Skyrim: Dawnguard Walkthrough in 1080p, Part 1: Discovering Fort Dawnguard (in 1080p HD)

Part 1: Learning about the Dawnguard, and Exploring The Rift (Quest: Dawnguard)

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Finally, Skyrim's first DLC pack has arrived!! This video continues exactly where I left off in my main walkthrough, Episode 176. Simply continue with this video! I travel to Whiterun and hear some rumors about vampire hunters. I get sent over to Riften to investigate.

Greetings, all people that in Tamriel do dwell... We now find ourselves in the province of Skyrim! This is a full walkthrough of the entire game, covering every main quest, side quest, and primary location in Skyrim. Subscribe to follow along as I uncover the best secrets in all nine Holds, andO watch all 400 videos in dazzling 1080p HD, recorded on my PC.

Quests started in this video:

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  • charles ryanlee

    A khajit follower?You want to know what the greatest irony is to all of Skyrim?A khajit werewolf.A cat that can turn itself into a wolf.The best of two worlds.

  • Alex Perez

     *Encounters mud crab*, Drinks 50 potions and Equips legendary Daedric Armor 

  • chris schall

    I just bought the Legendary Edition of Skyrim with all the DLC's for $30.

  • Amytoadstool

    9:38 Oh my gosh, so much damage taken!! -.- Seriously, i have never seen someone drink two health potions before fighting One. Dark. Elf.

  • Zhelyaz Uzunov

    how you find the stormcloack soldier?

  • Julie Brisson

    You are the best Channel on YouTube in my opinion

  • tsicani nguliquan cassanova

    you sound like ray romano

  • WildHogKing

    Thank god you joined the stormcloaks! For the true High King! Also you imperial racists come at me you elf lovers! FOR SKYRIM!

  • Silver Lobo

    If you joined vampires have you ever assaulted fort dawnguard with vampire lord form? Has that idea ever crossed your mind? Sorry for poor english that can cause cancer to you...

  • Zhelyaz Uzunov

    ok I figured out.first i got to buy the dlc I didn't know that I need to buy dlcs I that the stormcloak soldier is already in the world but no I got to buy the Dawnguard dlc

  • Med Yassir chiguer

    I spent the whole night looking for a hint of info about that horse, can't even find it uesp or nexusmod.Where did you get it from :O?

  • WR3ND

    Like in Oblivion, I wait until I have everything else done before doing the main story quest tree. I'm here because I need the Dragon Bone near the Soul Cairn to make a shrine of Talos to add to my Hearthfire home to sate my OCD tendencies. I'll probably disable the Dawngaurd DLC again after that so that town vendors and other NPCs don't keep getting killed. Pretty annoying when you play a game and a vendor you never met dies before you even meet them and other side quests are erased from existence. My advice: Never start a fresh game with the Dawnguard DLC enabled!

  • LikeaBAWZ98

    For me on ps3 (I also have an xbox haters) it shows the arrow where it is supposed to, but on the compass the arrow leads me to riften help


    For some reason a mage with the same race as u would start attackin u on the road yo fort dawnguard I was a argonian and another argonian just attacked me when I was goin to fort dawnguard like how u got attack by a dark elf and u said that u was a dark elf

  • Amytoadstool

    Stendarr's Beacon isn't a quest. You might be thinking of Meridia's beacon.

  • duchthepitbull

    where did you get the armor for the hores pls respond

  • Tariq Anderson-Erskine

    How dare you join the stormcloaks you rebel skum but animate I'm kidding even though the stormcloaks are rebel basterds

  • mr don't give a fuck

    the rift has a bear problem though

  • Kassandra Hernblom

    Love your horse. :)How did you get your horse?

  • Anepithýmiti

    I found it behind riftin,

  • Brier Hyland

    can you please send me a link to the mod you have that lets you see the roads on the map.

  • Diego Rangel

     I just can't stop laughing after you eat mountain flowers, that was prety fun

  • GTAV,halo,skyrim,exc Tooke

    The legion of solitude rules!...

  • Julie Brisson

    You are the best Channel on YouTube in my opinion

  • Anigame

    So, I tried out becoming part of the dawnguard, but, the first guy you see, after he starts talking to me he attacks me, and now I can't even become part of the dawnguard because they all think I'm an enemy. Any help?

  • Dennis H-P

    I got the arcsh hammer, zappincrackurass... Haha

  • Santen Glic

    i get there with a vampire lord XD

  • Emperorwolf 999

    "heres general tullius"*pile of ashes*jezus what'd you do to him? show him what's under j'zargo's robes?sorry not sorry

  • Guan Kzmm

    Where does this begin in relation to his main game videos. Please respond

  • Skrytyy Ops Recon Snayper

    What is J'zargo's armor?

  • Rxmeo 777

    I got all dlc for free lol I'm lucky

  • Daniel Smith

    Whta mod allows you to see the roads on your map

  • Aniraj Tudu

    Is it necessary to be a "Stormcloak" in order to play Dawnguard?

  • TodaVtecKiller

    do u have to defeat the imperials or stormcloaks before it will work?

  • andy1998ace

    How do u get that follower

  • Luke211992

    i dont have dawnguard i think its useless i ownly dragonborn and heartfire

  • Vigilante

    whats the name of that inventory mod pls?

  • Max Stekelenburg

    Why cant i get that guy to speak to me to kill vamps?? Pls react anyone!

  • GoneFishin

    :O You a Stormcloak?? Nyoooo....

  • dragomantis

    do you have to finish skyrim to have that quest and if yes.... then that sucks

  • Ian Riley

    Lol he said match et for the machete -_-

  • William Sigler

    Dang it culvey didnt you know that ulfric hates all races exept nords? Youve shamed youre people :(

  • Joshua Lasher

    That's no Canyon it's a valley

  • Dustin Hargy

    Hey Culveyhouse how did you get the new menu interface I haven't watched some videos for a while been busy. But that menu looks way better than the original. Mod or download??

  • jay 118

    every time I enter the first guy always attacks me

  • Kristin Lampe

    Evil killing my friends. But yeah how get horse?

  • buttermuffin94

    how do you get that horse

  • McIzor W

    10:38 uh? FLOWERS!!! OMNOM!

  • McIzor W

    Inperials suck stormcloaks ftw!

  • David O'Donovan

    Thank you i have been looking for a good vid of dawngaurd for a while and yours was cool sooooo thanks for being awsome :)

  • luke williams

    I think these videos are some of the best on youtube, and you introduced me into the QD inventory! But one thing how do you make the magicka regen potion. Your the best skyrimer on youtube I subcribed


    its not its a downloadable content it come with your game

  • martinf74

    Sorry man I sided with the imperials because Im a Imperial and also a Battlestar Galactica fan. Couldnt go against col ty.

  • Defalt

    SkyUI. most popular mod on the nexus how haven't you heard about it?

  • AMON

    great vids, im subing you ;)

  • Jonathan L

    I like your commentary , entertaining=)

  • Enrique Jimenez

    Why..why the stoarmcloaks!!!!!!!!!!!.jk im the imperials and like your gameplays alot

  • WhatMeWorry

    OK, I give up! I ordered the PC version of Skyrim so I could play Dawnguard. Already completed it twice on PS3 - I guess third time's the charm. From now on I'll get games for the PC not PS3.

  • Daniel Tan

    Clurvey can u help me? i want to learn how to install mods into skyrim

  • Raymond Rubin

    Actually, if you have it downloaded and you know where Dayspring Canyon is, you can start it right off the bat.

  • Culveyhouse

    Haha thanks for the poem. ;)

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