Skyrim: Yet Another 10 Tiny Details That You May Still Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 24)

Skyrim is game filled with dozens, perhaps even hundreds of Easter Eggs and hidden secrets. So many that even well over half a decade later, much of the content in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim has gone noticed by some players. So today we'll be taking yet another look at ten tiny details you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Laura James

    About The Stumbling Sabre Cat, if you haven't picked a side in the war, Fort Dunstad is overrun with bandits. The two in the inns basement just never leave.

  • Mohenjo Daro

    Nice, Bethesda made a fat joke at Paarthurnax

  • Isaac The Last N7

    Thank you for these videos. I'm always learning so much about this game and it's incredible how you keep finding these things

  • Sliver Fire

    People in skyrim always say that fur line to me everytime... I'm an Argonian, I don't even have ears

  • hunt363

    Keep the draugr in? What about the 50 draugr I fought on the way to the door?

  • Techhunter Talon

    Thanks Nate, now I have a humorous mental image of Paarthurnax landing on that eroding side of the word wall and falling clumsily onto the ground upon it crumbling under his weight. XDIt's both good and unfortunate such a thing likely was never witnessed by mortal or immortal dragon alike. It likely would have been a great embarrassment for the old dragon if it was.

  • King Tyranius

    "Murdered to death"

  • Fujidew

    This is literally the ONLY channel that can still show me things I don`t know about my favorite game.

  • DrFranklynAnderson

    I don’t know if you take suggestions, Nate, (Never mind. Helps if I actually watch the video to the end. 😂) but here’s some of my favorite Skyrim details. Some funny, some creepy. I haven’t seen every video you’ve done, so forgive me if you’ve already covered them.Swindlers Den, far west of Whiterun: a skeleton reaching toward a bottle of ale in one of the corridors.Southern Valtheim tower: a table with bread cut with woodcutters axe.Volskygge, far west of Solitude: You come across a room with the book The Four Totems of Volskygge with a riddle telling which order to pull the handles in the room to open the next door. The correct order is snake, bear, fox, and wolf, but every time you pull the wrong handle one section of the pedestal in the center of the room will open. A dragur will step out and attack, except one—looks like someone messed up their necromancy spell on that guy, and all that happens is a bunch of bones and armor tumbles to the ground.Reachwater Rock, southeast of Markarth: there’s a deep pool and when you enter the cave a skeleton starts slowly floating up through the water.The Aretino Residence in Windhelm: if you hit the bricks on the chimney between the fireplace and mounted antlers with a weapon, it bleeds. Surely an unintentional error on the developers’ part, but extra creepy when Aventus Aretino is performing the black sacrament directly behind you.

  • Meme Machine

    Fun fact: The guy you rescue from the Thalmor embassy (the guy who's chained up) can later be found in the thieves guild

  • Troper H'ghar

    7:22 Parthunax: I get it I'm fat

  • Preston Garvey

    All right I'm gonna say this but most people may know about it but when you retrieve the dragonstone for farengar and you get it, if you actually go to the Sleeping Giant Inn instead of Dragonsreach and talk to Orgnar you will another dialogue option of asking the where is the innkeeper then he will say ''Out she owns the tavern but bar is still open you can go and rest your head on the table as long as you'd like i won't bother you'' this happens because Delphine is actually talking to Farengar at the Dragonsreach and you can have a chance to see Delphine in disguise with her leather armor and a brown hood.

  • Caleb Ascencio

    I appreciate the effort to change the intro man lol

  • Caleb Ascencio

    Thanks for getting me back into Skyrim after well over six years

  • Dan K

    The guards also sometimes when your a werewolf make the comment , ugh smells like wet dog, if you have gotten wet beforehand

  • BestThot Branger

    I had roughly 300 hours put into skyrim I visited Lababrynthian a dozen times and never found the maze idek how I missed it

  • Sovierika

    Actually Madesi isn't wealthy or as successful as he wishes he was. He's actually struggling to keep his shop stocked with materials to work with for jewel crafting. Although true he prefers beggar's row over the Bunkhouse but it's debatable if it's actually because he's more comfortable there as an argonian or simply using that as an excuse so he has a reason to deny the generous offers to stay at the bunkhouse judging by his tone......Ever since Skyrim came out, I've always had this huge crush on Madesi...

