Skyrim: Smithing 0-100 In 3 MINUTES (Legit!) No Mods/Glitches/Hacks

Smithing 0-100 In 35 SECONDS! -

Skyrim smithing 0-100 FAST - 3 minutes from 0-100, increase smithing fast! Best (and most fun) method.

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  • Glooze

    for all the haters about the 3:20 think about this: A friend says I'm at your place in 3 minutes, he then takes 3 minutes and 20 seconds to get there. What would you do? Option A: You say, "hello my friend, welcome!" Option B: Bitch about the 20 seconds and shut the door.and basic math: 3.333333 minutes(3 minutes 20 seconds) rounds to 3 minutes

  • Ryan Wong

    sigh..your telling me i could have melted all that useless dwemer crap instead of leaving it?

  • ShadowxPhoenix

    Tip: you can’t actually melt Dwemmer bowls...Now I have 107 dwemmer bowls laying around in my storage room....

  • Matthew Thacker

    Small tip for going to Mzulft to gather dwarven metal. Bring a companion with you and load their inventory with metal. Once their carrying capacity is full, order the follower to pick up the metal off the ground instead of adding it to their inventory. This allows them to carry an unlimited amount of stuff and you can do it all in one trip.

  • Digital_Static

    98 gold202 iron593 dwarven metal54 ebony4 flawless diamond10 diamond15 flawless amethyst2 sapphire2 emerald1 flawless ruby2 silver2 flawless emeraldHave fun shopping.

  • dakota baun

    good to see there is still people out there who still play this game, other than me

  • Vinylyef

    See: clickbait is when you say Smithing 15-100 in 2 minutes when in reality it takes two hours to acquire the materials necessary to level yourself.

  • Tintehfiend

    aetherial crown with the lover stone power on it. the side quest: "From The depths" gives you a permanent 15% boost to smithing exp.when all materials are gathered:activate the warrior stone (+20%)sleep(15%)THEN equip the aetherial(15%) crownwith the "Ancient Knowledge" effect (from the aforementioned side quest) that totals out to a 65% exp bonus when smithing.mash that button.

  • Xeodis

    I guess you could say it went 0-100 real quick

  • Darth Maul Quasar

    FAKE You cant have smithing 0

  • Ivo Siegrist

    Random internet guy: It's click bait it took longer than 3 minutesEveryone else: 🙄

  • rapid 190

    that was 3:20 min not 3 min I'm joking nice video

  • A'J

    "How to sell those bunch of bows you just made in 3 minutes" that will be an awesome video m8, LOL

  • Sunpaw

    Look, its as easy as this.The title says "Smithing 0-100 In 3 MINUTES (Legit!) No Mods/Glitches/Hacks" Implying that you can in fact go from 0-100 in three minutes.It does not say anything about "Guide" or "How-to" it says that he did it in three minutes, and he did. The title does not say he is showing you how to get everything you need in three minutes, it is saying that it will show you that it is possible to level the skill in three minutes, not collect resources.So in conclusion, the title is not in fact click bait, It is a true statement. The title says that you can level the skill in three minutes, it does NOT say, "guide" or anything like it. The title says it will "show" you, it does not say it will "guide" you.

  • Sekci

    I think he's carrying too much to be able to run :/

  • Uomo Falena

    My god, you melted an entire dwemer city 😂. Anyway, very useful guide 👊

  • Will Phitzpatrick

    Why does everyone care about a tiny frickin' 20 seconds?!?

  • TheDeadlyDestroyer YOLO

    OMG this did help me alot with the smithing but the hard part was to get all the ingots and stuff but otherwise its really helpful keep up the great work


    you have made smithing legendary 3 times nowvery impressive 👏

  • Eel

    Revealing the unseen is actually the 5th out of 8 quests in the college. It just doesn't take very long to get to the 5th quest due to there only being 4 dungeons in the entire quest line.


    magicka 420.. im getting high now thats the ruleedit... holy shit 420 carry weight.. guess im going to get baked like there is no tomorrow now...

  • Poggle566

    Only the Dragonborn could make 100 legendary dwarven bows in 3 minutes.

  • JJJoris

    well The time of getting the recources is not thought of

  • Sailor Lovett

    This is amazing. It always takes me FOREVER to level up my smithing. Definitely have to try this out

  • Kathy and Celeste Garcia Zendejas

    I thought hmm maybe lets not do this and play the game normal..2 weeks later of trying .....nvm

  • Human Shoe

    *Creates Fresh Character*Gets dragon bone smithing perk before killing dragon

  • Mr.Silencer 101

    It's a great video but I'll just craft nails cuz I'm lazy

  • ExoticGamer

    I'm already on 50 smithing from the long way of using iron ingots, thankyou for sharing this with us!!

