Skyrim: Best HIDDEN Item Location (5 Secret Weapons & Armor for Warrior Builds)

Skyrim Best HIDDEN Item Location (5 Secret Weapons & Armor for Warrior Builds)!
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  • Dafuro


  • TooProMex

    You know who else took a spear to the face?A certain lusty Argonian maid.....

  • Shannon Turner

    Let me guess, someone stole your sweet roll.😒

  • Dima

    To see the items, since he decides not to name anything in the beginning for whatever reason.2:30 first item5:17 second item8:50 third item10:32 fourth item13:48 fifth item

  • Sorin Rose

    after more than 100 hours i'm always amazed by all the stuff i haven't found


    who dares dislike any of the holy god of skyrim ESO's videoall hail ESO

  • Isaac Joseph Baker

    ESO is the go to guy for finding unique items in Skyrim....but I wonder if he could do this for Oblivion.

  • Ben's leading general

    ESO- "I'm an orc, and I take spears to the face..." Does that sound wrong or am I just dirty minded?

  • Kamikazi Dolphin

    I've played skyrim since release. I've got a level 1200+ character with over 8 million gold. I've done all quests. I can have a full set of maxed out heavy armor and some of the best weapons in game within 2 hours of starting. I've collected every daedric weapon, every unique weapon, and all kinds of armor. I've likely found everything I can get without cheats. I I may have completely finished the game, but somehow I watch all of these videos, checking for anything I've missed. I don't know how, but your videos keep me trapped in Skyrim.

  • Noyan 74

    Omg I hate alftand basically all dwemer ruins.

  • TheLastVoodooMan

    Somehow I think this video didn't hit the theme you were going for. 5 and 4 yeah...are sorta hidden, but they are not easy to miss either.3 and 2 I agree it's easy to miss them (still found them on my first playthrough) really, HIDDEN? You say it yourself you will come to this place on the main quest so how can you not see that woman with a unique shield?Sorry man, this should be called "4 easily missed items when rushing through the game +great boots"

  • Håkon Andreas Olaussen

    What happens if you kill Alain before spoiler alertthe dark brotherhood quest to kill him?

  • Solitude Guard

    I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow in the knee!

  • Spooky Whales

    Targe of the blooded shouldn't be on this list because you literaly will find it during the main quest playthrough of the game making it not so hard to find at all. What should have been on this list instead is the full imperial helmet, because that is rare and hard to find because there is no direction to its location. The only thing you know about it when you first play the game is that its one of the items shown in the loading screens. It took me 2 years of playing the game and searching the map before i finally found it (i didn't want to watch a youtube video to find it, i wanted to find it on my own).

  • lex bosch

    dear ESO. I've found a per-fect way to powerlevel (just plain levels) it requires 2 things tho. you need to have the spell "mass paralasis" from the alteration tree and a set of armour that makes it free to cast alteration spells. it will be a technique for midgame. 1. get the spell+armour2. get a huge amount of people that are effected by the spell. just dont do it at a place youll die if you would attack them (i did it at the civil war questline, on a bunch of stormcloak)3. get the victims to one spot and use mass paralysis over and over agian.4. after about 1 minute youll need to legendary the alteration tree5. repeat from step 36. ...7. profit

  • Solarian Whitemoon

    These weapons aren't hidden at all lol , they are unique versions of regular weapons

  • MARIAN ion

    how is that peniculus armor rare?everythime when i go in solitude i find them and i only need to hit 1 then the guards kill them.before 7 days they respawn

  • Milo Niens

    can you also get a crossbow on the xbox360


    Love you Elder Scrolls Online........ ;]

  • Axl Ericsson

    The first location you showed has the head piece for the fur armor which is pretty difficult to get.

  • mr saitxd dahreeso

    Eso is god dude he is legend player beter from people

  • edgu ty flash

    what Skyrim is this???

  • No longer in use

    Great video yet again u help me so much :)

  • Retierashia

    I wonder how much hours has ESO put into Skyrim. My guess is at least more than 2000 hours. Maybe that's too much I dunno.

  • Christian Joe Romea

    0:16Caption says Enchanted weapons and enchanted almonds. So silly.

