Skyrim: The Best Unarmed Build Guide (Fist of the Viking Badass)

The Ultimate Unarmed Fist Fury of Death Build Guide!

Best Armor (Full Dwarven at Level One:
Fortify Unarmed Enchantment:
Unique Dragon Mask:
The Ring of the Beast +20 unarmed damage! (Dragonborn DLC):

Other Useful Guides:
Unlimited Stamina Guide:
All Skills 1-100 Guide:

Potion ingredients:
Enchanting Potion: Blue Butterfly Wing, Hagraven Claw, Snowberries, Spriggan Sap.
Smithing Potion: Blisterwort, Glowing Mushroom, Sabre Cat Tooth, Spriggan Sap.

Shout Locations:
Marked for Death Shout:
Unrelenting Force Shout: Bleak Falls Barrow, High Hrothgar, Quest: The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller
Dragon Aspect Shout (Dragonborn DLC): Raven Rock Mine, Quest; The Final Descent Quest; near where Miraak is fought.
Disarm Shout: Eldersblood Peak, Silverdrift Lair, Snow Veil Sanctum.

Check out the Werewolf Build HERE:

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  • Catching Dinosaurs Fishing

    fist em while there down

  • Jadandlud

    To complete the build, have your character do 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, and a 10km run from Riften to Markarth every day. You'll know it works when your character suddenly goes bald.

  • Tyrannical

    Next up Best fingering build

  • Fishie Fish

    Love the backstory on this one. So detailed. Really gives you an idea of the character.

  • SharkByte

    Me: How badass can fisting really be?rapes GiantMe: ...Oh...

  • justin pickering

    *girlfriend walks in " what are you watching?"*me " the best fisting build"*girlfriend " .... I'm not even gonna ask" *me "😂true story

  • GruffKibbles89

    7:25 wtf you punched a dragon to death and the bandits think they can take you! I WOULD RUN AWAY!!

  • Matt Holdrege

    It's time for the DENTAL APPOINTMENT!

  • LuckySob _

    It wasn't enough for me in real life, so I started fisting people in skyrimfist em dead

  • luke voigtschild

    im about to start this, and i called him M'aiq Tyson

  • Bobby Bo bo bear

    how the hell do you kill a legendary dragon

  • HipsterBot

    Back story here has more than all the cod games...

  • Potato Chips

    i will use that on my girl

  • Robert Otto III

    Now, I noticed that one armed combat has three perks at the top of the skill tree that don't specifically say it needs to be a weapon attack, just a power attack. Critical Charge, Savage Strike, and Paralyzing strike. Do any of those work with unarmed combat? Because I would love to physically take off someone's head unarmed with my bare hands...

  • Ismo

    Wrong it's the sister fister build

  • Tigress Rhodes

    Very helpful for me. As I play as a khajiit every time. Love the khajiit race

  • Kendall Gill

    I wish I had watched this video before I started Skyrim 😄

  • logan

    couldn't you have picked a better word than "fisting"

  • Jhon Santos

    S'oggy Balls brought me here

  • Nario the electrician

    Fist them when they are down

  • Robin Gilmour

    I’m not immature.......I am

  • Nautilus 211

    you said "hit like a truck" like a hundred times

  • weed soup

    "Fist of the Viking">Doesn't play a Nord.

  • Lims

    Best RPG backstory I have ever heard.

  • Kodojow 22

    I took this vid out of context a little like " blow them away then fist the while there down " lol

  • Hanzomancer

    Does the dual flurry and dual savagery really affect the unarmed damage??

  • The Anime Box

    Best Fisting Build( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Gabriel Kendrick


  • John Payman

    I prefer Robbaz's guide.

  • Jervy Santos

    Misleading titleFisting people isn’t working

  • Watamote

    Does anyone have confirmation that dual savagery or dual flurry perks have any effect on unarmed? From the video it looks like he's attacking at normal speed for unarmed and it doesn's look like his power attacks are doing +50% of what they would normally do without, from my experience. I've done some quick research and I can't find any sources that claim that they have any effect on unarmed (besides this video), yet this video has a very high amount of likes/dislikes, and the other information (from my own experience playing unarmed) seems to be accurate, so it's strange to me that no one seems to have commented on such a glaring issue, if it is in fact the case those perks do not affect unarmed in any way.

  • MatGames DK

    I love that moment when he says: which is pretty fucking ridicolous!

  • Jake Goodwin

    "Blow them off their feet, then fist them when they're down." -ESO 2014

  • Panta Rhei

    I love to fist those bitches too while there down. Oooh you're talking about.. Nevermind^^

  • GameLord The Badass

    was this inspired by one of Robaz's videos by any chance?

  • Gage Svokas

    What about robbaz you bastards aren’t true Viking badasses

  • Fancy Crumpets

    Hmmmm. I wonder why this has no ads on it 😂

  • Slowpoke Gamer

    "And then fist them while they're down" why

  • Μάριος Προβατας

    If I put the one handend enchantment on my gaunlets will it do more damage??? PLEASE ANSWER.

  • Padfoot

    14 year old me in 2014 “fisting” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The_Drop Bear

    Shame that that since you can't improve the damage done by improving your armour it makes it pretty useless on Legendary

  • That one guy with a semi-long name.

    Can u make a fingering build?

  • Nuqman Hakim

    Eso. Ok so here a guide of how to make the best fisting build Me. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • 180Treehousegang

    "Fist of a Viking badass"It's not like someone made the exact same video several years ago with that same title.

  • Someone You Don't Know

    Wow, I actually was already using a very similar version of this as my favorite and main build

  • Whiterun Guard

    I never knew where whiterun was. Thanks for pointing it out :P

  • ChaoticLaw

    Fist them while they're down.....

  • Pumpkin Smasher

    Absolutly mental khajiit does 250 bottles of skooma than jumps across skyrim

  • Alex Zak

    holy shit, I made my unarmed character before watching this and I just noticed that we chose the same character preset!!! the preset does look like the kind of person who would use their fists above anything else.

  • Aidan Loewen

    But who wants to play like a little poosy? You're not a true Viking! Robbaz would be disappointed in you!

  • Anthony Orosco

    Stolen directly from Robbaz

  • NashDaNinjaPRO.

    I finished the game doing this I finished it in a week

  • XainArchives

    Nobody beats the Khajiit in fisting people...That came out wrong didn't it?...

  • Wand Maker

    What about the ring of the beast?

  • Wesley FitzGerald

    but which would be stronger with this build, khajiit claws or an orc's berserker rage? like if you get disarmed and activate it.


    4:06 why u dabbin boi?!?!

  • Adam Lee

    The video thumbnail though. Ugh im crying...

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