Skyrim - Top 5 Best Mods for Beautiful Characters | 2018 Edition

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Showcase and personal comments for the most stunning and qualitative character beautification mods for Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition and some for XBOX One.
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==== MUSIC ====
Vindsvept - Sleeper:
Vindsvept - Clarity:
Vindsvept - In Winter’s Grasp:
Vindsvept - Deliverance:

==== MOD LIST ====
Bijin Warmaides, Wives and NPCs:
The Ordinary Women:
The Men of Winter:
RS Children Overhaul:

The College of Winterhold - NPC Improvement:
Males of Skyrim:
Improved Bards:
Elisif replacer:
TDN Improved Lucien - Spectral Assassin Replacer:
Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul:

Thumbnail screenshots by amazing Nom:

I do not own Skyrim or Skyrim mods. All credits go to Bethesda. Thank you for all the TES series. Also tonns of thanks to all modders and Nexusmods community who made next-gen Skyrim possible. Cheers!
  • Kavinth Amirthanathar

    The children's faces in vanilla Skyrim must be easter egg references to normal NPC's from Oblivion lololol

  • Wyrmspleen

    play Skyrim not Victoria's Secret

  • Arkaskas1

    I'm sorry but the hair look absolutely ridiculous. Prettier but it looks like everyone spends too much time with their non-existent hairstylist from modern day Earth. Completely lore-breaking for me.

  • Jayombi

    I love The Bitchin NPC mods...

  • Matt Carlson

    I like Serana, but every time I think of her like that I remember that she was raped by basically giant Satan. And my Dragonborn likes delving into huge caves as much as the next guy but that’s one I think I’ll pass on.

  • Kamina

    Not going far from their original features? Within the first 40 seconds Ysolda and Serana looked nothing like they used to but like dolls instead.

  • simply simple

    Have you seen mah tedde baer?

  • The Daedra

    Bijin is all you need.

  • Brian M

    Good stuff. Although the long hair clipping through armor always bothered me.

  • Cean Herz

    I like very much Shiva's mods, her NPCs, hair and clothing replacers are brilliant. I overwrite hers with Bijin and together those mods fix every NPC in the game. For children, I have 'The kids are alright' which makes children look great and each one unique. I highly recommend using Mod Organizer 2 to avoid the 'brown face bug'.

  • Ngokeswang Mpom

    I actually like the characters in Skyrim as they are.... The mods makes Skyrim feel like a game from Japan...Though I'll download the children mod for variety...they looks ridiculous in the game lol

  • Pedro Matuk Ferreira e Silva

    Skyrim populated by top models. lol Pretty cool anyways...

  • phatbassanchor

    4:28 Bothela... Not sure how I feel about Bothela as a hottie! She's a foresworn HAG! Admittedly, all my dragonborns befriend her as she is friendly and a great resource for every alchemist giving TONS of free ingredients for running an errand. But, Bothela the hottie? It's hard for me to imagine that gruff hag's voice coming out of a beauty! The voice actor sounded like she was going for something like the Wicked Witch of the West... Now that voice is coming from Dorothy! Aaaaah!

  • steakinbacon love the bacon

    If only npc's looked as good as this without mods when will you learn Bethesda

  • VexdWyvern

    I've been wondering for a while now about mass npc remodeling mods but had no idea what to look for on nexus. Thanks for the video, these modles look amazing.p.s. what mod gives you that font replacer for the ui?

  • Vlainstrike

    Good list. I would add Ultimate NPC Overhaul II as a strong base that covers everything (Dragonborn expansion is still on Nexus, while Dawnguard can still be found if you know where to look). Also, The Kids Are Alright is just as good as RS Children imo. BTRH Waifu has some great options as well - I don't use all the faces from BTRH, but some are really unique looking (eg. Ingjard, Elisif, Sorine, Frea). BTRH has the best, most appropriate looking, Elisif I've seen anywhere tbh - pretty, but not TOO pretty. I feel like Aberin's replacer falls into the 'too pretty' category, at least for Elisif - can't blame people for using it though.

  • RUDY 102

    Another top class and very useful video :) Thanks my Friend.

  • Tommy Vercetti

    Are these mods available for skyrim very greedy edition

  • Aman Rishi

    Does this makes game slow? And what about khajiit?

  • Ronald Pradesya

    Seductress Serana are not in honorable mentions?

  • John Grant

    Much prefer the TKAA Childrens mod series over the oddly shaped heads in RS Children. TBH to my eye the RS heads are still nearly as odd as vanilla. One is eggs, the other potatos. Agree greatly on the Ordinary Women.. very good treatment for the older ladies. Bijin is pretty, but not a fan of all the big hair and clipping problems that go with it.

  • Olga Lewalska

    Where's Males of Skyrim... It is the best mod which changes men appearance

  • Adrian Webster

    Sometimes I use Inhabitants of Skyrim with vanilla hair as my base then override it with others. I dislike alot of the changes men of winter does, especially with facial hair. Bjinn is too fond of Apachii hair which I mostly dislike. I use ordinary women with the Fading Pride modifications, and Mizzog's followers hirelings and housecarls. There are a couple of nice standalone mods for a few specific characters like Netherwalk's edits for Vilkas and Farkas. Serana Renewal is a nice alternative to Seranaholic though that is very nice too.

  • Nerds Playhouse

    Excellent showcase video.

  • Nibulan

    Hey man, your vids are fucking awesome and it is really astonishing how much effort you put in your vids. I adore them a lot. Thank you

  • Chris

    I sure wish I could upload the Serana replacer I made. But the mod authors whose stuff I used never got back to me for perms. Thanks Sinitar, always great content. Oh before I forget, have you got a current mod list anywhere? Would love to see your build.