  • Exantius9

    You call these hidden items? Only one of these was actually a hidden itrem, the stamina increasing boots, all of the rest are found in locations you visit because of a quest (#1 the bandit chief is the target of a quest from Whiterun, some guy asks you to get his sword from that location, #2the guy with the hammer is the main target of one of the Dark Brotherhood quests, #3 you visit Hag's end also in the Brotherhood quest line, #4 the old lady who tells your future directs you there, the shield is found during the main quest line). Hidden doesn't mean "not directly shoved at your face during the main quest", it means actually hard to find, no quest markers or anything, no reason to visit that location etc, something you can only find with a guide or by getting very lucky

  • Max Snodgrass

    Do more videos when you yell at Lydia and call her a savage. It's hysterical

  • Stillhold

    Hey ESO is it weird that i play 2 characters at one time.😊 on Xbox1 and PC.

  • Kaimen Searle

    hey eso, you know the whiterun glitch were you can get the skyforge weapon smith and how you have to jump on to the barrel and then you jump out of white run. well the is alot faster and alot easyer to do it. if you get a kettle and pick it up and run at the right bettwen the touch and the dumy right behind the companyon guild outside then you can glitch through the wall and get the chest that way. It might take a couple of trys to do it but you should get a hang of it pretty fast. its a lot fast and easyer then jumping on the barrel and then jumping out of whiterun. so can you make a little video showing everyone how to do it. i found this out all by my self and i wanted you to share it to everyone. and if you do make a video on it please mention me in it. I hope you liked this comment and find it use full. and i know it works on the origanal skyrim but im not sure if it works on the specail addition because i don't have it.

  • FireyAnus

    Eso you still owe me 300 microfusion cells.

  • super_ wolf16

    I have 4 skills trees should I do enchanting skill tree too?

  • Vincent Hense

    can you make a vid about how to get the ancient shrouded armor? plz?

  • Tom28Turner

    BRO CAN YOU PLEASE DO A MIRAAk character build with mods that would be super awesome 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 PLEASE LIKE SO HE CAN SEE THIS

  • EagleScopes

    When are you gonna stream Dark Brotherhood letsplay part 2 ?

  • OT Gaming

    Where is the dark brother hood episode pleaseeee

  • self servis

    Alain dufont is also a target of the dark brotherhood

  • Lindsay Truscott

    I just got that shield last night

  • CoookieCream 56

    I really like this video

  • Codreanu

    What is your graphics mod

  • RubyRed Wolf

    as soon as I see a videoyayayyyyyyyy!!!!I look at videoeh I'm going.. (this was a joke)

  • Generation Of Oz

    "Such a savage Lydia" makes me crease every time 😂😂

  • Jayce The Great

    Been watching you for a long time Kevin

  • Kool_Yayan 10

    I remember the I got the shield 🤔

  • swag monkey

    i always come to him for secret stuff

  • Dillon Peng

    what helmet are you wearing at the end of the video?

  • Mathijs Dijkgraaf

    Please ESO make a video about how you made those POWERFULL Deadric Dagger

  • issac Alvarez

    ESO is the best most helpful youtuber i know

  • Osama Bin ladder

    ESO!!!!! What mods do you use to make the game look sooooooo good!!! Please tell us!

  • tehmedulla

    The unlimited stamina video is not found.

  • Charlie Chalk

    how often does ESO do live steams?

  • Joe Spaznado

    197th!!! Does this mean I am cool???

  • - Corruption -

    so just a question for those who know about elder scrolls lore, the elves are also known as mer, with the high elves being the altmer, the dark elves being the dunmer, the wood elves being the bosmer, and the dwarves being the dunmer. But my question is what about the snow elves? I'm aware of them becoming the falmer but is that what they were called before they were turned or not?

  • Wolfy

    wooo i came early, eso can you please say me something in the comments? XD


    Godmode cheat learn to play I play legendary

  • NJA2k8

    Anybody know how to get the dlc for free on 360? Yes i do still live in the stone age

  • SlingShot Slinger

    uggg i hate poeple who cheat like you do mite aswell turn on godmode at that point

  • Kayel Eva

    does this game die like ever ?

  • PhoenixTV

    Is there like a reset or new game plus to the game. While I keep the same character


    ESO please can you do a guide to find the "increase carry weigth capacity" enchantement and/or present à glitch for increase the carry weigth capacity PLEASE

  • Kakashi Hatake

    do you do mage guilds? I'm trying to be a mage.

  • bboymonk3y

    6 years later and people still making skyrim videos about 'secrets' . My God.

  • Jawanese93

    I found the Predator's Grace boots by accident. Just fooling around with the wonky climbing physics and there they were :D

  • Muchkinfurbal Kriley

    I do not power bash nor sneak i bash egg their head in and scream at my enemies

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