Skyrim 5 SECRET Unique Weapons & Armor Locations (Best Easy to get Special Edition #2)!

Skyrim 5 SECRET Unique Weapons & Armor Locations (Best Easy to get Special Edition #2)!
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    Have a Very Merry Christmas! Hope you all have some free time to relax with the Family and enjoy some games!

  • Muhummad Smith

    Even on Christmas you bring us great videos, keep up the great work.

  • Top Extract

    love these top 5's <3

  • Matthew Maudsley

    could you please do the top 5 weirdest quests in Skyrim

  • Max Snodgrass

    That's weird, I didn't even need to buy the coral dragon Claw. I just walked in the tomb and it was sitting on a table.

  • paula phillips

    What are those blue orbs bouncing all across the floor

  • otakureiss

    Tried to follow number 1 but couldn't find the rabbit to brutally murder. What do I do?

  • ammon westerbaan

    you killed a helpless bunny how can u sleep at night?

  • jacob cplinger

    A eso can u do a vid to show the location of all the dragon claws like this if u want the vid to

  • Suti

    could you do something like a sneaky assasin who uses one-handed and archery. I have tried searching this build on Youtube but everyone are always vampire lords.

  • Ari Serrano

    Do a video how to get easy gold, please!😎I love your guide videos!

  • Nivek

    What enb are you using?

  • Nick Vespa

    My mom bought me skyrim special edition for Christmas! I haven't played since it was on the Xbox 360

  • Tom Danner

    Ah, pandering to special edition noobs with videos that were originally made in 2011

  • Rudy Mc Bob


  • Harvey Jack Olden

    4000 people viewed this in 2 minutes.

  • ZephrusPrime

    Its more fun to do Froki's quests to get the bow and other items...

  • Blaze Tokin

    appreciate the videos hope everyone has a merry Christmas

  • Bumnapper Fannyfartle

    It doesn't matter which light armor i use (since i will max out the rating on it by smithing) but I just need to be able to enchant every piece. Any suggests for the best looking enchantable set of light armor?

  • Matthew Coyle

    If you don't go to the store in Winterhold you can skip buying the claw and it will instead spawn outside the dungeon.

  • Josh Kimbrell

    what are those little blue orbs bouncing around

  • Carl Richard

    You are the best skyrim youtuber I know!!!!!!!!!

  • Nazir of the Dark Brotherhood

    The way you killed that vampire in No. 2 was satisfying.

  • mental knight

    can i ask what texture mod you have?and merry christmas

  • Daedric Warrior

    Hey eso do you think this is a good team to take down the Ebony Warror: Kaarstag, Mjoll the Lioness with full Daedric armor and warhammer, Shadowmere, and me with full daedric armor and a daedric sword.

  • Its MeBroh

    Lol only thing i dont have are boots xD

  • John Smith

    NONE OF YOU ARE FIRST GET A LIFE...kros was first

  • Karma Reaper

    Nice video ESO! These always help! Hope you're Christmas is good!!

  • devilstar690

    would you do a video on your pros and cons of joining the dawnguard or the vampires?

  • Moichol

    What enb are you using?

  • Da Best In Da Business

    Even years later, ESO is still helpful. Thanks dude. I'm using these videos to get better before I get the elder scroll. Thanks again, bro.

  • sonicj Polygon


  • MaxTheMan 202

    i got some boots with the same enchantment from the falmer body at the shrine at the begginin. also the one in your best start video. I was Lvl 1

  • Iced Souls

    If u to play pc and you don't want to spend time power training a skill just use this command!player.incpcs smithing Or any other skill and it will level it up by 1 every time Archery is marksman not archery

  • Connor Turton

    Hey you scrolling in the comment section! I hope you have a brilliant and merry Christmas

  • mrvizcarrondo

    The amount of detail is crazy, must be modded PC

  • EnemyWYGF

    how about a top 5 GOOD unique weapons and armor

  • chuckbowman05

    Can u do a Shadowscale build

  • Martin O'Brien

    whats your favourite hold in skyrim

  • Brice Bradley

    I enjoyed this video, the first item is helping me quite a bit even at level 53

  • Joe Smith

    10 people can't be first!

  • liam rich

    Do a video on the saviors hide armor it's is so unique cool

  • Chef Sossi Sont

    What lighting mods do you use? And are they available on console?

  • Matt Brown

    Merry Christmas ESO. All your guides rock. Keep up the good work.

  • Chris The Wolf

    ESO, I went to the location to find trollsbane yet strangely the Nord's dead body was not there, any explanation as to how to fix this?

  • ZaFalPai Afzal

    Wilderness? I though I have to go to Runescape lol

  • Luke Harris

    Merry christmas!Any chance of a video of all the mods you use and how to compile them for someone like me who has never used anything thats not on steam workshop?

  • joseph Hernandez

    says morvath's lair. whoo, I thought he said morthal for a second says morthaal *im triggered

  • Ted Melchior

    ESO can you do the quest involving morvaths lair? It's my favorite quest

  • jjbb 07

    just started playing this game for the first time, so far it's damn good

  • PhillyCheese Gaming

    Great video as always. If I may ask, what are those little blue glowing balls bouncing around everywhere? (Mod I assume, but what/why?) Also, Merry Christmas everybody!

  • Allen Parker

    Crazy how he takes 13 minutes to show 5 things... There are videos that show all of a unique weapon type or armor type in 10 minutes and has locations included.... This is a waste of your time

  • David Richardson

    Anyone else ever had that Yngvild Barrow glitch? Where the screen would become all static.

  • pryt86

    Are you doing more fallout 4 content?

  • FabStream41

    does anyone else imagine Dr. Evil saying "Movarth's Lair"?

  • XxSkyrimLoverXx ———

    When I went to the place where the Frofnir Trollsbane should be.. He wasn't in there.. Soo.. How could I get the goddamn Trollsbane now? (He wasn't laying on the ground dead). I checked everywhere, but nothing.. He wasn't there.. So what should I do?..

  • Fredeaall

    Do all shout's in skyrim

  • Tom Mitchell

    What graphics mod are you using?

  • Channel no longer in use moving to twitch lol

    i didnt have to talk to her to get the claw

  • Jack

    Could you do a top 5 armour sets video?

  • Does this look like the face of mercy?

    wait, your definition of unique says "has a non-conventional name"? of these only yngol's helm had a unique appearance (as far as i know) and trollsbane has a unique enchantment

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