  • MiNT - 742


  • Lenny Lynch

    "A value and weight of 0" Weight: 0.5 Value: 5

  • Tortosterone

    Nate, fort Dunstad is occupied by bandits if you don't do the civil war

  • Kelmė Varo

    The claw puzzle is hard if you're playing Skyrim for the first time.

  • CaughtHerEyes

    A quick commenter detail you may have missed: The Alchemists shack, found south of Ivarstead, is the origin of a non-quest storyline in which we follow the journey of an aspiring alchemist as he journey's around Skyrim. You can find notes and camps left by him in different locations around Skyrim but most noteably, you can find his resting place at Mara's Eye Pond. However, if you've followed the Vampire's side in the Dawnguard DLC, you may note a very strange occurrence. Fura Bloodmouth can give the Dragonborn side quests to kill feral vampires located around Skyrim in different locations. One such place is a den hidden under Mara's Eye Pond called, quite appropriately, Mara's Eye Den. Any time before the Dawnguard DLC the Dragonborn will find bandits or 'smugglers' hidden in this Den. However, Vampires can now be found hidden there. Back in Castle Volikhar, on Feran Sadri's table in the alchemy room, we find our wondrous Alchemist. What we can draw from this is that either Fura stumbled accross the Alchemist whilst out killing an infestation at this pond. Or what I believe to be the more plausible theory, that Feran Sadri, through his intent at studying the art of alchemy, learned of this Alchemists exploits and possible knowledge and sent Fura to capture him for "integration" but found our Alchemist friend dead. It's seems now that Feran is trying to extract the information from the Alchemists dead mind.

  • Azrael Wolfsblood

    You can’t become a werewolf by receiving the ring you have to join the companions it’s the only way

  • Solar _

    I usually play as a Khajit and have heard the voiceline before when I was a werewolf, never thought it might’ve been referring to the fact that I’m a werewolf lol

  • Doctor Who Unscored

    damn almost at 25, sooner or later part 100 will come out and by then you'll be looking at suspicious rocks

  • ???

    Instead of comparing oghma with the college try comparing it with the white gold tower. Looks more familiar than the mickey mouse one.

  • Lilly Henriksen

    Yeah, I think death will die before these stop

  • ZFX

    The blacksmith in Solstheim is Sapphires father

  • Kevin Sebastian

    2nd page of the Oghma Infinium resembles the arial view of the college of Winterhold. Arial view of the College of Winterhold looks like Mickey Mouse. Disney made Mickey Mouse, Bethesda made Skyrim. Disney owns Bethesda Game Studios confirmed.

  • Z is for Zorua

    Where are all these details coming from?!?

  • Ahsan Zaman

    Face reveal, for the anniversary.

  • Matthew Hilliker

    I've been playing the game for 6 years and have never been to the maze.

  • abdulla shemsi

    I enjoy watching these videos but tend to get depressed after thinking of what could happen after everything in Skyrim is uncovered

  • Prince Sheogorath of Madness

    The 1 Year Anniversary special must be a „Top 100 tiny details“ list

  • Claude Alpha

    I never even knew Shalidor's maze was a location in Skyrim and I've passed through Labyrinthian quite a few times to travel between Whiterun and Dawnstar.

  • Scyfer1417

    Werewolves beat vampires in my opinion, but Nate trumps all.

  • Donovan Carr

    The reason the Stumbling Sabrecat has bandits in it is because if you happen to visit before starting the civil war quests, the fort will be occupied by bandits

  • NoareNoir

    MURDERED TO DEATH. Also, because you seem to have read a comment like this at Least once, the dark elf in the companions, when asked why he joined the group, will make a reference to Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, and he'll say, "Fortune and glory, my friend, Fortune and glory."

  • Nikola Radovanovic

    45 views 63 likes. Interesting

  • Oggie

    Pin if you don’t have fur coming out of your ears

  • Grim Reaper

    Hey YouTube finally suggested a video that wasn't months old

  • theUSpopulation

    Do you have all of these videos in a playlist? I would love to binge them.

  • A.J. Bensinger

    Skyrim is a huge game...

  • Maiq The Liar VII

    Hircines ring doesn’t make you a werewolf

  • Anders Andersson

    Since my IRL cat always opens the doors in my house, maybe I should install some Nordic puzzle doors instead? She´d probably figure them out too though! I heavily suspect that she´s part Khajiit, since she loves sneaking, stealing stuff, warm sand and opening doors that she´s not suppoused to!Great video as always Nate! You should have earned yourself a doctorate in Skyrimology by now, the way you keep digging up stuff!

