Skyrim Dawnguard: Walkthrough - Part 9 Chasing Echoes

Part 9 of my Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough is the quest Chasing Echoes.

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  • WolfiesAdore •

    I don't get it serana says "well I don't just take anyone into the secret places i grew up in, get rid of this interloper and we can be on our way". Does that mean I have to get rid of my follower?

  • No-One

    OMFG, turn the candlestick... it's always the simplest of things that does me in.

  • Chris Cabria

    It's not final choice to become vampire if you want to become vamp talk to serana and there's a option

  • Fhweo

    @Strange KiD become a werewolf

  • Steve Situ

    i like your videos, it's very detailed. Awesome Job.


    but she denied me after I bought it of the dude in collage of winterhold

  • TheAwkwardPotato

    if u Are a vampire, can u choose to be a dawnguard?

  • Jammy Dodger

    Hay if you remember your vid of "best mage armour in skyrim" can you do that with any armour

  • Sly Villainy

    @TheJordanJames I'm a Dawnguard and I turned into a Vampire in the Chasing Echoes quest,Do you know if this will affect future quests with the dawnguard?Will they attack me on the spot?And if so how do I get cured?

  • Ethan Mc Daid

    Keep up the good work can I add you on ps3

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