beheaded gave the Dragonborn visions of various minor trinkets they can pick up in the wilderness, and also the headsman slipped your mail into your pocket just before Alduin landed?

  • Dan

    Simple solution for fixing CC, have everything priced like every other mod: free. Its the only acceptable price.

  • Trainer Shade

    Alright, honestly I don't see any reason for anyone to even think of getting the Bone Wolf. Not allowing it to engage in combat has literally made it incredibly undesirable... and this is coming from an undead, rotting, dog. At least if it could fight it'd make a decent companion for a necromancer playthrough, but no "we can't go killing the dog that's already dead".Otherwise it's sorta the same old story, a little too little to be worth the price or there are already similar/better mods in existence. Furthermore is it just me, or do the horses have very low quality textures?

  • Lightningbeatz

    So PS4? After the whole crossover thing, can maybe just maybe the next thing be removing mod limitations.....

  • Bony Bish

    1:38 ahh, maggots eating away the remaining flesh little guy?

  • Arcamean

    With as many mods as I tend to download and use the idea of paying for them just grates me horribly and leaves me with a "Well then I won't even try your product" feeling. I dread when ES:6 comes out and they once again either try or actually force creation club only like 76.

  • duderock10111

    Just so you all know, you can download these mods for free :)

  • Lord Doge

    Ehh i like Oblivion more.

  • Big Deano Plays

    So glad I turned off auto updates, I truly think I would have quit playing if I had to update all my mods and skse everytime Beth decided to add crap to the CC.

  • AccordYeen

    I moved back to original skyrim because SE broke and deleted all my saves and mods.

  • XxReapersGrimmxX

    Except on ps4 if you rude another horse will your unicorn is your main it disappears after a loading screen and u can't find it anymore

  • Joe Nesvick

    Maybe they should hire the makers of Beyond Skyrim, now that’s totally worth buying. I got Burma on XB1, but PS4 players don’t even have that. Once they complete Beyond Skyrim, XB1 won’t fit it. Gotta upgrade to PCSkyrim Horses seem easier to tame than Red Dead Redemption Horses. Can you kill a unicorn with a knitting needle? That’s one of Gabriella’s favorite things.

  • The Marine708

    I find it weird that Fallout 4's creations are really amazing and usefull, even the player home creations are appealing, yet nearly all of Skyrims feel pointless and a waist of money...

  • Ethan Murphy

    The Nix And Death hounds, along with the dwarven mudcrab should be bundled togetherAnd all the artifacts should be bundled together

  • apachewarrior7

    You know.. I think I'm done. Elder scrolls was the only thing keeping me from being suicidal, and its fucking ruined. I'm not even excited for elder scrolls 6 anymore. Itll probably just be a buggy, microtransaction filled mess. Goodbye everyone. It's been fun. Talos be with you.

  • Dagoth Turd

    So they’ve added unicorns and I still can’t go first person on a horse? ok then

  • volcanosumit

    Why isn't any of this on the switch? It can't be modded so that would be the perfect place for this kind of stuff

  • IWatchCereal

    I don’t use free mods because I like at least knowing and the feeling like hey I paid for a tiny dlc and I’m glad that I did it. even if the tiny dlc (cc) is trash it’s Skyrim. And that’s my excuse poorly explained

  • NButler1993

    Creation club was made just to get money out of PS4 players(like myself).P.S. They make the CC companions unable to fight so that when they release a companion that actually fights with you they can charge $5 to $10 for it instead of the $2 they charge for non-combative companions.

  • Connor Kline

    The creation club for skyrim on the PS4 is actually pretty great since you can have outside assets be added through it, unlike the mods that are allowed

  • RusskiyDzhigit

    those dogs are the survivors of Chinese market

  • Zrs2

    I’m here 26 minutes after upload am I late? Or no?

  • Sonicracer100

    I understand that you're looking at it as a "But there's mods for this." If you're on PC there's no reason at all to ever use Creation Club. But you should look at it from a perspective of a console user who doesn't have access to it. It doesn't excuse their quality or dismiss your opinions, but at least you can have an idea of their target audience and what they could gain from it.

  • Brandon Will

    CC is the only way us ps4 users can get actual new stuff, so I wish they'd add more armors that are actually cool looking, like the bosmer armor and do the same for weapons, too. Nobody wants a wolf that does nothing but look different than living wolves. New horses/unicorns aren't exactly on everyone's mind to buy. I'll admit the magical arrows and a couple other things are actually pretty interesting, but it's not enough imo

  • vargen1414

    6:32 wait a second that means...Oh Mah Gawd (JoJo Reference) they where hired to steal things by the TG

  • Leanne Boulton

    Sadly on PS4 there is no option but to use the Creation Club if you want 'new' content, new models and textures - and sadly these are mostly underwhelming and overpriced.

  • Olgierd Boratyński

    I was so heartbroken when my undead dog I got in Shivering Isles died.

  • Masturbatory Tales Of Wonder

    Lmao the horse taming system is like the one in minecraft

  • fleacythesheepgirl

    I hate creation clue so much. I would literally be more interested in a list of the top 10 buckets in skyrim then anything creation club.

  • whatyoutubedeemsappropriate 1

    Why do you need the staff if you can just fus ro dah

  • 47most SOON

    Bethesda: “Assassins Creed has unicorns?! Time to one up them!”

  • MajorMoron

    Let´s hope Bethesda don´t turn into EA in the future...

  • KraWallmann

    Could you/someone send the link for that plate armor retexture? 😊

  • The Marshall Channel

    I think the Creation Club and Bethesda are doing a wonderful job with mods. Change my mind.

  • The Black Baron

    Horse armour 2.1 colour me suprised ...

  • Here We Go

    Nate i want to thank you. You make my day and give me a reason to keep on.

  • TheNooby Worlds

    modig is also norwegian for brave

  • katsupoi

    so the dog is just a detailed pointless cash grab wow bethesda

  • Federal agent Holton

    'AlL ThE COnTenT Will bE DLC QuAlitY!''LikE MiNi DLCs'

  • Majora's Happiness

    Undead Pacifistic Wolf: Maybe (I enjoy pacifist playthroughs of Skyrim, so having a companion that doesn't run up and slaughter the people you're trying not to kill wouldn't be the worst. However... it's a dog. Dog's don't carry items, if I remember correctly, making this follower... obsolete)Magic Force Staff Recreation: Yes, please! (I love the item and quest. Very nice!)Wild Horses and Unicorn thingy: $5...? (Nate wasn't too interested in the "bucking" system but it seems relatively similar to Minecraft's base horse friending system, so no complaints here. The naming thing is super weird and the price is... the same as an official dlc... for some horses and a system that can not be compared to Immersive Horses or Convenient Horses on pain of death)

  • Blixen

    And they still haven't fixed the bug that causes instant CTD when you start the game if you don't block it in the Firewall. ::::) I'm done.

  • MemoryFreeze

    Why can't you beat communism with words? Because you can't out bid free.

  • SeigoSaiga

    Come on Bethesda, we have to wait ten years for TES VI, you can at least put out some better content smh

  • Starfish 25

    Since Kristakahashi got involved the accompanying quests got seriously better. Not saying they are worth buying but better than go there -> kill a guy -> get armor.

  • Don Nurk

    Creation Club might as well be for those on ps4, since Sony had to be dumb and not allow mods that alter game script

  • zinaal kriid

    Damn they need to remake Fallout: New Vegas already..

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