Top 10 Shouts in Skyrim Special Edition

The Top 10 Shouts in Skyrim Special Edition!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Sergeant Johnson伍世

    But guys, what about become ethereal. 1. Jump from any height (best way to descend high hrothgar)2. Enemies cant hurt you so great for getting out of a tough situation3. Unlimited stamina so free running and a single free power attack4. Able to breath underwater5. Immune to trap damage6. nightvision7. You become a spooky ghost

  • woodrobin

    After hearing Durnehviir's dialogue in the Soul Cairn, I often like to summon him outside of combat, just so he can fly around and enjoy the sunlight and beauty of Tamriel that he missed so much. He'll take off and circle around, roaring and just looking like he's having such a good time. He's like a giant, evil, undead, oozy sad puppy. :-)

  • Whitney D.

    My top shout in Skyrim is, "Shut up, Braith"

  • Harri Lahtinen

    accidentally uses slow time shout while speaking to ole herma mora. TRIGGERED. does anyone else feel my pain

  • Voidwalker 2065

    how many fingers does the dovahkiin have? four fingers and a THUUM! heh heh

  • Aidan Keogh

    More puns than a Watchmojo video.

  • Matthew Chirino

    I'll miss the shouts in elder scrolls 6

  • Dustin Perusse

    Don't use google ask the graybeards where shouts are. They don't tell you which one it is, but it is more fun

  • DankFlab •

    Where is Marked For Death? That shout LITERALLY makes EVERY enemy easier to kill!

  • insanegames

    Maybe, as an excuse to put shouts in it, Elder Scrolls 6 will pull a Fallout 2, with you playing as the Dovakiin's descendent.

  • Hudson Davis

    I taught my little cousin that fus ro dah are the magic words. I feel very proud of myself.

  • Planet Earth

    I'm going to have to ask you to stop!... that... shouting it's making people nervous

  • Bran Smith

    Dragon aspect is more of a kaioken than a super saiyan.

  • Ryjak

    9:26 I hate that vampire. He always runs in while I'm a low level and kills Adrianne and Ulferth at warmaidens.

  • Italics

    There's no 'Skyrim shuffle' shout.

  • The silent gamer

    No I don't use wirlwind sprint to move around I use a my horse

  • Dr Ukato

    I'd like to see some of your builds fight of against the Ebony Warrior...

  • GerryBolger

    No Aura Whisper? That shit is pretty useful when playing a stealthy build.

  • Dante Edgeworth

    Really only ever use dragonrend and Fusrodah

  • Samuel Leon

    amazing camera work I feel like I am watching a movie

  • Robert Cooper

    What about Bend Will??? An ancient dragon is attacking the college of Winterhold? Nah, now he's my personal taxi.

  • Dcsagemode

    sicks and stones may NOT break my bones, but why do they always hurt?? =(

  • NoForksGiven

    Elemental Fury + duel wield dagger and sword = Spin2Win

  • David Hoggwash

    Just started playing Skyrim for first time last week. My first ever RPG game. I love it!

  • Steeny24

    I honestly always forget about the shouts

  • Bryan Andrews

    Aura whisper + ice storm (ice spell that goes through walls) = surprise snowmaggedon

  • Jimboola

    Three shouts I use most...1. Ice Form2. Soul Tear3. Aura Whisper

  • J4Y Kinizzle

    if soul tear isnt no.1 or no.2 in triggerd

  • Chickens Malone

    Second shout: also used when your over-cumbered while traveling to blacksmith

  • Edward Rodriguez

    they should make a Thor build

  • Thesaurus Rex

    My personal favorite shout is the Marked for Death shout. It drains the opponents health and armor (though the health drain is very low), and the armor drain is PERMANENT, and can dip into negatives, making even the toughest foes easy to dispatch. The HP drain also proves to be a notable hindrance to any passive regeneration an enemy might have. If you want to take out enemies with a single barefisted punch, this is the shout for you.

  • Dark Reaper

    Top 10 shouts my opinion 10.unrelenting force9.Whirlwind Sprint8.Frost Breath7.Animal Allegiance 6.Bend Will5.DragonRend4.Fire breath3.Ethreal2.Slow TimeHonorable Mentions:Dismay,Marked for Death,Storm Call,Elemental Fury,Dragon Aspect1.Soul Tear

  • Beb Kneeland

    Hey there! Have you ever considered creating a pacifist class, a class where you never kill anyone either because of personal morality or because you serve Mara and thus show love even to your enemies? I'd love to see what you guys could do with a pacifist type character.Also. Good list. =)

