Skyrim BUT I steal your wife!

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim!
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    I'm saving up for a Grey British Short hair Kajiit! What shall we name him/her?

  • Epic Wolf

    [Reads Title]“Jokes on you, I’m going to die alone!”

  • Khajiit

    Khajiit can steal your wife if you have coin !

  • Sapo Theo

    Pickpocket increased to 100.

  • Thantacore

    "I am the only man here"Isnt your vampire character a girl tho

  • Jonathan R. H.

    Go through all the marriable characters in Skyrim.

  • airsolidmetal _

    My mom walked by when you said "am I just getting raped" and she had a look of confusion on her face

  • Daniel Bryan

    Finally more skyrim content!!

  • FratBoy101

    did u know that if u marry cammila, and then kill sven/faendal depending on who u helped, she tells you an unique dialoge, just try it.

  • P Light

    Marrying in Skyrim is hard, like choosing between Farkas and Vilkas

  • L Parfait

    Call Me Kevin Title rip-off

  • Victor Elliot

    ESO you never did a Dragonborn DLC playthrough

  • Ya Boi Gabe 2021

    ESO gets all the waman

  • Jonathon Phillips

    I love your actual reaction to these dogshit dialogue options and then your reaction to the responses to them >.<

  • Δονάλδιος Τράμπιος

    Camila belongs to faendal

  • Sebastian Primomija

    You should tie your beard with a ring my dude.

  • GoldBondExtremist TV

    Make sure you don’t get caught stealing, broad-thief...........😀

  • Rpg alien

    Hay eso can you do another cool build

  • Anonymous person

    I keep mistaking these for mxr videos

  • S S

    Okay but lets talk about something ive never seen touched on. Why does he act strange when you actually come back with the Golden Claw

  • Aides Smith

    Do a new season of Skyrim

  • Steven Gates

    Eso finally back to skyrim. O glory days. Need that mod list for the Xbox please.

  • Yanshuo Qiao

    7:33 Omae wa mou, shindaru...

  • Steve Taylor

    Those face textures are worse than vanilla, in my opinion.

  • Liam Rich

    "Am I just looking for a meal on legs" best quote ever lol I literally couldn't stop laughing

  • playstation gaming

    Whoever hates skyrim ask yourself why?

  • Brian Newman

    I love all your content. You have shown me tbe true power of archery in skyrim. I can't hardly use any other combat style now.

  • Zorcome Productions

    Please don’t steal her!! She’s all I have!

  • god himself

    whoever made the dialogue for this mod needs to be featured in r/niceguys

  • Cliff

    Marry Sven. You know deep down he really loves you.

  • Herobrian105 A potato

    Hi eso hows your day been?

  • Sheogorath

    Do a vid on the high king mod

  • The Lonely Kajhit

    02:51 I'm pretty sure Riverwood is not in Riften

  • Thomas 123

    Beautiful ginger power ma dude

  • Sam Voskuil

    I did the same thing but I stole Feandal from Camilla instead, feandal is loyal camilla is but a wench, plus feandals am archer and as I always say bows before hoes


    I hate these love mods. The writing is so bad and cheesy.

  • Tim Fawell

    I think you should continue your amorous adventures, but as a female character!Why chase Lydia when you could BE Lydia!


    BOOK READINGS YOU SAY Im certainly up for that.

  • leoprd

    Please do a Dragonborn dlc playthrough! I’ve binge-watched all the other ones. Need mooore!

  • Genocide 9999


  • Troutkiller 628

    Man robs bank and gets away with it with a box on his head SNEAK 100

  • the Demon god

    U seem to be very interested in that farmer...

  • Night Folk911

    I can’t be a member 😢 cos I’m on mobile

  • freefire Mclin

    I don't have a wife I have a hosbando

  • yu-gi-bro 0

    hey guys ESO here in you wife bed

  • ileaddeaths

    u always have a cold lol

  • Étienne-senpai

    It's mister steal yo girl

  • GDC Studios

    Is Skyrim a weekly thing?

  • Luke Morrison

    You need to eventually start a family and then play a character as that, I think that would be quite funny

  • Random Tiger00

    Damn ESO 14,207 people came to your wedding how do you feel?

  • J.D Taylor

    Do a new season on Skyrim

  • Jeffery Burns

    I thought this was and MXR video 😂😂😂

  • Zutidia Atovia

    How you doing piew die pie😂

  • Keewi - Weeb

    I want u to marry Serana, u need a mod for it tough. Idk what mod T.T

  • The Beast

    Wait you are gay brahh

  • Retarded Cheeto

    ESO do another fallout 4 play through

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