Skyrim 5 SECRET Unique Weapons & Armor Locations (Best Easy to get Special Edition #2)!

Skyrim 5 SECRET Unique Weapons & Armor Locations (Best Easy to get Special Edition #2)!
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    Have a Very Merry Christmas! Hope you all have some free time to relax with the Family and enjoy some games!

  • EnemyWYGF

    how about a top 5 GOOD unique weapons and armor

  • Muhummad Smith

    Even on Christmas you bring us great videos, keep up the great work.

  • Max Snodgrass

    That's weird, I didn't even need to buy the coral dragon Claw. I just walked in the tomb and it was sitting on a table.

  • otakureiss

    Tried to follow number 1 but couldn't find the rabbit to brutally murder. What do I do?

  • Yeetus That feetus

    Hey you scrolling in the comment section! I hope you have a brilliant and merry Christmas

  • Matthew Maudsley

    could you please do the top 5 weirdest quests in Skyrim

  • ammon westerbaan

    you killed a helpless bunny how can u sleep at night?

  • Carl Richard

    You are the best skyrim youtuber I know!!!!!!!!!

  • Top Extract

    love these top 5's <3

  • the supreme taco

    A eso can u do a vid to show the location of all the dragon claws like this if u want the vid to

  • paula phillips

    What are those blue orbs bouncing all across the floor

  • mental knight

    can i ask what texture mod you have?and merry christmas

  • Joe Smith

    10 people can't be first!

  • Suti

    could you do something like a sneaky assasin who uses one-handed and archery. I have tried searching this build on Youtube but everyone are always vampire lords.

  • Ari Serrano

    Do a video how to get easy gold, please!😎I love your guide videos!

  • ZephrusPrime

    Its more fun to do Froki's quests to get the bow and other items...

  • chuckbowman05

    Can u do a Shadowscale build

  • Nick Vespa

    My mom bought me skyrim special edition for Christmas! I haven't played since it was on the Xbox 360

  • Harvey Jack Olden

    4000 people viewed this in 2 minutes.

  • Nivek

    What enb are you using?

  • TheMushrooMan

    What lighting mods do you use? And are they available on console?

  • RIPGlider

    YO eso SQUAD for life and y'all hating on him respect for eso bro he could decide not to teach you shoe respect

  • Tom Danner

    Ah, pandering to special edition noobs with videos that were originally made in 2011

  • Matthew Coyle

    If you don't go to the store in Winterhold you can skip buying the claw and it will instead spawn outside the dungeon.

  • Liam Rich

    Do a video on the saviors hide armor it's is so unique cool

  • Crispy Roof

    An ebony war axe that could do 45 damage?!? Seriously, i have an ebony war axe that deals only half that!

  • sonicj Polygon


  • Da Best In Da Business

    Even years later, ESO is still helpful. Thanks dude. I'm using these videos to get better before I get the elder scroll. Thanks again, bro.

  • Bumnapper Fannyfartle

    It doesn't matter which light armor i use (since i will max out the rating on it by smithing) but I just need to be able to enchant every piece. Any suggests for the best looking enchantable set of light armor?

  • Josh Kimbrell

    what are those little blue orbs bouncing around

  • MaxTheMan 202

    i got some boots with the same enchantment from the falmer body at the shrine at the begginin. also the one in your best start video. I was Lvl 1

  • Brice Bradley

    I enjoyed this video, the first item is helping me quite a bit even at level 53

  • Blaze Tokin

    appreciate the videos hope everyone has a merry Christmas

  • mrvizcarrondo

    The amount of detail is crazy, must be modded PC

  • Matthew Johnson

    I love how 5 year old information Is somehow not only new but "secret" as well. and here I thought making the same videos twice was messed up enough.

  • Martin O'Brien

    whats your favourite hold in skyrim

  • Rudy Mc Bob


  • Karma Reaper

    Nice video ESO! These always help! Hope you're Christmas is good!!

  • Its MeBroh

    Lol only thing i dont have are boots xD

  • devilstar690

    would you do a video on your pros and cons of joining the dawnguard or the vampires?

  • John Smith

    NONE OF YOU ARE FIRST GET A LIFE...kros was first

  • Moichol

    What enb are you using?

  • Frank West

    The way you killed that vampire in No. 2 was satisfying.

  • Daedric Warrior

    Hey eso do you think this is a good team to take down the Ebony Warror: Kaarstag, Mjoll the Lioness with full Daedric armor and warhammer, Shadowmere, and me with full daedric armor and a daedric sword.

  • Iced Souls

    If u to play pc and you don't want to spend time power training a skill just use this command!player.incpcs smithing Or any other skill and it will level it up by 1 every time Archery is marksman not archery

  • Ezra Mann-Thompson

    ayyyy i finished the ahzidal quest right before this video lol

  • MattSparks

    You can get Froki's bow as part of a odd job quest from ironically Froki, In froki's hut whilst doing the quest Kyne's Sacred Trials and have a unique dialogue with him with you have the bow in your inventory.

  • Matt Brown

    Merry Christmas ESO. All your guides rock. Keep up the good work.

  • catcat

    what i found most good is the aumlets. you know. those with 30 more mana/stamina/health? if you combine both of them at a place west south of markaroth you can place the aumlet on the three stones and have to fight the three dragur bosses but in ghost form (also the bow shooting guy have the helmet eso had on number 4 so be sure to look for him and not one of his clones) and after you defeat all three it would seem like they didnt go by the rules and tries to attack you all at ones but then the crypt behind them cracked open and some sort of explotion magic happens (the same when you have the sword that burns on hit and have a chance to expload) and when you're done with that you get the amulet back but it has a slight difference. cus now you have 30 more mana health and stamina. op as fuck


    Who's still watching at 2019!!! Likeee

  • Joe Pittman

    Put the Helm of Unburned on Serena. Not sure if this works for any female character, but the horns change to antlers.

  • Allen Parker

    Crazy how he takes 13 minutes to show 5 things... There are videos that show all of a unique weapon type or armor type in 10 minutes and has locations included.... This is a waste of your time

  • Svalka ekspy

    what's the npc face overhaul mod he's using here ?

  • l ZRgameing

    Ause im a an orcAnd orcs take spears to the face

  • Cr0n3nberg3d

    If you didn't know, that guy, froki, is alive. Just southeast of ivarstead if i'm not wrong. The quest given is really fun.

  • Zack

    beware guys this quest is bugged if you receive the retrieve ring miscellaneous quest from birna first before going in yngol barrow. It will instead be a death lord or other level scaled drauger that will not drop the special helm and the iron gate past him with the staircase will not open. I found this out the hard way yesterday. To stop this bug from happening, as soon as you open the door with the claw, have your follower go in and clean out the boss chest and come back to you with the ring. DO NOT go into the room or the drauger will spawn. Go back to birna now and give her the ring to complete the objective and go back to yngol and now the special shade should spawn with the helmet that opens the door.

  • Derek Travis

    I'm finding your vids very helpful! Thank you very much... You now have another loyal subscriber!

  • XxSkyrimLoverXx ———

    When I went to the place where the Frofnir Trollsbane should be.. He wasn't in there.. Soo.. How could I get the goddamn Trollsbane now? (He wasn't laying on the ground dead). I checked everywhere, but nothing.. He wasn't there.. So what should I do?..

  • ɴᴇᴜᴛʀxʟɪᴢᴇʀ

    Skyrim is such a good game it couldnt even kill its self lol more people still play original skyrim than sse

  • titteritis bullfrog

    i can help here with the ancient nord armor if you are about level 35 or so just go to the sky forge and forge it yourself but only there.

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