  • Eckster93

    hey fudgemuppet I was wondering if you would be interested in creating one of the two build ideas I had in mind. both are khajiit based. the first is The Lion Heart. the idea behind this build is a noble khajiit warrior (i pictured sword and board) that looks like a lion and fights for good. I almost picture him/her as a knight. the other build is based off my favorite animal the Asian Tiger. tigers are the ultimate killing machines by desine and so I picture a gorilla warfare type build that maybe uses a bow from distance and shadow briefly before running in violently with combat (i thought maybe dual wield?) the asthetic would obviously be a tiger (even a snow tiger for skyrim). anyway I feel that these build ideas lack the final touches that make it more than a class and turn it into a build. I think that your talent is better suited to make one of these into something special. I understand that you have your own plans and ideas and I get that But just thought maybe if you liked one of these your give it a thought. either way I love your videos and thanks for the replay value you guys have given my favorite game. keep it up and thank you.

  • Ravenclaw Pride

    Aren't all dragons undead?

  • Kalina Hitana

    For me, I have to say my all-time favourite Shout has to be Marked for Death. The armour shredding effect has pulled me out of so many dangerous situations that I can't even imagine how I've survived without it

  • Gimli son of Gloín

    have seen up until elemental fury. placing bets on storm call right now as #1

  • jesus christ

    Happy Thanksgiving fudgemuppet

  • Commander Shepard

    marked for death is god like i use the bound bow and some times i don't do a lot of damage but when i hit them with marked for death they take way more damage

  • Fahad Adel

    it would be great if you listed these shouts or whatever in texts so we wouldn't get lost in words since it's a 12 min video.

  • CΛV

    Yeah... A healthy amount of time... heh...

  • A Boy Is Noone

    Are you guys sure unrelenting force doesnt do damage? Cause unless all of my who knows how many playthroughs have been glitched I'd like to say to say otherwise just based off pure observation.

  • Will Horton

    You guys are living legends. Thank you for the constant stream of amazing Skyrim content! I know you must work hard, but your videos are absolute quality.

  • George Nuessel

    No aura whisper? I love aura whisper! Free life detect!

  • thevoxdeus

    Slow Time is #1 by far. Dragon Aspect is very powerful, but only usable once per day, whereas Slow Time can be more or less spammed.

  • xXx_BOIPUSSY_xXx

    You should make a Thor build. Unless you already have one in which case I should probably go see through your playlist.

  • Boominator137

    Unrelenting Force, huh? That sort of sounds like my woman when I forget to clear my browser history... 😄

  • SpyroSfilms

    Elemental fury + dual flurry + daggers...

  • Anferny Crab

    Cyclone is my favorite shout.

  • Danny Beane

    I personally love to use the slow time shout for assassinations. Stop time and send an arrow to the unfortunate target and then turn invisible. It makes things hilarious as the guards will never be able to figure out where the magic arrow came from that JFKed the target.

  • Sty ffee

    wish you had wings to glide/fly with the dragon aspect shout

  • lotion_for_my_legs

    Do you like Elder Scrolls or Fallout more?

  • Andarus

    Dragonrend > Slow Time > Kyne's Peace

  • Youzeguise

    what the hell happened to the slow time shout? it used to be awesome but now its just super slow

  • rwilke3

    if this was a ranking of overall utility, ethereal would be way up there

  • Nilus

    11. FudgeMuppet shoutout

  • rapha208814

    I want to play skyrim, but i live in brazil, and the internet here is the worst in the planet, so no dowloading, wich means i have to wait til it gets to the stores :(

  • Condoner_Of _Meme

    soooo... I just made a SWAT build and it's pretty guuud...what now?

  • lex bosch

    What!?! where is marked for death? it is like OP a.f.

  • James Uphoff

    slow time is broken in 1.04, you can even see it in this video. before 1.04 u didn't slide around like a sith, you actually walked, and your actions weren't slowed to a crawl... Bethesda needs a fix asap

  • Salty Guy

    Become Enthereal is useless cuzz when I use it the dagour deathlord can still damage me

  • Black 110s

    If storm call is not on this list imma end it

  • Chompy Said

    Ice form is still bugged though, and can make it impossible to loot corpses until you exit and reload the game. Soul cairn dragon too, appears spinning around and around and shoots off into the sky without doing anything useful. Storm call has such a huge aoe it can accidentally hit friendly npc's on nearby roads, etc.

  • Reecopolis

    I only use whirlwind sprint when I'm over encumbered

  • Cuck76

    Love me please i beg and do you think the next remastered build you do could be the cyromancer :D

  • Curious Wind

    Force Balance PushFus Ro Dah

  • Gregory Piacenza

    Ethereal is the best shout ! Shout and jump from high hrotgar or any other high place XD the fun is infinit

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