Skyrim: Chasing Echoes Quest (Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough)

Part 6 of the new Skyrim DLC: Dawnguard. This is a walkthrough for the Chasing Echoes quest. Please leave a Like, Comment and Favourite to let us know you enjoyed. This is basically the same for both the Dawnguard and Vampire Lord quests.
  • Christopher Erickson

    I got stuck at the turn the candlestick part

  • High Jinx

    Oh my god thank you I was lost for hours in that place they should have made it a lil more obvious that you needed to twist the candle mount on the wall

  • Jarett McDonald

    I watched this vid just because of 22:01 thx man i would have never found it !

  • Malik Parks

    Another person who uses dawnbreaker

  • edmondYJ

    what the hell, she wont go because she keeps telling me : "Get rid of this interloper......"and I tried ordering my partner to wait outside and still wont go....

  • Michael Kinley

    I kept getting lost and the stupid clairvoyance spell didn't help me

  • Vanguard Gamerguy

    Serena is just standing there in combat stance in one of the gargoyle rooms and wont talk to me or move, i think its because I attacked one of her minions but idk. Has anyone else seen this. thx.

  • Steven L

    Dwarven crossbow them damn Gargoyles. 3/4 bolts done n' done.

  • NFG Ninjafighter Games

    i had to make my fillower leave my service for this to work well screw me then


    I came here cause I got stuck on the quest quite literally can't continue, picked up the journal and Serena's still busy. What do I do?

  • Fooshizlez

    Somebody please help Serena says meet me at the docks and we are at the docks and she says get rid of this interloper and I chose the option maybe she is right here in the castle because when we talked it was in the castle with Harkon in it

  • DeadheadJ

    Hate this quest so bad

  • MyArdil

    It says i need a key to enter... Where the hell do i find the key its stressing me out

  • IIsilentjokerII

    how come i have to talk to Serena and when i talk to her she says she wont just take any interloper with her in the castle but i dont have my follwer with me, does anyone know what i have to do to fix this? 

  • Půffy Ťarf

    tbh when I played this I got really scared when I went to the soul cairn lol

  • All Dressed

    Youtube had an error and made the video shaky. It's being fixed right now!

  • Travis12398

    wtf why do i hear cars?

  • Singularity

    I was stuck on that candlestick for about 2 hours. :(

  • ayojuss

    Can someone please help me every time I talk to Serana she says i cant just bring anyone to my child hood plz help

  • Mark Reyes

    Wat is the name of that dagger

  • 01 viper 01

    You make it look like your fighting skeletons in oblivion not skyrim

  • Square Kiwi

    If Serena stays in the circle and it says "This person is busy" just wait a couple of hours (or 2 seperate hours, worked for me) and she will re-do the dialoge

  • 100% original jokes

    Ha all of you think the candlestick was hard to figure out its a vampires castle you have to expect something like that (it took me like a minute to figure it out)

  • Cathy Janes

    I talked to serana and she didn't open the portal. Mine is probably gliched

  • Thunder Cuunt

    it doesnt matter how many times u played that game...that fucking candle is something that everyone must forget -.-

  • Bill Crater

    All I can say is too many gargoyles

  • Big Memer Donkus

    My problem is, I have so Many Followers in my Group, It's going to be a Century before I can start this quest. XD I CAN'T FIND THEM ALL, Do thralls count?

  • The Goatsy

    What can i do when she said : ...rid this interlode (or something like that)

  • Alyssa Ellis

    She told me to get rid of the innerloca

  • william iceshards

    ok so rodrigo to get rid of the interloper go to the Dark brother hood in dawnstar hit Nazir three times or four then pay the fine from him and serana will be fixed

  • Walter Aroeira

    you hacked it... you started this mission without even open castle's gate!

  • snaz

    are you a dawngard or a vampire lord i tried its whit a dawngard but i go back and evrybody attacked me

  • apex cj

    solved it fus ro da her and she put her shiZy blood in the bowl

  • apex cj

    I can't get to soul carin I can only ask her about her family and shiZ

  • Garrett Ford

    This same thing happened to me and i dont know what the " interloper" is! :[ idk what to do

  • NicoTheGreat29

    I saw what you were talking about and I didn't understand because I hadn't watched the video yet. I went to the fireplace and turned the candlestick feeling like an idiot.

  • Derik Spaeth

    That sword is Dawnbreaker, its a dadric artifact.

  • Ali Mehdi

    That candle thing took me hours to figure out

  • NoTSoSNEaKY55

    DAMN CANDLESTICK DAMNIT ALMOST AN HOUR SPENT ON THAT SHIT!! i was even tryin to catch the firewood on fire, and serana's annoying ass kepp sayin 'We're getting close, im sure of it.' was almost enough to make me rip my damn hair out x.x

  • Grant Flashman

    I got stuck in the tower

  • Jordan Attempts To Play Video Games

    dude this quest sucks for me i ask her to go but all she says is "get rid of this interloper" which means i guess my companions which i do and she still says this to me

  • barry thomas

    I just had to read the comments to figure it what to do

  • Lewis Saunders

    the giant spider landed on the leaver >.< i couldnt see it thanks

  • Charles Salgado-Gouker

    On PS4, I have all the ingredients and Serana doesn't add her blood. Does anyone have a workaround for this bug?

  • 45BigBoss45

    start the quest and youll find out ;)

  • Nathan Baker

    This is happening to me as well :/

  • xByFrozT

    I was stuck in 40 min..

  • Ao - San

    I killed the spider and it landed on the leaver...

  • El Sexy Taco

    wtf the moon parts arent even there 

  • Protoman Zero

    candlestick trolling everyone...

  • dedoodel

    When my follower left to go to home, it just says shes south out of the map and i don't know where to talk to her, btw im playing SKSE

  • NickNinja369OwnedU

    HEY!! You're using the exact same stuff I did!!

  • Cherrina Bradley

    Thank you so much it took me hours this morning I kept missing a door 😐

  • Jūbei Yagyū

    every time i talk to here about the room she keeps saying get rid of the innerloper what does that mean

  • stan1ey

    Damn I was stuck in that room with the gargoyles and the candlestick! Thanks!

  • stan1ey

    Same thing happened to me just press select and wait an hour and she should appear behind you

  • r0ck3t1aunch3r

    i just luv that moaning in the volkihar keep. press interact button on the dead woman in the left table and there she will make relaxing voice

  • Ragna Rock

    level 55 and still using Dawnbreaker, hum? :) i love that sword too

  • Jesse Hall

    When I go into the northern side of the castle it says its locked and i need a key please help

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