  • Calin Black

    This was so damn helpful, I liked the music too

  • Milos SdH

    I dont understand the hate at all. This is a very good video showing you how to get your smithing up very fast, there are better methods ofcourse. But this is really solid! I personnally would get about 40 gold ingots and then duplicate them until I have about 500-1000 and then make gold rings, Then enchant all of them (enchanting will go up a tremendous amount) and then sell them for litteral 10 thousands of gold :p

  • Viridium

    Only problem is, I can't get hundreds of ingots to upgrade my smithing 😂

  • Miss Navei

    idk why people are getting so butt hurt over an extra 20 seconds on top of 3 minutes. Don't need to take things so literal.

  • Michael Winegardner

    20 seconds and y'all are mad? Y'all realize it would have taken y'all who knows how long to do it without this tip? Why are y'all so upset over 20 seconds? Also thank you vhaken

  • King Pepe

    thanks dude totally worth sore fingers 😂good video you've earned a sub and a like

  • ben schlahmilch

    well it usally takes me ages to explore dwemer ruins not 3 minutes and the transmute takes a while to get to 100 if you dont have magicka

  • ZHC

    This was fun. My friend was over and we were playing skyrim. I had mixed armor (imperial, hide, fur) He left to go to the bathroom and when he got back I had a full suit of dragon scale armor and dragon bone weapons. He just stood there in disbelief.

  • ChrimsonRoseMonarch

    So 3 minutes of you have everything you need and the spell....

  • Willy_Th3_ Walrus

    I don't understand why people can't see the legendary mark ever

  • i Rotonic

    Good vid faster than anything I have seen so far that's legit and knowing exactly how many ingots I need when starting is a big help

  • Joe oDee

    Ofcourse it wouldn't properly take 3 minutes, everything takes preparation.Great video!

  • Grey Wolf

    Could've been faster : PUsing a controller actually makes menuing (not a word, I know) faster in Skyrim due to mouse vs. arrow buttons, could probably have knocked about 15 ish seconds off there. You could also use fortify smithing buffs and the aetherial crown for the lover stone, although i'm not sure which is better. Potions would help too. Still, good video.

  • Zachary Alton

    Wow what a fake 3 20 instead of 3 minutes what a poser :/

  • Mortis

    Jesus, everybody's toxic about the title.He said it himself, there is preparation.After the preparation is done, it takes three minutes to get Smithing to maximum.

  • Lord Krythic

    "3 Minutes" Requires 6+ hours to collect materials.

  • Fuzzycuffsqt

    People are going to complain. I'm glad you decided to remake your video. You don't need to respond to it defensively. A less deceptive title would have been something akin to "Max smithing in ~3min (prep time: here)"Please don't misinterpret my criticism. I'm going hit the like button after typing this. I just think you could have prevented about two thousand dislikes if you had done this.

  • Allen Penaluna

    2 dwarven ingots each weigh 1lb + iron ingot weight 1lb = dwarven bow weight 10lbs Skyrim Logic

  • ShenronLover224

    does this work on Xbox One?

  • Jory Emanuel

    U can do the same thing with just making iron daggers and it would be easier 👌👌👌but I like ur idea tho

  • xhannahmcintosh

    why not have a follower help you carry your ingots?

  • Vector Kennedy

    Great strategy, but GOD. I don't even want to THINK about all that grinding... My hands feel sore just knowing you did it..

  • Ignaerium

    3:20 not 3 dislike unsub reported, tou only do clickbait.Joke

  • megavore97

    Thanks for the guide man, I just got special edition and playing through for the first time ever! (I know that's absurd but I've never owned the game before now).

  • Martin Findley

    Clickbait it didn't take 3min. Jk thanks for the help

  • JaXa GAME

    had no idea that you could use the pickaxe like that lol

  • Martín Felgueras

    You can go faster by pressing Enter + Y

  • Oooiki

    damn son where did you find this hack y u always fkin haxin

  • Jesus Christ

    This is not possible on console

  • Whaka Tewhinau

    If you watch this video with the expectation that there is no preparation for it, that's on you.

  • Tyler Runyan

    it is click bait it takes at least a couple hours to get all that stuff :(

  • nelson griggz

    what does he do with all that shit at the end

  • TheJoePro

    I did it in 2 seconds lmao

  • Willy_Th3_ Walrus

    I'm just gonna stay away from smithing in general like a always do. I'm no good at it

  • PC Principal

    Thanks for this, I refuse to use mods because I want them trophies and don't want to get bored like I did with fallout 4 mods (2nd play through) Finally picked this up when PS store had an e3 sale. This was half off/ $29.99. I thought fuck yeah time to replay skyrim lmao. Lv 37, gonna play after work tomorrow

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