  • mhamad antar

    Oh man finally tank you for your videos

  • akpinar okkes

    Why no inhabitants if skyrim?

  • Youshaa Cader

    How do you get the background blur during dialogue

  • Phil Bolton

    Lots of great mods this time around. My favorite though is Dames of Skyrim, since it covers pretty much every female NPC in the game and doesn't require a seperate hair mod.The Extra-Ordinary Hags is a mod that gives the older women of the game some love.

  • Champis theBunny

    You missed showcasing a very good appearance changer mod. - Improved Bards by cleverbee

  • Craig Davies

    Personally I use Ultimate NPC overhaul 2 despite its requirements along with Bijin series. That way you get the ladies bijin overlooks. Some dudes too. Love WICO but it was too unstable on my potato :P

  • The Almighty Zugs

    What ENB / Graphics mods are you using in this video?

  • Zethras Gorgoth Gaming

    Sir, qhat enb are you using?

  • Short ShitTM

    I understand not wanting your characters to look fake, or for the women to be half naked, I dont like that either. But the beauty of Skyrim modding is to be able to play how YOU want. Not how random people on the internet want you to play. If you dont want your characters to look like this, then don't download the mods. If you do want your characters to look like this, then download the mods. Let people play how they want.

  • Blessed Drones

    Needs more ugly people to make the attractive ladies even more so.

  • Bass Booster

    Not here for the handsomeness but just better NPC's

  • rG1vZ

    what's the best body mod if i want to make a busty girl?

  • rahul122112

    I tried this, but some of my NPC's have color mismatchs. Specially female npcs. Some have darker faces, with light skin. While one had a blue color spreading from the scalp to the back neck. Can you help with what I could have done wrong? @Sinitar Gaming

  • Anastassia Ansimova

    when you are making your character at the very beginning of the game does the mod make your character look good as well?Hair looks like alpha hair cc from the sims 4 , and i love it! Alpha hairs in sims always looked pleasing to me, and so the is definitely a win for me, tysm!!!

  • Aidan Henson

    what mods the blurred background?

  • jessica spaulding

    Guys I need help every time I try to change my character look it freezes what do I do please help

  • Daniel Awesome

    General Tulius really just needs to look like the carbon copy of some random Julius Caesar statue or painting, no need for all that stuff..Also, the female mods aren't very faithful to the vanilla

  • Washboard Pants

    Would be great if there were good immersive facial animation mods

  • wanderingbufoon

    RS children are so anime. Just does not fit. Also, if i want some anime lookin kids, they better be elves. As much as i want to add ordinary women, they just look too porcelain to me. And most of them look the same. Reminds me of botox of skyrim. By far the best is the bijin family (hair needs to resemble more vanilla), pre 1.8 seranaholic (1.8 just looks like a doll, could be the hair) and men of winter (only select few)

  • FlameMonarch

    Yeah, all the girls look like dolls but the guys are still ugly, lol, Not fair.

  • Stoned in Build-A-Bear workshop

    99% percent of my NPCs in skyrim are overhauled, so it's very rare to find a vanilla face.But when I do find one, I throw up a little in my mouth.

  • George Angelos

    I did Download Mod Called WSCO

  • nisi chan

    Hroar so so so very very very handsome! He's like a anime character

  • Lucia Luppi

    I wish the more aged characters were left and given more aged looks.The vast majority of characters look much more realistic, then I go alchemy shopping in Whiterun to see a 16yo telling me she lived and worked in that city for 20 years.And why would someone possibly want THE TALMOR of all people to look good?

  • Bruno Sorocaba

    1:07 spanking the monkey 🤣🤣

  • SunshineinBasictech

    thank you for the list helped alot

  • I Am Toast

    Always liked the Bjin series, but i mostly use WICO

  • Xaveston

    I think the mods do great on them indeed, but I don't like it when they completely remove warpaints or what they completely look like, even their age. I have placed KS/Apachii/Azar hairstyles on various of NPCS, just because I prefer to change the hair rather then the rest of them. (Characters such as Astrid, Arnjborn, Vex with short hair, Balgruuf, Vivenne, some of the Volkiner vampires etc look surprising good, added with an hair change to them). Saying that, those mods probably conflict with mine, have to keep it on the bottom of the load order as armor is added to the NPCS too and it can muck it all up.

  • ShadewDonger

    I like switching between "Seductress Serana" and "Seranaholic" both make her look really pretty.


    Will this work with enhanced edition?

  • Centrioless

    What mod did u use to make that nice blur background?

  • H W L

    Cbbe physics mod is all you need

  • nisi chan

    Ralof!!He is very very very UGLY!(I love him )Aela The Huntress...She is so attractive

  • Dan Ramirez

    i'd recommend The Kids Are Alright over RS, the character models have a bit more character to them in my opinion.

  • Lucas Vasconcelos

    How do I make bijin override ordinary women? I want to use some of the bijin charactares over the ordinary (like Bijin Tonilia) and some ordinary W. over Bijin (like Maven ordinary W.). Every time I let Bijin override the load order, I got the brown face bug.

  • VItor Voltolini

    Welcome to Barbie's World! OK guys, is a good mod, but where is the old womans? And... And what are these hairs? No dirt and sweat, nothing medieval, for me loses the atmosphere of the game. Mod for people who want to see beautiful little faces and big breasts!

  • Double A

    You can also use Better Females by Bella for bettet looking female npc

  • crownlessking

    Wow... Everyone is gorgeous... That is so un-immersive!

  • Tulop

    but I want to make my character pretty

  • ZeroLife

    I rather go for these:- the Kids are Alright (Kids)- Serana Dark Knight Princess 1.4 (if you can get hold of that...)- Skyrim of GarantSilent (NPCs)

  • ThomasB3il3d3r

    time to explode my pc of mods .-.

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