  • Nostradamus141899

    Can someone please explain to me, that statue in College, who is that? Is it that glowing orb in the Midden, Augur of Dunlain? Or is it some divine, ex arch-mage..?

  • Samantha Rodman

    1. Most of the Nords found on Solstheim are in the Dremora class, despite being human. 2. In the DLCs, there are several characters that actually belong to their own, unique class. These characters are Frea, Miraak, Haknir Death-Brand, and Katria.

  • Alfrida Snow

    Yaaaaaaaaiiiii ,I'm more Happy now ❤

  • Adelina Del Rey

    I want a "365 Tiny Details" vid for the anniversary.

  • Cyfrik

    9:16 - Uhm... I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this, but it wasn't until I'd spent more than 200 hours in the game that I actually realized that the combinations were written on the claws. Up until that point, I'd been brute-forcing every single one of those doors.

  • Kaylee Downey

    or...well...dead men need no money😂😂😂

  • Souls

    here’s a tiny detail I don’t think you’ve covered:When the guy (I forget his name) who wants you to kill the emperor gives you the letter explaining what to do, there are two separate voice lines you can have with Astrid. The voice line that plays is factored by if you opened the letter before giving it to Astrid or not. Hope that was a little interesting piece of knowledge I discovered, probably not the first but from what I know I haven’t seen anyone comment it.

  • Coca Loca

    I got one for you !! Using J'zargo's flame cloak on Serana will turn her hostile towards you !! Seriously I've tested it with 3 characters already....and after all she's been caught in the crossfires of, that flame cloak made her go ballistic on me

  • TheLogistics78

    The voice is killing me... good content, but it would be nice to listen to a regular voice.

  • Zhunter5000

    Just bought Skyrim special edition today. Best decision ever!

  • kvohlu - the masked hero

    7:45 if you look well on the ground you'll notice currency that I am unsure of but maybe japanese maybe that's another tiny detail!

  • amazedsatsuma

    1 year? bah Skyrim has enough content for a decade of these videos atleastXD

  • Whiterun Guard

    Nate you have another bounty, but this time it’s in Raven Rock... I think those Dark Elves won’t stand a chance against you

  • Anders Enar

    oh dear god why is this still a thing(not that its a bad seres just that no game shoud have this many bugs yet this many deatails)

  • Bonrake Montrist

    4:53 hircines ring only gives a bonus transformation doesn't turn you into a werewolf

  • Joyful Dude

    Rawr!That means “I love your content” in dinosaur! Rawr Nate!

  • Tom Lees

    Don't get me wrong, I really love this content, but I feel that this episode was weaker compared to the other Tiny Hidden Detail videos. Not a lot of them are hidden.The Stumbling Sabrecat detail: how do the dead barkeeper and the sabrecat head mount link?Madesi's detail: Where's the evidence to prove that the piece of dialogue you describe is real? I for one have never heard it and I've been playing since like 2012The werewolf/guard dialogue: Usually that's one of the first pieces of dialogue the player hears from a guard after becoming a werewolfThe Blue Palace detail: It just doesn't really have a wow factor as a lot of the other hidden details we've seen have hadThe word wall detail: One would imagine that the various word walls in Skyrim within dragon mountain locations have been occupied by dragons for gods-know how many years, and when fighting them (or even before) dragons will usually sit/land atop them. Why are they still perfectly in-tact?The Oghma Infinium detail: the page looks more like a bird's eye view of the Imperial City than the College of WinterholdI'm being very petty and picky by making these criticisms, but I think as this series carries on I feel like a lot of fans will know what the details are and will therefore be less hidden as such

  • Omar Maher

    9:00 What? Why? Why did you just ruin Skyrim?

  • Chloe C

    The pronunciation of Hermaeus Mora and Pelagius is so cringe worthy.

  • Frenzied Ferret

    Im pretty sure nate did number 10 before

  • Frenzied Ferret

    Is it weird that this is super stale and old, yet i enjoy the videos?

  • theUSpopulation

    Also, one detail that I picked up (but I am not sure if it was mentioned in a previous video) was in Fort Frostmoth. In it, you can find a locked cell with a lot of alcohol and some Skooma in it. This could be an allusion Bloodmoon in Morrowind where Fort Frostmoth had a strict anti-alcohol policy which as a key factor in one of Bloodmoon's first quests which you can read about here:

  • Iuri Pereira

    I can still remember when the title didnt have "yet another" in it. How time flies ;)

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